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  1. yeah, looks cool though! Glad to know there is another fan of this amazing franchise here
  2. from time to time i think it would be cool to make a game
  3. ive been playing a lot of dungeon defenders on pc. Dungeon defenders is a pretty unique tower defence-fantasy-shooter-rpg where you choose one of four (more if you get dlc) classes, each with unique weapons, defences and abilities to defeat the hoards of evil.basically it combines shooter and tower defence, plus it can be played solo or online and modded. its got a lot of great mechanics and the enemies and bosses are cool. some of the maps could be worked on a bit more, there are a few glitched spots on some and the enemy AI can be annoying at times, sometimes it just stops working and they get stuck in doorways and stuff. overall its one of my favourite games.
  4. at my school in grade one, a girl named lucy kissed ( i dont remember why) and my parents got a call at work that was along the lines of "sooo, uh, your son was kissed today". i had forgotten that story until they told me recently, we laugh abut it often now.
  5. 1.Do you shoot archery? heck yeah! only sport im good at 2.Do you own a bow? A crossbow? my granparents have on at their house for me to use but i recently out grew it so i dont use it anymore. 3.Do you hunt? no, though i think it would be an interesting experience 4.Have you been in archery competitions? no
  6. Magic the gathering cards!! i have been collecting for almost five years now.
  7. half life, for those who dont know, is a sci fi zombie, alien shooter where you play as Gordon freeman, a theoretical physicist at his frst day of work at Black Mesa. every thing goes horribly wrong during an experiment with an alien crystal, opening a portal to another dimension allowing aliens through. now, too survive gordon much reach the surface, but ti do so he must fight through hordes of creatures and monsters, and even soldiers sent to contain and eliminate all evidence. half life has won over 50 game of the year awards. it has a sequel and several spin offs. come here to talk about your experiences, opinions, tips and just talk about the half life franchise.
  8. anyone play mtg arena? i primarily play tabletop but when no one will play with me i play arena. if any one here plays it i'll share my direct challenge info.
  9. borderlands is one of my favourite games. my best weapon, before my xbox got reset(it was an accident and we lost all saves and backups), was a shotgun. i think it may have been glitched or something. i got it from a bandit by fyrestone at around the first 3rd of the game and beat the final boss with it. i dont know how it was so strong, but it was.
  10. i found a thuwed! very distant thuwed but still a thuwed https://dragcave.net/view/a6zCz
  11. I'm looking for a mentor, i thought i could navigate here and figure things out myself but i get more and more confused the further i go. i need help mostly with dragon related stuff (breeding,raising adn that kind of stuff). french or English speaking is fine, I'm in EST but i wont be bothered in the slightest if mentor is in a different time zone.