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  1. LOL, Dragon Cave is now a teen, yes.
  2. Hello, so I don´t know what is going on but when ever I try and Accept a trade, it only lets me decline. Is there a way I can get that to stop? (it looks like this https://dragcave.net/teleport/6f0923ae34b50fee7cfab69827f417f8 )
  3. I.got.all.de.eggs! I love the under the water egg with the squid and the green and gold one ( ) the best!
  4. https://dragcave.net/easter Only 2 left!
  5. I love the smurf egg, who did that :O?
  6. @Fuzzbucket Oh, I got that one this morning!
  7. @Fuzzbucket Ohhh! What does the egg look like :O?
  8. @Fuzzbucket So a dragon or in the event?? Do you know? 😄
  9. I think I found the oddest egg ever lol.
  10. So do we just find them randomly at any time? Or is it like every 30 minutes?
  11. Okay, thank you! I got a magi 2 days ago or so. I really love the gemstone dragons and cheese dragons.
  12. Hello, I was wondering how I can set up a lot to trade my dragons? I can't seem to find any options were I can set up a lot, thank you!
  13. Hello, I would love to get a mentor for forms and dragon raising, thank you! ❤️
  14. @missy_, @Dracaena and @Soulsborne Thank you all for the reply, sorry for the late reply!
  15. Hello! Sorry if this is already a topic, but I was wondering how can I freeze a dragon? Thank you for any and all help!