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  1. I put poultry in the oven and got roasted chicken. After the ice mix-up I was worried.
  2. I tried putting ice in water. It did not end well.
  3. Well, I found out putting meat and boiling water in the oven makes stock...which is...not actually a finished product, but part of a soup or stew?
  4. Oh, everyone's showing off their Eggs! The globe is mine. I was staring at NASA photos too long to not do this. Photos of Earth from space at night is just too pretty to pass up.
  5. Hey, that's my egg! I'm glad someone recognized it, but keep in mind, I'm not a professional. The globe has ripples in the ocean in addition to different shading on the continents based on geography. It wasn't too difficult to make the globe transition between day and night since all I had to do was put the cities at specific points, and then brighten them and darken them and the planet accordingly, but trying to achieve movement like a rotation would have been really hard for me. I did consider it, but because of how much detail I tried to put into the egg, I realized I would have a lot of tr
  6. Down for me, too. During the Festival of Eggs, no less...