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  1. Aw crap I'm not having any luck getting them.
  2. Sounds good, but people might use this and throw all their eggs in the trade hub so they don't get sick.
  3. I'd ask for something that helps people with slow internet in the caves. I have a slow internet issue and haven't gotten a rare in a long time. Literally can't even get any new releases because my internet is so slow. At this point I gave up on the cave and just breed my dragons. Even the trade center seems hopeless because I never have what people want, just my weird lineages XD.
  4. Everytime they bit an egg it died and one got thrown out because the other dragons thought it was "disgusting/repulsive" well excuse me other dragons I didn't ask for your opinion on it. I had 4 dead eggs at one point. So my Vampire's names are Would You Die Tonight For Love, Flatline for a Heartkiller, and Love's the funeral of hearts. BUT AT THIS POINT, I might as well change them to Flatline for an EGGKILLER Would You Die Tonight for EGGS and Love's the Funeral of EGGS
  5. All my 2 headed dragons but 1 have turned female. Is this a normal thing? Or do I have reaallly bad luck?
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    I name my dragons really weird things and write the most random things for my profile.. Is that considered trolling? I got banned on another game for having funny/weird names on my animals.