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  1. There are actually 58 treats. So you have 9 more to go to complete it.
  2. Why is it that I have pinks but no purples? I've already unlocked all my derg bases. Also but I am not 100% positive but thought I saw someone with magi's? I have for the dergs: green, red, white, pink, bolt, soulpeace, vamp, aeon, ice, thunder, magma, dark green, thunder, and magma. So why is it that I seem to have pinks instead of purples?
  3. Happy Halloween DC and good luck hunting tonight everyone. Does anyone understand how to properly play the Event? And I thought treats came at regular intervals?
  4. What I do not understand is why there are no eggs in any of the biomes???
  5. I've been here for almost a couple of months and now have the courage to see if I may get a mentor. I'm MST but as I am disabled the time zones do not matter. I speak english only and my mentor needs to have the patience of saint as I have none. I am easygoing but tend to get intimidated when having to do anything that involves the forums. Thank you for your time in this matter.
  6. I was on the let the dog's out. I return and I get a tombstone saying a error has happened?????
  7. This is my 1st Easter in here I'm not sure what to do or look for but I will figure it out. Happy Egg Hunting to ev1.