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  1. I always incubate them but don't put them in hatcheries till the next day. Then only one then keep an eye on them and if they are doing alright I might put them in a second one. LOL I'm too paranoid.
  2. Same here finally, thank you TJ for the constant drop this last time. Since my sister is in the process of moving, 4 are hers. LOL
  3. it would also be nice if they actually dropped. LOL none at 1 and none and 1:05
  4. yeah! let's get frustrated because all we get is the error page.
  5. I was JUST getting ready to say something about this. It was one of the games in Squid Game.
  6. I'm part of the Dappervolk Wiki, but not this one. and I haven't done much of anything recently, was wanting to let them get everything migrated over so I didn't run the risk of messing anything up. LOL
  7. yep, it still just looks like this. No tools no color nothing. LOL
  8. my banner showed up with my first treat. In case ppl still don't have it, this is what it looks like. I would like to edit this instead of posting again, that my event farm game is all greyed out. I was able to move I think 4 bushes, then it all disappeared and 20 minutes later still no new energy. Is there a specific way we have to obtain the energy? ANOTHER EDIT: I figured out why it was all greyed out and all. I had disabled java. LOL
  9. I Would Like to Update My List! Scroll name: L-W-O Forum name: Feral71 Birthday: January 14 Revised List: 1. CB Staterae Xenowyrm<<<<<Favorite 2. Black alt 3a. Male gold and female Black marrow where the gold is the offspring. Need the first half of a mate to https://dragcave.net/lineage/YOdR5, I can make the second half but I only have 1 CB gold. 3b. Black truffle or surprise me! 4a. Black Truffle 4b. Black truffle or surprise me!
  10. I'm sure my edited treat won't get picked this time either, but good luck to everyone else!!!! Plus, it gives me practice. Pixel are is hard to do with daily migraines. LOL
  11. I know what you mean, I'm going to have to find another suitable site as well. I'm gonna miss ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I've looked at over 108 adults and still can't get the second one in the row. The adult. Can't figure out why.
  13. I made sure I only had the one Shumoga egg, and the only egg, I had used Incubate on it yesterday I believe and today it was s3 crack with like 4d 18 hours left? I forgot to write it down because I usually kill them when I use EQ. BUT........ Edit: It had 4 days 9 hours left, I had left that eggs page up and opened a new page for the EQing. LOL
  14. Is anyone else seeing this on TJ's hatchies? Young dragons are relatively defenseless. They are born with relatively soft scales, which are shed and replaced with harder ones as the hatchling matures. Once a hatchling’s wings grow in, it marks the beginning of maturation. At this point they are often capable of hunting on their own and are usually left alone by their mother. This hatchling seems sick. It hasn’t been eating lately and it doesn’t move very much.
  15. there is also the option to join the discord server. I think it may be unofficial, so I'll PM you the link.
  16. Here is my link for the newest ones: Group
  17. I'm working on 2017's eggs and haven't found any more in like 30 minutes? NVM......LOL forgot DC is an hour ahead of me.
  18. Well since when you click on it it takes you back to the egg page, that's just the one I choose to sit on. LOL then I only have to keep one open. I'm lazy like that. LOL
  19. I guess I do it the easy way?
  20. My sister is going to be so upset she waited and waited until almost 12:30 and there was no announcement so she went on to bed. which means she's going to miss out on it this time.
  21. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! and OH how I hope I make it in this time. LOL
  22. I haven't had any luck with any of the hatcheries loading.
  23. @HeatherMarie That's where I was going but it doesn't list what category they go under. Like the one I'm on, it doesn't list these are for the Only human part. LOL so I'm having a difficult time with them. doesn't help that I wait till I'm tired to do them.
  24. I was wondering what was going on cause it says I have to do like what 6 spells for that one and I've gotten 1. LOL but I have I think 3 or 4 spells on the spell page. So do I just keep trying combinations until I unlock the others for that one?