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    Hi! I'm Louca - Pronounced "Loo - Ka". You can find me on Dragon Cave and other places like Flight Rising as Louca. I'm 20 years old and a University student in biology and neuroscience. I absolutely adore animals of all kinds. Looking after them is one of my biggest passions. I also love to create digital illustrations and use my art as a big way to de-stress. Another passion of mine is playing the piano.

    I live in Australia and have all sorts of critters coming and going in my home. Fish and bugs especially interest me these days. Except for crickets, which I've always been irrationally scared of since watching A Bug's Life. My cats are like my own children and are also my biggest supporters in life. One day, when I feel my life is ready, I would love to raise a macaw of my own. If not a Macaw, then a similarly sized/long-lived bird. At the moment I would have to say that my favourite animal of all time is the Peacock Mantis Shrimp. Seeing them swim reminds me of a magical galloping sea dragon. Snakes are also pretty great too. And I can't not mention Shoebills because. What did we ever do to deserve such a majestic beast in our lifetime?

    I try to be as approachable as possible but just in case you aren't sure; feel free to say hello at any time you like!