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  1. I managed to snag two of the jungle babies before the day changed... Thank goodness! I think I might recognize those two-headed dragons as well! I can't remember what they were called though...
  2. Dedicated description mods would be amazing. Checking out my dragons and finding out I have year old descriptions in the queue is always fun. ; w;
  3. How long is the Halloween Biome open for?
  4. Very pretty! Can't wait to see what they grow into.
  5. What are DC's Sprite dimensions? For each stage; Hatchling S1, Hatchling S2, and Adult sprites?
  6. I guess that must've been it, I spent a good 30 minutes re-reading that description being all like "Where is it?? Where's the gay implication? He has a wife?? " Oh well Maybe one day I'll write such a description for a dragon... maybe I'll do it for this one.
  7. Someone pls tell me how this description makes Seanan gay
  8. My seed orders have finally arrived! Hawthorn, Witch Hazel, Elderberry, Cramp bark, Lupine, Marigolds, and a few other flowers. I'll update with some photos of everything prepared for planting in a little bit 😁
  9. I don't think it's a terrible idea (Zyus are also hard to get; I doubt it would increase the rarity of the xenowyrms) but I am sad you didn't think of calling it Jörmungandr or some variation of the Midgard Serpent (World Serpent) It'd be neat, though I'd hope it'd work similar to the way Sinomorphs work; almost no fail rate, random gender, etc.
  10. I usually only get 1-2 comments, mostly accepts. The whole idea was to give people the option if they wanted to use it, but I could understand if it would be taxing on resources. That's what I would like at least.
  11. It's very very bothersome when I have 50+ pending descriptions to sort through all of them to find which ones have been accepted or to check if any have been rejected. Sorting through an excel sheet or list is not very efficient (though many have resorted to doing this) and I think it'd be much more effective if we could just have it added to the notification system. Of course, not everyone would want this, or perhaps some people would only want to be notified of certain actions in regard to descriptions, so what I'm proposing is give us the option to select the following categories to be notified about: - When a description gets approved or rejected - When a description gets an "Accepted", "Abstain", or "Rejected" - When a description gets a comment These would be three separate categories and individuals would be able to choose which one they would want. Thoughts? :)
  12. Has anyone else gotten any comments with a link to a website? Seems like a bot made it... (I censored the website title in this screenshot but if the mods need it I can send them the uncensored version)
  13. Forgot to influence my gold hatchie to be male. Decide to name it John Manly the Masculine Dragon in order to encourage masculinity. ...24 hours later we have John Manly the Masculine Male Dragon😁
  14. I'd like to be able to filter by what dragon's aren't in a specific group. It would make description writing much easier.
  15. My BF promised to make a date of it and take me to the plant show that's gonna happen at the end of the month. So excited! I'm really interested in this one because supposedly they're going to have some medicinal plants available and I'm saving up to splurge big time.
  16. I haven't gotten one yet but... oof, I'd be annoyed as heck if someone was like that to me. Oh I love that! 😄 It'd be nice if you could set options as to what you want to be notified about; Do you want to be notified only when someone comments, or when a description is approved, or every time someone hits the accept/abstain or reject button? Or just turn it off completely if you don't care for it. This is what I've been doing, sort of. I just have a giant group called "descriptions" which is meant for all my dragons that have descriptions, whether they've been approved or not. It's just annoying going through and clicking on all 50-ish of my described dragons hoping one has been approved yet. On a side note, it looks a few of my descriptions got approved finally! Okorasa now has a description, and all I need to do is a write a corresponding one for a certain golden wyvern that snatched up a scale from one of her tables and replaced it with it's own shimmering one...
  17. I do one of several things. I'll use Confused Cat's Dragon Name Generator. I'll use the 20000 Names Website and browse 'til I find nice sounding names and combine two of 'em to form a first and last name. Or I'll use Latin names for plants, or even plant sub-species. Examples would be Fraxinusia Manna, named after a kind of Ash. (Sort of. The Proper Latin name would be " Fraxinusia ornus", but it's a combination of the common name Manna Ash and the Latin one.) Another would be my Rosebud Kiftsgate, named after a kind of rose. I also really like food names, though it's uncommon for me to pick up one. I prefer to name my dragons almost like they're people, I suppose?
  18. Indeed, I hate it when I hit that 1000 limit and I'm like "...There's no way I can cram the other 50 characters in to finish this sentence" and I have to go re-write a large portion of the description. I also found out one of my dragons got a description approved, after I was going through and double checking some old descriptions! 😁 I wish the system would give an update notification whenever we got a description commented on or approved though, that would be handy.
  19. I think the way to offset the raffle would be to have more contests to obtain the prize dragons; no one complains about holiday dragons only being available at one time of year, so why not do raffle + yearly contest where winners get prize dragons? It could even be done so no raffle the month the contest is active, and then you have both luck of the draw AND a legit work-towards way of obtaining CB prizes. I see a problem with limiting because honestly, if someone is lucky enough to win two or three times than by all means, let them have their dragons! The only thing I could see doing is potentially adding the limitation of not allowing consecutive wins.
  20. "I'll write descriptions for all my dragons, it'll be easy," I thought. "Surely they can't take that long to write, can they?" ...I have been proven wrong about the not long and easy part, but I will persevere
  21. I think I saw you sign your comment on several of my descriptions, but I haven't seen a single signing of a comment aside from that. I'll start doing it with an AiS/AS if I can 😁
  22. Pokemon and LoZ made up my childhood. As did oldschool runescape I return to them quite regularly!