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  1. I made a mistake. Looks like I'll be waiting on catching up haha.
  2. I have a lot of Tox codes, but I think this one is the snazziest one on my scroll hehe https://dragcave.net/view/boTox
  3. Forum name: Toxicity-Report Song or work: Diving Bell by Starset Current generation/progress: Hasn't been bred/started yet, I'm still collecting all the CBs. Planned to be 7G CBs/Breeds still needed: 32 CB Monarch, 32 CB Deep Sea (11/32 CB Monarch and 2/32 CB Deep Sea) https://dragcave.net/group/136537 Forum name: Toxicity-Report Song or work: Infidel by Red Current generation/progress: Hasn't been bred/started yet, I'm still collecting all the CBs. Planned to be 6G. CBs/Breeds still needed: 16 CB Red, 16 CB Cantormaris (1/16 CB Red and 2/16 CB Red Cantormaris) https://dragcave.net/group/136351
  4. WOOHOO! Happy birthday DC. I cannot believe how many releases there are!
  5. This is absolutely amazing for people who wish to change their usernames! I'm perfectly happy with mine, but ♥️
  6. Woo! Enjoy your Valentines Day everyone!
  7. Gosh the eggs are so pretty! This is my second advent on here, so I'm really happy that I got my two eggs already. Happy holidays everyone!
  8. I definitely agree with this idea, and I've also wanted to trade my leetle before for a date more personal to me. I understand that it may be difficult to implement such a function, since I'm not sure what coding dragons like Paper, Cheese, etc. have to disable the breeding functions, but I certainly second this idea! (I generally don't say anything in forums, just because I'm not quite certain about my words sometimes, but I decided that I really want to vote for this idea, whether or not it can ever be implemented)
  9. I'm having issues as well, but it's with all eggs in the AP, not just the "popular" breeds. I am on mobile, but the few times I have used DC on my laptop, I have experienced the same amount of lag. I've cleared everything on my end, so I can say that it is definitely dc.
  10. It isn't much at all, but I can breed exactly one egg to the AP on the 5th.
  11. Ooh I can catch at least uh 1 of each
  12. Oh my goodness this is fantastic! More worms?
  13. Woo! My first actual release here, since I joined last February, and I didn’t know what was happening. The eggs are so pretty!