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  1. haha, both my friends got the fool mints on the first try; I got eaten xd
  2. I am a Silver Tinsel, arrogantly flashing off my polished scales, wondering if my astounding beauty can flood the cave.
  3. Kanarianvirta is my favorite. Geez, I can pronounce only a handful of the names of the dragons on your scroll xD
  4. The Screams the Endless Screams
  5. https://dragcave.net/lineage/Sg8Sk Snagged a nice little Pillow x Solstice guy in the AP! Thwued and SAltkin too, wasn't expecting that. Not to mention that it has a really nice lineage. Thank you @Natayah!
  6. The desc. of the Blacblack says the females have longer tails, but doesn't it seem like the male sprite's tail is longer than the female's?
  7. It's a bit of a task to get the speckleds, haha. One of mine is close to hatching, and I'm egglocked with the things. The drabbies are looking pretty, can't wait to see the adults! Putting a speckled in the Trading Hub sets my notifications on fire, they're so high in demand. I've gotten some decent offers for some of the eggs. Good thing I can sometimes snag the speckleds on my computer x3
  8. I was given an offer for my new release speckled egg in return for a 3rd gen silver with a Chrono checker. Is that fair, or is it tilted one way or another?
  9. So, had a problem regarding the Magi dragon. There was a hatchling in a trade that grew up, and now the Magi is on cooldown, even though nothing was traded/teleported. Is this supposed to happen?
  10. Missed a CB Silver just right now, kudos to whoever snagged it ^^
  11. I need to be removed I am a lister and need to be removed from these lists: Paper
  12. Today was just like any other, to be honest. Although, I have to admit that my thoughts are riddled with fear of how I'm going to manage through my aching shoulder for Friday and Saturday, I've got a huge swim meet that I really don't wanna do bad at x) Otherwise, same old. School was boring, and I didn't have to pull through any headaches, which was good. Still got some homework to finish, but I'm almost done. I can finally sleep soon, ahhhh
  13. https://dragcave.net/lineage/DZxpC Kinda like this one ^^
  14. Accidentally bred my Guardian of Nature and Arcana dragon together and auto-abandoned the egg, haha I remember I stared at the screen for a good five minutes cussing and rereading the text on the screen. Found out someone was able to grab it from the AP, though! I hope my bby will have a good home ❤️
  15. False. TPBM is currently procrastinating right now on an assignment.
  16. My family has travelled some in the past, most times to the Philippines. We've visited some states like Virginia, Florida, New York, and a couple others which I really can't remember. Most recently, we've travelled to France and Britain. We'll be going to Japan this spring!! And back to the Philippines in the summer, haha
  17. I should be doing my homework, falling behind in school this week probably won't be a great idea... But...just one more video ;;;