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  1. Yesterday was my first check up in at least 5 years. My parents insurance was awful but I have my own pretty good insurance now. Anyway went in for pain and turns our it's gum and not tooth pain so yay no cavities. Going to have some wisdom teeth removed and a cleaning to try and get everything all caught up.
  2. Happy Valentines day one and all! Very cute game, sweet, silly, corny and has all the dating sim tropes. Although since the last dating sim I played was DDLC I was a little paranoid something creepy would start to happen
  3. Hello lovely people of DC! I work at my local humane society and have for over 2 years. Most of you are probably pet owners or animal lovers, and I'd like to share some if my stories with you if I can. Do you have any questions about the goings on in a shelter? Feel free to ask! Also if you have an animal rescue or adoption story feel free to share, who doesn't love a happy story? First I'd like to give a little background and some extra info. I've been an adoption counselor and am currently animal care technion who works closely with the small animals and who councils new pet parents on these small animals such as rabbits. My shelter is rather large and is ine that operates in a tristate area. We have 3 rooms of dogs up for adoption, 2 rooms of dog holding for the new/not tested dogs, 3 cat areas including an open cageless cat lounge where fixed males, fixed females and unswayed females can hang out as long as they don't spend all their time hiding and are up to date on shots. We also have 2 cat holding areas and a nursery as well as plenty of amazing foster homes. We also have a rabbit/small animal area and rabbits are out third most populated animal. We are a very fortunate shelter in the fact we have a clinic attached to our building that can get all of out animals fixed, microchiped and vaccinated before they go home. We also have 2 vets in staff and our own triage department. Last year we sheltered 2,903 animals which included 948 dogs, 1,707 cats, 118 rabbits, 3 pot bellied pigs and 127 other such as Guinea pigs, snakes, finches, hermit crabs, budgies, hamsters, gerbils, rats, a duck, some chickens and a got. We had a 89% save rate last year and thanks to adopters fosters and help from other shelters we didn't need to euthanize a single animal for space! This brings us to the euthanasia issue and the kill vs no kill stigma. 'Are you no kill' is a question we here so often and the answer is no, and really no shelter out there is a true no kill. We euthanize animals for things like health and temperament. We've lost animals we all love for things that just come up. In old dogs we've seen failing kidney and heat infections, in cats liver failure, feline leukemia, in rabbits seizures and loss of movement and bodily control just to name a few. Then there are surrenders we see that are too far gone to save, very advanced parvo, which we can and have treated before but sometimes it's just too late, or those poor sweet stay animals that have gotten hit by cars and by the time they get to us their too far gone. There is also a thing called 'kennel crazy' these animals we try to put a lot if focus on but sometimes when the anxiety medicine, and extra time out aren't enough its time for a hard decision. Dogs more often than cats can actually loose their mind in a shelter and will do nothing all day but bounce off their walls and circle. Many times we get lucky and extra promotions get that dog home but sometimes the dogs we love the most cause they've been there so long just aren't themselves any more and it's cruel to keep them in a preprtual state if stress. That is another reason we let go of the unadoptable dogs, better to let them go peacefully than to let them go insane. So that's the health side of it, now the side that's a much harder issue: temperament. The last thing we want to do is euthanize a happy healthy animal but bad animals do exist. Sadly they are usually the high energy high anxiety breeds but when they are pure breed, or at least look enough like it we can transfer an animal to a rescue who is far more able to work with those animals. We do this a lot with shepherds, Huskies, Aussies and other working breeds who truly need a job to do to be happy. The dogs that don't look it are less lucky but we will not release a bad animal to the public. These animals can bite unprovoked or have a long bite recorded with animal control. These are only our most extreme cases, if an animal resources guards or food guards we often times still give them a chance at adoption and let the adopters know the issues. More often than not these animals cannot go home with small kids since they can decide they want whatever the kid has or a spot on the couch and no one wants to put children in danger. Those are the basic reasons so let's talk about no kill shelters. We have 3 in our area and all of them are lovely places that help animals but they often only take in the animals they know will get adopted. Those extra cute highly desirable dogs everyone wants and whi will find a home right away. And should they take in an animal that ends up with an issue they will transfer them to another shelter to be euthanized there. It's sad but it happens. No one wants to call themselves a kill shelter, it's a very strong very ugly very negative word. But humane euthanasia is better than a life of insanity. If only the label could drop more people would be less scared of their local Animal Control, the 'pound' who typically had to say yes to any animal that walks into the door, stray or surrender, when they have limited funding and space given to them by the state. So that's the biggest question in a nutshell, please feel free to ask any and all questions you may have or share your stories of rescue or adoption!
  4. @hedy Awome! Lops are so so sweet! I'm glad they were able to wake him back up and everything's been smooth so far. Oh I wish we had that vaccine in the states, we had a small RHD outbreak in the midwest but rabbits as pets still isn't as big here so we don't have a vaccine available yet.
  5. My little man Benny, my first foster failure at the shelter where I work with several rabbits ever day. We actually have 23 up for adoption right now. It's not easy work but man do I live them all! @hedy Check out House Rabbit Society, both their website and look for a Facebook page with your state like I'm in the Indiana House Rabbit Society on FB. Such a lovey resource if you still have unanswered questions. Also feel free to shoot me a PM, I've worked in rabbit rescue for two years. My first advice though is get your babby fixed and make sure you know a rabbit savvy vet. Buns have a 90-80% chance of ovarian cancer by age two and boys have a 85-75% chance of testicular cancer at the same age. Welcome to the world of rabbits!
  6. USA, Indiana in a small town about 45 minutes north east of Indy. Yes there is a lot of corn but a lot of soy beans too. Ans yes we do say 'ope' like all the time.
  7. I, Orichid, agree that if it has a face, it has a name. I love naming all my dragons, it really adds that personal touch!
  8. So this is one of the wild offerings of some of my dragons. Hahah poor thing! I also had one called Veexh which sounded pretty cool and is now that dragons offical name.
  9. Hello fellow lovers of exotic animals large and small. I personally own a 2 male cockatiels, one who is about 12 years old that I've had almost his whole life who was a per store bird and one who is about 19 years old that I adopted last year. The young guy Chewie (cause he's always been an active chew-er) is very outgoing and social, loves to sing and will beg for food any time I eat thanks to my fiance letting them ear off his plate. The older guy, Moe, was surrendered due to the helth of his owner along with 2 other birds that were bonded. He looked like a sad little vulture. The two birds jusr fell in instant love and now cant even be in separate rooms without calling for each other until they figure out what room they want to settle in. Little old man Moe had really starred to look and act more like a healthy bird ever since he met Chewie and even if he doesn't have long left st least it will be a good life. He wasn't handled at all in his last home and didn't have much free fly time. He still doesn't really like to be handled but accepts us for the most part. Nanaki is our little clown, a green cheeked conure, he's 3 and my fiance got home from an unnamed pet store (which has still very conflicted about since I work in animal welfare) but he was the only conure there and you could tell he was shut down. When he came home he refused to leave his cage and was terrified of hands. He worked with him with popcorn and YouTube and now he's so attached to my fiance, loves people especially guests that come over, and knows how to say 'give me kiss' 'thank you' 'muwha' ' beep beep' and he can laugh. He is petrified of nets, and destroy calls whenever we use the net for our fish tank so either he had a terrible breeder or a really bad time at the store. The last is my little Holland lop Benny who came into the shelter I work at so so tiny. His owners who found out the responsibility of a bunny was too much work after getting him from a breeder said he was 2 months old but having worked there I'd say he was just over a month. Babby buns should stay with mom until at least 2 months. I took him home to foster him to get him big enough to be neutered then adopted. He wouldn't eat his pellets or hay so I had to stir babby food in his pellets and give him his hay in toilet paper tubes to make it exciting. Well I ended up falling in love with him and he bonded so close to us, he's not my fist foster but he is my first foster failure meaning I adopted him! He's so sweet, a litter box using free roaming bun who loves to hop in the couch and hang out with me. Then there's work! I work specifically with the small and exotic animals at the shelter and have cared for, and fell in love with: bunnies, Guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats, an African side neck turtle, a fire belly toad, chickens, a goat, several pot bellied pigs, ball pythons, hermit crabs finches, budgies, a dove, Quaker parrots, and cockatiels. When your there 5 days a week they all feel like your own babies and the absolute best day is when they find their forever home!
  10. My very first dragon back in 2010 was a Whip Tial who I still have.
  11. @The Dragoness I'm sorry your mom had to go though all that but thank you so much for the advice your right sometimes being family doesn't mean that they have to be involved. @-FireClaw- That's a lot to happen right before a wedding but I'm glad it kind of worked out. Thank you for the advice as well! Yeah, I'll just keep that in mind that's a super comforting thought
  12. TLDR; Got a wedding dress and my fiance and I are picking our flowers and cake so my mom disowned me Some backstory. For 3 years now my fiance and I have lived together 4 hours away from my home town. Despite multiple invites and me having consistent days off my family hasn't visited once even when the two of us got our own apartment and left the roommates behind. We've been together 5 years and he proposed Christmas night at the place we first met December of 17 so it's finally time to actually do the wedding stuff. I went to look at dresses at this resell dress shop just to figure out my size and what type of dress I want. I haven't worn a dress since high school prom and know noting about dresses so I went in just to try on stuff I like. The ladies there were so helpful and supportive and I found one that fit in the places it needed to with some need for alterations here and there. This dress was only $200 and despite knowing nothing about dresses I knew this one was cheep. It would take my family at least a week to be able to get a day off and come down maybe even longer if they wanted to make a big deal and get the grandparents involved. I wasn't letting the perfect dress at the perfect price pass me by so I bout it. After letting my mom know she goes on this rant about how she should have been there, and would have been in town for that despite not coming here yet. She also went on about how she was mad we are now having it in this town and not my home town, after her already not liking the location we chose at my home town and repeatedly getting me to try and change it to where my cousins got married, a place that held no value to either of us. Anyway, she started to go on about how she picked out a cake and flowers for us and got mad at us for wanting to pick out our own stuff and not making it her wedding. I told her she knows noting about his favorite color and was so offended that we wanted to plan our own wedding and told me to have a nice life and goodbye. That's been a few week ago and she hasn't contacted me since. She's always been someone who tries to make everything about herself so this isn't that surprising. I feel like I should be more sad about this but I'm not, I feel more ok with it than anything and I think that bothers me the most. I decided that unless he apologizes than I don't want to deal with her she's just been so toxic about everything. So I haven't contacted her since and she only reached out to me to tell me my wedding present would be her cutting me off of her phone plan. I've let her cut herself out of my life. I don't know if it's normal to feel ok bout these things but I do and I guess that's ok but the whole thing feels like a mess. All I know is I'm not going to let her ruin my wedding. I hope not at least.