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  1. Bow loosened her grip from the egg and decided to go ofc on her own to search for berries and fruits. "You staying here?" She turned to Mike. He seemed to nod and she nodded in return. Bow rushed into the forrest and harvested as many fruits and berries as she could find. When she brought them back to camp, she displayed her loot to her new pygmy friend. "Would you like some?" She offered with a warm smile.
  2. Bow opened her eyes just as the sun began to creep over the mountain top. facing the east, the sunrise was beautiful. hues matching her own pink and cream blended like watercolors with the blues and purples of the morning sky. her mouth gaped open for a moment as she let out a yawn. she tightened her around the egg as she watched the sunrise with half-open eyes. "So pretty..."
  3. Bow let out a soft giggle when she heard Arc's request to the egg. "I don't think it works like that." She peeped out in between laughs. Watching everyone around her, Bow slowly walked away from Arc and the now sleeping Tras and into the basket with the egg and Mike. She curled her small pink body around the egg and set her head down on the heart-shaped tip of her tail. "I'm with you, Tras. I think we all need to rest." She let out with a yawn at the end.
  4. Bow watched as her new friends all interacted with the even newer dragon. Taking Mikes word, the young pink dragon stepped out of the bushes. She trotted quite briskly over to Arc and Tras as they began to enter the camp, cowering behind them.
  5. Bow shook her head at Mike. "I have my fair share of hatred towards Balendin and greif for Lavada and Reina. I'm happy to assist and join you guys. Don't get me wrong! Right now though, I'm still kind of shocked from what just happened." She let out a nervous chuckle before letting out a startled scream from the Xenowyrms appearence. She zipped towards a bush where she ducked and hid.
  6. Bow smiled warmly and nodded her head to Arc. "Thank you. Much appreciated." She turned her attention back to Mikesha, Tras and the egg. "I can help with the egg, Tras. Its what my species specializes in." She looked up to the sky and reminisced. "Im glad I've been able to survive so far in these mountains. I hatched here; I've been here my entire life. I was actually on my way to find a new nesting place when I ran into you guys and that mean dragon." She shuttered at her memories of the moments prior. She brought her attention back to her peers. Bow blinked for a moment, almost lost in thought. "That storm is gonna be here in a few hours time. You guys have plenty of time to hunt and eat. We should probably rest here for the night and head west early tomorrow morning."
  7. // @Efernium sorry!! Bow sighed. "I mean, who's egg is this and why are we taking it west?" She turned herself toward Arc as he prepared to hunt. "I don't eat meat, but thank you anyway." Though usually afraid of bigger dragons than her, Bow began to warm up to her new friends.
  8. Bow landed on the rocks just above the gushing blue waters. She tucked in her cream wings and looked at the group around her. "Looks like that's everyone." She then locked her eyes on Tras and the basket, specifically Mikesha. She leaped over to them and peered into the basket at Mike. "Now, what's this all about?" Asked the pink hatchling.
  9. Bow looks at the group around her and nods. "Alright, everyone stay close and follow me." She flew into the air above the smoke. "Quickly!" She bolted to the east, eyes locked on a blue waterfall that creeped closer with every meter she flew.
  10. "Look, Mike," Bow started, "even though we have go go west for this egg-thing, right now we have to go east if we want to live." Bow looked Mike in the eyes as she spoke. "I'm from here; I know this mountain inside and out. I've spent all my life so far running around here. I can get us around the east end then back in a little over a day." Bow exited the cave as smoke began to overfill the small opening. "We don't have much time. We should go east now, then circle back after the storm puts the fire out. Should take us no more than a day or two."
  11. "Egg? Lavada? Sister?" Bow cocked her head, unaware of what Mike was talking about. She shook her head after a moment and looked towards the West. "The wind might carry the fire westbound. Like I asked before, do you think we can outrun the fire?"
  12. The small pink dragon smiled at Mike's thanks and bowed her head. "My name's Bow." She introduced herself. "Listen, we can probably escape this fire if we can get further up the mountain. Theres a waterfall on the other side." Bow lifted her head into the wind and sniffed. "The fire is coming from the south. We have to go east, do you think we could outrun it?" Bow posed to Mikesha.
  13. "With me! Quick!" The young dragon yelled as she whipped around and plunged into the mysterious forrest. She lead the group fast through heavy foliage up a steep incline. She stopped at the edge of a small clearing before collapsing onto her belly out of exhaustion. "Here, we should be safe for a little while. We're downdraft, so our scents won't carry up to him." When she spoke, she only ever looked at Mike, as if talking directly and only to him.
  14. The small pink dragon began to try and get Mike's attention. "Psst! Pygmy!" She tried to call, but to no avail. She tried to pick up a small rock and throw it in his direction. "Hey! I know a way up the mountain from here! We can get away from this guy!"
  15. A pink flash dashed across the view of Astros and Mike. It stopped to reveal a young pink hatchling with cream colored wings. The tail resembled a slight heart shape and it had small yellow webs extending from small horns. It was only slightly bigger than the bush it was about to duck under. It made no sounds at first, but poked its head out to yell "RUN!!" before ducking again.