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  1. Thanks Not sure why it was a thing and then they removed that option since it was one of the more unique features. 😐 I'm less upset about losing my names since I would have prefered the names go to an active player, more upset that someone grabbed them and now will sit on them for years without having the same consequence. Punishing older players but not newer ones seems extremely unfair.
  2. Well, that is absolutely the worst lol So I guess i'm just out of luck for all the names I lost and forget trying to get new ones Thanks for the answer!
  3. Okay, so I haven't been on this website since 2014 so this might be an outdated question... I am looking for the owner of a name and I believe there was a way to look up dragons by name instead of code back when I started playing. Is that option still available? Also, do names become available when an owner becomes inactive still? I noticed when I got back quite a few of my named dragons were now nameless, so I assume yes but i'm not sure. If so, how long? The two names I am looking at, the owners have been inactive for at least a year.
  4. This becomes a gray area when dealing with the internet, fandoms and shippers in particular. People think they are anonymous on the internet, so they say and do anything to make people feel bad about liking something they dislike. They can even devote hours of work to creating websites and posts about how much they hate a thing, including sending death threats to actors and writers. People on the internet generally don't have a filter. They would never say something like what they say to someone's face in real life. And then you get the people who flat out use hateful words and threatening messages, then claim that it's not "hate" it's "constructive criticism". There is a VERY big difference between "I don't like these things because [insert reason here]" and "I don't like these things and if you like them you're an idiot". Even the first part gets into the "hateful" territory when they start claiming "facts" that aren't facts at all and use these "facts" to accuse the people who like it are somehow more than wrong (the biggest accusations I see are Homophobic and Racist). Also, the use of the word "hate" has been somewhat over saturated in media. It's lost it's meaning, really. Much like the word "Epic" used to be reserved for something big and extraordinary, now it's just used for something moderately cool.
  5. I can't tell if i'm excited or terrified when the executive producer says "It's kind of like The Lion King meets The Avengers." At first it sounds REALLY AWESOME but then you imagine all the ways it could go wrong...
  6. I'd actually like to think there's less angst on their release because it's a breeding release and thus, no one is being left out simply because their internet isn't fast enough. Plus, you don't have to try for hours on end, which I enjoy immensely. The only gripe would come from people who don't have GoN and, while I do sympathize, the summoning rate has gone up too, so the release works in their favor regardless. (For those who don't have the correct dragons to summon, I would be more than willing to breed some for you; if the breeding pairs actually give me eggs.)
  7. Bred my GoN with my Tri-Horn Wyverns and got the Orange/Copper egg. I'm looking forward to the adult! ♥ (I hope it's creation or change as both with fit in with my extremely hard life-changing events happening in my life right now and something about that just makes me happy.)
  8. That is AMAZING. 0_0! Too bad I only have one GoN but still... Amazing!
  9. It's Elsa. There's no way it could be anyone else. For one, the costume/hair is 100% accurate to the movie. Plus, all the promotion has said something similar to "Frozen comes to Storybrooke/Once Upon a Time". They've also mentioned going to Arendelle next season. I would not mind seeing Narnia or characters from there, but I don't think next season will focus on them.
  10. Not part of the 50%, but i'm really excited to see this new feature. It'll be fun to see where some of my Multi-Biome eggs from the AP came from (Purrrrples!). :3 Also, glad to see the Encyclopedia was an actual thing. I know for a long time everyone was debating if it was real or not since it was released on April Fool's Day.
  11. Well, yeah, she's dressed up like Elsa from Frozen, so she'd be the Ice Queen. Some people think she'll be more like the actual Ice Queen story and less like the Frozen counterpart.....
  12. That episode was AMAZING. Seriously, I want enthralled the entire episode. Great shipper moments all around (except maybe Outlaw Queen- a twist I seen coming from the beginning), especially for Captain Swan. The messing with time was an absolute joy to watch. Also, some great compare/contrast scenes between our two redemptive villains, Hook and Regina, as we see past them and current them and how much they've changed.
  13. Am I correct in thinking that a lot of people here are thinking that people will go around and multi-click Likes on someone's idea? I thought it would be one user could only +1 or -1 one post ever. And Maybe some type of flood control would be good. Like, you could only +1/-1 five posts in a minute.
  14. I've personally gotten nasty PMs about this very issue ironically on an idea a year later that someone else would post and everyone seems to like (as well as getting an angry PM about me 'stealing' a troubleshooting idea in the help forum which was odd to say the least since you know... I repair computers.). Personally, I don't think names should be listed. Just +1 or -1. And then list how many people have done so without actually showing names ( [5] +1 / [2] -1 -- or something similar). I think it SHOULD be shown how many + or - there are just so the people posting can get an idea of approval or disapproval so they can make a post as to why they feel the same or opposite. I still honestly don't see how this can be a popularity contest anymore than it currently is. I mean, you get a mod agreeing with someone and a lot of people will go "Well, so-and-so agrees with me so it must be true!". I still stand that the +1 / -1 System is a great idea that will help a lot of people who don't want to post and/or who are afraid to disagree.
  15. But, you don't get a warn for saying "I don't agree with this", "I don't like this", "I think this won't work" without elaborating anything further. Having the ability to turn the option on/off of posts would be good for specific posts, much like the Enable Signature button. @sbowen: Forgive me but i'm wondering why you were on a forum at 9 years old to begin with. I know i'm too old to know what cyber bullying really is (not that I haven't gotten death threats online but.. Let's just say Facebook wasn't a thing at all when I was in school.) but it seems to me you were a little TOO young to be on a random forum. Did you report the girl? You know death threats are ILLEGAL, right? You could have reported her to the police, actually.
  16. I'd like this option. I have used a system like it (and implemented it's use) on other fourms and it worked wonderfully. +1 Support from me! I think people need to stop comparing it to facebook. THIS ISN'T FACEBOOK. No one posts a spammy message in order to get likes. The Like system on forums work more like the poll system. There's no ego-boosting. It's just like posting "I like your post", but as several people pointed out, this forum does not allow that. Ironically, it allows negative non-contribution posts, but the positive ones are generally warn-worthy. I'm failing to see any Ego-Boosting potential outside of "People like my idea", which someone could get regardless. The "My idea has more people liking it" ideal already HAPPENS. Even when people don't have EVERYONE agreeing with them, they like to say that everyone agrees just to make a point. And, let's face it, the suggestion and requests forum is a very, VERY negative place where a lot of people understandably don't want to go. Having the ability to like an idea without having people jumping down your throat and picking apart everything you said/suggested would be extremely helpful.
  17. I need something to change. I'm killing myself by staying.
  18. Really cool eggs and cute hatchlings. Once again disappointed that one will not have a different Male and Female sprite, though. It really takes away from my excitement for a new breed when the sprites are the same (I don't mean they have to LOOK different but a different pose or even slightly smaller size would be nice).
  19. About a month ago, our pipes completely froze in our house making the Toliets unusable for about three days. So, we had to use public restrooms. I, thankfully, don't have any horror stories. But I learned what stores had the best bathrooms.
  20. Cookiecoins and corporate countries?? Are these something that happens after the Quintillion mark? I don't remember these in my previous game.
  21. More Heavenly Chips is always good, but it's really up to you. I reset when I felt the game was going way too slow and I was barely close to getting anymore achievements (those are key!). It's really up to you.
  22. I had 486 Trillion Cookies of all Time and I got 30 Heavenly Chips. So worth it. Everything goes a lot faster.
  23. Although I agree that a banner should be place on top of all your eggs, regardless if it's your first hunt, I completely disagree with having ALL the banners for ALL the ones you missed. It's messy and pointless. Also, that's a lot more coding, loading and stress on the server that just isn't necessary for a once a year event. You get at least one egg, you get that year's banner. Simple. I'd like to see that.
  24. This has happened every year for every click/collect event. I'm on Google Chrome and i'm on a completely different computer now than any previous events. I'll try to sum up what happens in my message, but I wish I could take a screenshot. But, no more eggs for me.