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  1. Do pitfires have a lower drop rate than the others? I haven't seen a single one yet.
  2. Happy Birthday to Me! Scroll: iiKrina Forum name: iiKrina Birthday: 13th of December List: 1. CB Silver (this is my absolute favourite- and yet I have none!) 2. CB Aeon Wyvern 3a. Lyrical lineage (preferably poetry, especially about the sea, but I'd love any) 3b. Surprise me 4a. CB Blusang Lindwyrm 4b. Surprise me
  3. Okay, so I'm incredibly confused... In the FAQ section I keep rereading the answer to the question "When can I see my Zombie on my scroll?" and it's confusing me more and more each time. So from what (I think) I understand, the zombie dragon only stays on your scroll for 2 weeks after you kill it? So... After that no one other than myself will be able to see it unless they have a link to the view page? 🀨 I really hope I'm misunderstanding this because that makes me so sad. I wanted to add it to my highlighted group and show it off.
  4. How long can an egg be sick for before dying?
  5. H: Paper W: Blue dino or any CB metal (I prefer eggs)
  6. How do I switch to the desktop site on a mobile device?
  7. H: CB yellow sapphire with Xxxxx format code W: Blue dino or offer
  8. H: CB yellow sapphire with Xxxxx format code W: Blue dino or offer
  9. H: CB yellow sapphire with Xxxxx format code W: Blue dino or offer
  10. wooooooooo thank youuu umm ok just 1 last question. is it impossible to ever get the badges from events that have already passed? i'm a bit of a completionist/perfectionist so it bothers me that i might never be able to get all the badges. there are so many cute ones that i really really want... :<
  11. Oops, another question- I'm trying to get the magikarp badge for which I have to do the splash BSA 100 times... Do I have to do it 100 times on 1 dragon, or do you just need to do it 100 times on the scroll, so I could split it and do 50 on one dragon and 50 on another?
  12. Do hatchlings (not yet matured) lose their gender influence if traded, or is it only eggs that that happens to?
  13. Is a prizekin worth anything if it’s a common breed? For example right now I have a 2g razorcrest from a tinsel and razorcrest, is it worthless? :p
  14. ahh i really hope that'll always be the case from now on, i missed it πŸ™ƒ
  15. Good luck artists, I'm really looking forward to this 😁
  16. This may be silly but where on earth is the action log? I've returned to dragcave after a year of inactivity, I swear I remember it being under 'account' but it's no longer there..?
  17. Urgent!! I've got 2 very good offers on a trade: 1- a CB ice. 2- a 2G rainbow copper + 3G silver tinsel. I'm freaking out- which one is the better offer??
  18. I apologise for posting this, I really do. But I've been struggling for hours, researching and researching and still unable to choose which is better, while the clock is ticking and these people could redact their offers at any moment... I've got 2 shockingly good offers: 1- a CB ice. 2- a 2G rainbow copper + 3G silver tinsel. Which one is the better offer?? Please help out your overwhelmed pal, thanks
  19. Have: CB white striped female hatchling Want: CB white striped egg, or genderswap Have: CB thalassa xenowyrm Want: CB xenowyrm (aso, astrapi, aquilo, chrono or staterae), or other offer