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  1. ((Hey guys sorry but I won't be able to continue this role-play. It was very fun!))
  2. "Huh... Wha... what is happening?" Inquired Astro as she was picked up by Tras. She began coughing as the cloud of smoke entered the cave. Again her body gave away to the confusion surrounding her. She once again fell asleep against her will.
  3. "Who was that!? Did he work for Balendin!? And why are we following this random dragon even though we don't know who she is?" Astro said with confusion. Suddenly she collapsed on the ground. All this excitement had drained all the energy out of her. Astro knew that they needed to go farther into the forest to escape from this unexpected guest. But all she could think of was rest... She needed rest.
  4. In another place Astro was roaming through the forest. Hearing the loud roar and the message she turned back and quickly headed to camp "They must have already went back to the clearing," wondered Astro, " I should hurry back before it gets even darker." Astro flew as fast as she could back to the clearing. On her way she met up with Tras. Together they flew back to camp exhausted. It had been a long day for all of them and all that Astro wanted was sleep, she wasn't even hungry anymore.
  5. "Where's all that smoke coming from?" questioned Astro " and isn't that the direction in which Arc went to find Coffin?" Quickly Astro also, went into the forest looking for her new friends. She did not want to lose the dragons, and her only real friends, that she just met.
  6. ((Sorry I haven't been replying as much)) "Seriously what are you guys doing, you could attract someone's attention!" said Astro, " and it is kinda annoying." Sighing Astro took a seat near the fire. All she wanted was some rest after the long day.
  7. "Thanks," said Astro as she slowed to catch her breath "I'm not exactly the best flyer." Astro looked at the setting sun and the area around. " Let's fly over to that clearing there in the woods, it will be the best place for a camp." As quickly as she could Astro flew to the ground and called the others down.
  8. "Wait!" cried Astro. She flapped her wings as fast and as hard as she could but she was going almost no where. Exhausted Astro dropped herself to the ground and decided that she would run to catch up with the group. Ugh, I wish I could have finished my flight lessons, then this quest would be much easier Astro thought to herself.
  9. "Hello," Astro replied "it's nice to meet you all." Astro thought for a moment about what Mike said, then ran back to quickly gather her things. "I am coming with you!" Astro demanded, "I am going to defeat Balendin no matter what!". With a pause of silence, Astro looked up at all the dragons. She suddenly realized she was being extremely rude and that some of these dragons were a bit older than she was. "I..I'm sorry for being so rude," Astro apologized, "if it's possible, could I join you on your quest?"
  10. From behind a tree a mysterious figure watched as the dragons decided which way to go. Slowly she crept out from her hiding place and thought it would be best if she introduced herself. "Hi! My name is Astro. I'm a great explorer and I have one question. What's that, that thing in the basket?"