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  1. HAVE: 3g male Aeria and female Rift checker Want: exactly bloodswap (3-4g ok) to continue this lineage Trade link
  2. Have: CB 5 letter word code worse https://dragcave.net/lineage/WOrse Want: 2g kin from Xmas/Val Alt only Trade link
  3. Have: 2g pipio from female mariner(code parents) Want: exact bloodswap (another 2g pipio from female mariner) Trade link
  4. Have: 6 rift hatchlings, 2 rift eggs Want: All for a 2g SA from Xmas or Val (put a dummy on the other link or PM, I'll create an one-way trade) Trade link for 4 hatchlings Trade link for eggs and hatchlings
  5. Caught Chill in volcano. 4:40am
  6. I donated! PapaverK -> Imago | 2nd gen Purple Floret from pacified Aegis | https://dragcave.net/lineage/mgrRa | sent accepted
  7. Abandoned a 2 gen SA egg....... It told me never use your account when you stayed up late writing papers. (Thanks to someone who return it to me)