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    Anime, PC games like League of Legends (Now 880+ skins :3), Fishing, Cooking and Perfumes
    Timezone GMT+9, so I might not reply PMs immediately (DC time 11 am. is my time to sleep ;))

    Codes collecting
    Looking for codes with triple num in front, eg. 000ab, 666ad; and League of Legends name code, eg. Sona, Garen, Lux.

    Don't add my scroll to any site. Thank you.

    Personal Project:
    Rainbow lineage (completed)
    Silver SS(m) and Silver LH (5th gen)
    Silver SS(m) and Purple Floret (3rd gen, need a 2g prizekin)
    Gold SS(f) and Chrono (3rd gen, need a 2g prizekin)
    Codekin with same code pair(4th gen)