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    Anime, PC games like League of Legends (Now 880+ skins :3), Fishing, Cooking and Perfumes
    Timezone GMT+9, so I might not reply PMs immediately (DC time 11 am. is my time to sleep ;))

    Codes collecting

    Don't add my scroll to any site. Thank you.
    This is the third time(19.6.12) that some guy add my scroll to several click sites.

    Looking for 3g checkers:
    1. RA and Pyrope
    2. RA and Bronze Tinsel

    Personal Project: Rainbow lineage
    1st gen: 64/64
    2nd gen: 32/32
    3rd gen: 16/16
    4th gen: 7/8
    5th gen: 2/4
    6th gen: 0/2
    7th gen: 0/1