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  1. I love all of them!! They are AWESOME and thank you all fabulous spiriters that made this! ❤️
  2. I am definitely going for Sapo https://dragcave.net/lineage/c1AFa And I have one with pyro https://dragcave.net/lineage/neD9q I like that erador with thalassa, moonstone and gold lunar. Some other pairs I like: Equinox Silver Stratos Cloud plume
  3. Glad you like it! I had a neko atsume cookie from you so I would love a thalassa in a jar cookie, thanks!
  4. @Tawanda001 thank you for the otter cookie!! It is very cute @banban007 sent you a sakura cookie. I think it looks better than previous one because I am on computer and it is totally heaven compare to mobile
  5. @Tawanda001 send you a Japanese kanji character for dream. Hope your daughter's wish comes true! I would love an otter cookie!
  6. @Awdz Bodkins sending in a while. I would like the Neglected dragon cookie! @Tawanda001 I can make another Japanese kanji for you later!
  7. My scroll name is the same too. I watch the anime and I like it so much thanks for making that ❤️
  8. Omg is that Queen Chrysalis from My little pony? It looks so nice!
  9. Sure, is your scroll name same as forum name? Sending you the pink one! Can I have the Saiki. K cookie if you still have that left?
  10. They both are Japanese kanji for sakura (cherry blossom)
  11. It's last day of holiday event so here are my attempts. It doesn't look good but I tried my best
  12. @biruko thank you for the cute cookies! Will send some back in a while
  13. Sent to above! Edit 1: Omg Silverwatermist, it is gorgeous, I love it! Thank you so much! Edit 2: send you a faceless cookie. I tried my best to make it look cuter lol.
  14. @Lagie L cookie sent! Thank you for the tree!
  15. That's beautiful! Can I have a red one if you are still making any? Will send cookie back! @Moriaty thank you for the awesome Magikarp! J cookie sent! @Auriene thank you for the lovely cookie artist cookie send you a cookie trophy!
  16. @miaou @Long_Before_Sunrise thank you for the lovely cookies! Feel free to choose any letter cookie from below or tell me any letter you want (I'll make them tomorrow). Edit: I'm off to sleep, will send them later 😉 @Lagie gotchu, will send it tomorrow.
  17. @miaou I would love any of the nighttime seascape please ❤️ those are amazing!! @Long_Before_Sunrise can I have the damn fruits I haven't been making cookies recently but will definitely send one back in a while!
  18. @Moriaty Can I have the Magikarp? It actually remind me of something I have seen.
  19. @Crowsfold_1400105 may I have a crow too
  20. Last few cookies for today! I am lazy tired.
  21. @Moonlightelf awww they are so CUTE!!! I would like #17 please! 17 is taken so #19 please!
  22. May I have a green hut please? The shading looks incredible! @Dalek sending the pink cloud! @Aqub send a blue cloud! @Twinstar can I have a minion in Bath if you still have one? I don't know why it looks so funny to me @LackingDragons can I have a cute sky dolphin?
  23. @Chaosdawn oopsie, my bad @Dalek I will give the priority for Aqub first. But I can make one later for you. Is it the red moon with pink clouds?
  24. @Aqub thank you! Would you like to choose a cookie? No more hours consuming cookies for me as well. I feel bad for my eyes staring at phone so long.