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  1. You know last time, when I complained I got only Blacktips from the pairings with copper... It is not unexpected tbh coppers are so much more rare than blacktips. Now I'm a generation further with my lineage. Guess what? I am back to where I was a year or so ago with only coppers from all suitable pairings in that generation. xD It's the kind of 'bad' luck that I like, not gonna complain, I'll rather wait a week longer and have a spare copper. ^^
  2. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Anyone want a cb white almost cool sofa code? (So2fa) Offer any dummy!
  3. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! 2G gemshard x kohraki wrong colour, but correctly influenced, z code @BringsTheSnow you're welcome
  4. Tend not to get the breed I need out of a pairing or none at all. It's not like I am very consitently trying to breed some pairings. But come on ratios... 4 out of 4 Lihnseyre, respectively Xol instead of Blacktips? But then two Blacktips from the coppers where I did not need another. xD And then tried to breed some new gemshard to gift away since it was the right colour today. "Hey let's breed with a green copper, no way it will not be a gemshard." I now have a pretty copper egg and do not even want to complain. Can not breed a mate for him or at least make a stair because I lack a second
  5. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! cb sawtooth
  6. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! 2G Blusang x gold Little buggers refuse to give me a gold egg when they are generous enough to even try. Want to know where it goes, so offer any dummy. Bonus points if you name it.
  7. rip little friend. I really do not like earthquake. But at least two hatched and stayed and one was unaffected which is just as good. Still sad about that one pixel baby. lgFFi So for science. The setup: 4 market cantors all bought within some minutes. All influenced and incubated. All views slowly aquired over the last day, so no snickness and no ward needed. They had 5d4hrs left before incubate (so 4d4hrs after) and were all at s5 crack. Result: two hatched and caught one unaffected (fine for what I want) one dead egg Do not look forward to do that again b
  8. It is quite rare compared to eggs, but hatchies also show up every now and then. Especially after the holidays there usually will be a short hatchie wall when you can see mainly hatchies in the AP. And yes, I APd the one earlier because I was going for yellow. Did not know they could turn as hatchies and since it was bred from a blue anyways someone will surely be happy about it either way.
  9. Thanks! Interesting, that will make for some lovely lineages with the colour change options. I love the male copper sprites, so I have pretty much memorized which breeds can go with the variants. Aaaand plans do sometimes involve marketplace female eggs because if the female is caveborn the copper father colour takes priority and not the mothers biome. Reason why my female golds are from the market (that and I never catch any).
  10. Ahh nooo, just now read here that hatchies can turn yellow? Yeeted a blue hatched one with over 2000 views. xD Hope it makes someone happy! Can someone confirm if copper x electric element will always produce a new copper variant (aside from when it's the other breed)? Because this little friend confuses me and I am not sure if my eyes play tricks or if it's actually the old red copper variant. K3o5H
  11. So after watching all these new things for a while... I was really afraid the new Copper would complicate my copper breeding plans even further. Like the male sprite a lot more so always have to make sure the mate's biome matches or it's from the market. But had no plans to breed electric element dragons unless for the alts now. So I can just appreciate more coppers. ^^ And the changes are super subtle. If I could choose I'd prefer the coloration of the old ones, but the shading has improved, so that's good. Disliked the new Gemshard adults at first. Very much disliked the edit to th
  12. "I should breed my only sapphire when I am not egglocked" *immediately breeds* Happy hunting, it's also a Kohraki SA stair. wjymm
  13. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! dark green altfail hatchie
  14. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! pair of 3G pb reds @Jennie most welcome
  15. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! 3G chrono x aeon would be nice if you name it
  16. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! z code black hatchie, was infl female
  17. @Terces awww yay, always makes me happy to see when someone enjoys an egg I bred
  18. Hunting for more new release. Stared at a Dino egg for a while going "oh no that is a dino, not a lure... oh" To be fair I'd just trade the egg away for something I can rarely catch, so not much of a loss, but it feels so dumb. xD (edited for too many typos)
  19. Swap either coast or jungle biome to alpine or forest for the lure drops so that I can breed them with all colours male copper without needing the market. I still need so many market xenos because some drop in the wrong biome for my preferred copper colour match. Or because I want to breed multiple combinations.' An even better idea, remove the "male copper offspring colours according to the mothers biome unless it's cave/market". *sigh*
  20. ohhhh I really like how the adults turned out for both dragons! I think for the Cantormaris I like the red and orange ones best, so at least that will make lineage trading not too hard. ^^° edit: for further theory confirmation: 4x teleported (+influence) turned orange 2x untouched (only influence) turned pink I still have one only precogged egg to hatch soon.
  21. I need: to teleport x4 If you can take my egg, and teleport it back, please reply here - thanks! I wish to test theories for the new release eggs in hopes for a specific colour. I have four I'd like to teleport. Depending on how much eggspace you have and what you prefer I can either take your eggs in the meantime or teleport my eggs individually. Have enough magi to do that. edit: will be on and off the computer for a while, so may take me a bit to see a reply back to being ready whenever All done, thanks!
  22. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Holly stairstep x golden wyvern, correctly influenced hatchie. Code has "Ruhm" in it, the word means glory in german in case that is a plus for someone.
  23. thanks Claim my eggs/hatchlings! 4G Blacktip x Copper, correctly gendered hatchie Maybe someone wants her now she's hatched. Much apprechiated if you lmk you take her and name.
  24. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! 4G blacktip x green copper would be happy if you lmk where it goes and it get's a name