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  1. Sooo pretty, thanks alot!
  2. got one of them, thanks!
  3. Whoo, I actually had room so I could get two of each. Very much hyped for both aaaaand out of town for a week. xD Will only be able to check every so often, so I'll have to hatch my eggs really slow to be safe. ^^ The colors of the regular egg remind me of the spirit ward. Would be really nice if they have a similar color palette as adults aswell. Is it weird that we don't even see hatchlings yet and I already have breeding plans? *hyped*
  4. https://dragcave.net/lineage/eJAYm nice code blue zyu x astrapi ... bred to the AP because I was dumb again xD Claim my eggs/hatchlings! and also a matching mate where I was less dumb. Would have loved to offer them as a pair. Good luck hunting.
  5. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! 4G bronze shimmer x starsinger stair pls name
  6. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! 2G red x red zyu
  7. Okay, so the wyrms are nice and we definitly need more wyrms, even more so if the'll all be that cool. But can we please take a moment to appreciate how totally amazing and loveable the grown up pygmies are? I feel like I need a LOT of them. Also yay, I cought two blusangs in the cave? Never actually cought one myself before, so this makes the release even better. ^^
  8. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! silver shimmer x val 09 stair pls name
  9. Got the razorcrest one. Had to wait 4 hours for my hatchies growing and was very happy to see it was still there.
  10. Vremya Drakes... I wish they were regular dragons, there would be so many pairings I'd LOVE. Neotropical, Turpentine, Gold (esp male), Candelabra, Blusang, green Gemshard (esp female), Lihnseyre (I'm most sad that this does not work, it would be so beautiful!), Red-Tailed Wyrm Also Pipio x Blusang. Aaaand all the two headed dragons. Like Hooktalons alot, but not really with any other two headed. Pairing them with Howler Drakes would be so perfect!
  11. thanks for letting me know Hope I'll see more of them in the future if there's different ones. ^^
  12. It's not mine though, just found it on a hatchery when I put my eggs in. Think I saw something like this before, but have no clue what this is at all. o.0
  13. https://dragcave.net/lineage/XD wait... what? Can somebody explain what I missed? ^^
  14. I'm going to try male silver x Aqualis in a while. Currently my Cb silver is still needed for my silver x blusang hopes. Both pairing are beautiful though, if I had a female CB I'd definitly join. Will at least stay to see your progress. But so far with the newer releases all I got was their breed, even when breeding with commons. I suspect that since their ratios are still off compared to any breed that has been around longer, it will be extremely hard to get a rare egg from your pairs for now. But best of luck! Looking forward to see some nice lineage.
  15. Really like the idea! Looking forward to color walls in the AP, and with the breed variation it's definitly going to be interesting rather than annoying! pls put me down for a reminder aswell
  16. have: CB green Gemshard (was not influenced, can precog if you need) Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! want: CB blue or red (don't care about gender)
  17. Wow... Did not realize this and just went to check. There go my hopes to get a gold or silver from the market anytime soon. But then again, maybe we get lucky and prices come down again in a while. Anyways still hyped about the new eggs and hatchies! So far blue and yellow are my favorites, but the green ones description is the best. ^^ Hate that I'm scrollocked and have nothing that may be frozen.
  18. sneaky! The flowers kinda hide it. Love the texture, so a few more similar eggs would be nice! Sometimes I'm sad we can't keep eggs as they are. ^^
  19. glad I'm not the only one hatchies look quite different though so far. But I'd not complein about a two headed Leodon with different colors.
  20. went to see what second gen pairs I could breed... "oh damn, better double check last time I bred these two the egg APed because I was dumb" I checked. They produced an egg, the less rare breed naturally, but yay, I got to keep it. I then was scrolllocked AND foolish enough to breed a copper x red pair. The copper egg I have been hopeing for for a while was send to the AP. WHY AM I SO DUMB? -.-
  21. meh... either 7 hrs until my next hatchie grows or however long it will take for my freezie to grow wings. Hate being scrolllocked. Also can't wait to see the wall of Brutes in the AP this should create. Hope to snatch one from there aswell. ^^
  22. Will totally save a purple to breed my only Brute that day, I really like the Idea. Can't let a good pun go to waste.
  23. Was just browsing the biomes, found an unfamiliar description and reflex clicked. Figured I'm either to dumb to remember descriptions or it must be new. xD Can't wait to see what it grows into, the hatchies look really promising so far. Very much hyped for my coast baby right now.
  24. "Automatically abandoned an egg or hatchling due to breed limits." WHY I only had 5 eggs and I was so happy I could try to breed the pair again. Oh yes, I know why. SCROLLLOCKED. I'm so angry at myself right now for not checking. Also I have an egg in trades I picked up drom the AP and really don't need. Would love it so much if we were asked which egg to let go. Hope whoever finds the baby loves and even better also names it. ;___;
  25. If you are here to see what I might accept for a trade: I won't list all my lineage wishes. If you have a nice lineaged egg or hatchie you'd like to offer on a trade, then do so! Sometimes I will look for something very specific, but often I'm really not picky. Pls have a look at my signature. High priority (usually auto on any trade): 3G x RA checker (unrelated to QkGa1 and named or nice codes lineage) 2nd or 3rd gen male red Copper x female Aeon (unrelated to 8xKL1 and named or nice codes lineage) CB CB CB A mate for him I1IFW if you have any nice idea how to continue. or ANY lineage for freezing! 3G x solstice, (non cb with blue wings preferably) as mate for her kopay (all named or nice codes lineage) 3G x female chrono xeno Always searching: (read: I'll probably never get enough of these) BSA eggs or hatchies, especially pink and purple. CB or pretty lineage and named/nicely coded anchestors preferred, but messy is ok. any clean checker, spiral or stairstep from Desipis and Radiant Angel SAs (named/nicely coded, low gen prferred) any clean checker, spiral or stairstep from Desipis, Aegis, Radiant Angel and Mistletoe (named/nicely coded, low gen prferred) CB CB Wanted, but not priority: 2/3/4G male Gold x female Blusang (named parents) chicken CB CB 2G x Aether (named parents) highly unlikely that I'll turn down an Aether or Blusang with a nice lineage (named/ nicely coded) esp any 2G ...or 2G with an Aether/Blusang parent. Holiday wants: tbd - will update later, it's not like any are available rn ^^