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  1. Oily polly I misread it as oily poily and i thought that was the funniest thing
  2. Something Something Plant Pun i really felt that one
  3. (Not sure if this has enough to do with dragcave to post on the thread but oh well) I recently had a dream where i was lost in japan. After awhile of searching where to go, i found these two brothers that were humanized versions of a royal crimson and a golden wyvern. The royal crimson hated me because i accidentally blew his arms off with electricity while fighting something (i have no clue when that happened, he just mentioned it and was very condescending about it). He told me upfront that i was annoying and he didnt want me in his house. Then a moment later the golden wyvern called us from downstairs saying that he made food. We both went down and saw that the golden wyvern made these flat potato pancake... Things. As the golden wyvern went on about how he almost burned them, the royal crimson took out this bottle of vanilla extract-looking stuff. As he poured a bit onto his potato i asked golden wyvern what it was. He said "if you put a bit in, it gives the food a hint of almond flavor." So then i asked royal crimson, "do you like almonds?" "... yea." I then contemplated getting a bag of almonds for him so he'd like me before I woke up
  4. Keep: aether wyvern Abandon: razorcrest wyvern Kill: bright breasted wyvern Glaucus drake, honey drake, morphodrake
  5. Hi i agree with all of this I also always thought that black truffle dragons looked way too similar to black alts and were just like a cross between them and turpentines
  6. I joined and got my first clutch of eggs on january 1st, 2015. Two of the eggs were a magi and a cassare, both of which i killed because i thought they looked ugly. I was very angry at myself when i realized the dead eggs would be on my scroll for 1-2 weeks (i forgot how long, i havent killed anything since then) and i could only have 2 eggs at a time until they disappeared 😑
  7. Keep: avatar of destruction Abandon: avatar of change Kill: avatar of creation Ice, magma, thunder
  8. Keep: blusang Abandon: xenowyrm Kill: avatar of change Pillow, mint, olive
  9. That wasbt qyite ehst i esd trying tk type ... I am no longer proud
  10. dang it i staryed sp gpld Im proud of myself kinda