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    The "How was your Day" thread

    My day was... Not so good. My boss has this bad habit of yelling at me for things I haven't done. And treating me kind of unfairly. And I have the bad habit of starting to cry when I'm angry.
  2. nordana

    The "ALMOST Cool Code" Dragons Project

    I'm not part of this project (yet?), but the unfortunate guy and his mates are having me crying in laughter. These codes are absolutely awesome.
  3. nordana

    Current Thought Thread

    Why is everyone in this thread depressed? [scrolls down] oh, not everyone
  4. nordana

    🌊Aqualis Breeding Plans💙

    Hmm... Sakuhana works, but... I do think I prefer the Arias, too. I love those barbie-ish colour combinations
  5. nordana

    I was A Dragon and I never knew it

    My username is a frostbite dragon. I do like winter, but... I'm always freezing.. " Although they appear cold and distant, they are actually rather mischievous " yeah that could be me irl! Sadly, I as a frostbite dragon don't have any children...
  6. nordana

    DC Community Notice Board

    The second one is mine now, thanks so much! I love the combination
  7. nordana

    🌊Aqualis Breeding Plans💙

    Has anyone tried... Aqualis and Sakuhana? I need to see that.
  8. Hey, since a few months I wanted to name one of my dragons my username (which I've had on various sites for a long time and love a lot) but had always waited for that "one special dragon" to give that name to. And today I finally had the opportunity. But- the name has gotten into useage by someone else recently, and the owner doesn't seem to have a Forum account. It's not a huuuge issue but it does bug me. If anyone could tell me what I can do about this, I'd be very thankful.
  9. nordana

    DC Community Notice Board

    Thank you, I've been wanting a Alt Vine for quite some time now!
  10. nordana

    ANSWERED:My name was taken by someone else- what do?

    Haha, I love all these messages here wouldn't have thought so many people's names were taken! Then I'll just forget about it. Or maybe, before that, I'll try what @Imago suggested. Thanks for the answers!
  11. nordana

    ANSWERED:My name was taken by someone else- what do?

    I got the username based off of something in old high german I do doubt a little bit that the user did the same thing, and it could still be random- although I suspect that it's not- because the user has offered on my trades a lot of times. Chances are high that they do know about me. -- Well, I don't want to make too big of a deal out of this though. It just bugs me a little bit.
  12. nordana

    ANSWERED:My name was taken by someone else- what do?

    Hmm, yeah. I considered doing that but never managed to. And yes those options are available but it's just not quite the same thing 😕 I just didn't think anyone would use my username and I can't imagine why they did it...
  13. nordana

    Tiny Little Questions

    Does anyone know where that one thread is in which you can look up your name/username on dragoncave dragon names and post what sort of dragon has your name?
  14. nordana

    Random Scroll Help and Missed Connections

    Does anyone know the forum name of the person whose DC username is 1010100_1100111 ? I can't find any contact info.
  15. nordana

    DC Community Notice Board

    Thank you! Was looking for something like this.
  16. nordana

    DC Community Notice Board

    https://dragcave.net/teleport/1aa9a3718d16fce6188715945271a0c4 Blancblack egg Edit: enjoy, you're welcome:)
  17. nordana

    Names you can't believe you got.

    I cant do this anymore (result of a kind of mental breakdown induced by work stress)
  18. nordana

    DC Community Notice Board

    Since many people seem to have trouble catching these babes, here is a speckled egg. (Ignore the two-way transfer.) I prioritize people who have absolutely no luck with them yet. Make an offer on my egg! You're welcome, enjoy!
  19. nordana

    🌊Aqualis Breeding Plans💙

    Hmmm. Chrono/Astrapi Xenowyrm? I'm considering making a looong rainbow checker including all Xenos that I like.
  20. nordana

    Dragon Codes V2.0

    A Speckled that might have a bit of a cold, juddging from the sneeze... https://dragcave.net/lineage/AdzhU And a Aqualis that sounds like a little wave. https://dragcave.net/lineage/WHuuZ
  21. nordana

    🌊Aqualis Breeding Plans💙

    What I'd love to see with them: Risensong/Setsong, Aria (might be too much of a pain in the eye though, I don't know), Shallow water, Aegis, Water, Terrae. Opinions?
  22. nordana

    Blancblack Breeding Plans

    Oh yes, breeding plans. I really can't decide yet. Sort of hoping we'll get more two-heads soon to decide from What comes to my mind: Bauta, grey Lindwyrm, Hooktalon.
  23. nordana

    2019-03-10 - March Dragon Release

    Yeah, they're very pretty! I'll need some more of them and might start some lineage projects... But before that, I'll catch some more speckles to gift them to people who have trouble catching them
  24. nordana

    DC Community Notice Board

    Cb copper, no one made any offers on my trade so I'll gift it. https://dragcave.net/teleport/631b7685deb8c18ef356ee97e73aa3ba
  25. nordana

    2019-03-10 - March Dragon Release

    While I do understand the hype, I would just try to catch them later on when the hype has cooled down- but I have mine already. I've caught four speckleds so far, but only kept one one is enough for me until I decide i love the adult sprites and have to get a second. The coasts seem a bit easier to catch.