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  1. Amazing raffle once again, and i love the beby i got!! Thanks so much for the organization and donations!!
  2. CB brown Copper I don't really need this, and don't have luck trading it for SAkins either Offer a dummy!
  3. Oh no, I can't believe I missed the raffle! Congratulations to all the winners!
  4. I know I always say Xenowyrms, buuuut... Has anyone considered Gaia / Mageia xenowyrms with those? And perhaps Thalassa looks nice too. Perhaps Id also like Arcana with them. Desipis? Harvest? Maybe even Aegis, as a nice contrast? I have so many ideas!
  5. I especially like the female sprites of these new breeds. Good job! Already considering what to pair these with, uwu
  6. @XiraCaster Thank you so much!! ❤️ These are amazing. The one with Sakuhana might be my favorite!
  7. How about Lihnseyre and Sakuhana? Or Lihnseyre and Aqualis? Or Galvanic and Aqualis? I also need to see Lihnseyre and Mageia Xenowyrm, or Gaia Xenowyrm, or Thalassa. And Galvanic probably fits with Thalassa well too. Anyone willing to try these and show me? ❤️
  8. Wow, I love the new eggs!!! Might there be Dimorphism this time? I wish i wasn't egglocked with a ton of dinos.. I need these eggs!!
  9. Requester's Form Forum name: nordana PM link: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=237144 Egg wanted and special wishes: 2g Xenowyrm Gaia from male Gaia x female Harvest. Secret field: No holiday request
  10. Requesting: 2g Gaia from male Gaia x female Harvest.
  11. I love the Mariner Pygmy... What a sweet little baby ❤️ I need more of those. The Skysilk is lovely too.
  12. Wow! I love them all!! I think Alpine got the most changes, and I definitely love it!
  13. Gladly, if you can spare one of them^^
  14. I cant seem to be getting a single hellhorse out of my male hellfires and female horses... Ree! I've been trying for MONTHS now. And fertility won't help either.
  15. They look really awesome, I love them so far! Really curious to see the adult sprites. Do you guys think they will have dimorphism?
  16. Caught one of each. The Pygmy was more difficult- but managed to catch it on mobile version. Not sure why that was easier... Maybe my fingers are just quicker on my phone?
  17. I think I've got some. Oh FAaaC! I'm not European... I'm RPeaN M.... H3ck!! Ui pal good day matey! I got DoCXd :( I desire to go into the wOidZ Ewh...G0 away >:( Am a Ledyb N0 hip... Better than no butt...
  18. Is anybody gonna be online in circa an hour and is able to accept a teleport link? It's pretty important. And please be trustworthy.
  19. Second time. First was unsuccessful. Let's see how this goes... Your Forum name: nordana Your Scroll name: nordana The Egg/Hatchlings five digit code (No links please): ulO1E Egg type: Sunstone Time of Unfog (In updated EST* please): 3:31:00 Time of Death: 3:35:00 Amount of current V/UV/Clicks: 1/1/1 The Egg/Hatchlings five digit code (No links please): 7QKmb Egg type: Kingcrowne Time of Unfog (In updated EST* please): 2:11:00 Time of Death: 2:15:00 Amount of current V/UV/Clicks: 248/23/1 This one died, no turning. 😕I might need help for the second one, in around an hour, can anybody accept the teleport once I make it?
  20. I'm looking for someone *trustworthy* who will be active at saturday around 8 to 9 am EDT.
  21. Congratulations, you just woke the entire house up with your inhumane screeching.
  22. @-FireClaw- thank you so much for this text. ❤️ I really feel with my heart that you are right. It's just so hard to be alone right now. But if you are right, then i shouldnt hope he will come back. Some distant friends gave me hope for that earlier- they said they were in sinilar situations and got back together and it worked out fine again- but i am losing that hope. He doesn't seem to want to get me back and I don't know if i can look him in the eyes again after this. But i still love him sadly.
  23. Thank you so much, @Aqub ❤️