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eoc_button.gif       2117792.gif   cattails_cats.png<<<art done by Furea-Flight on deviant art! (commissioned them my cattails family)

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    either Temmie or TemmieFlakes, i cant remember cause i dont really use it anymore

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    inside my house being a introvert
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    i like dragons, pokemon, and staying in my house and never leaving lmao (dunno what else to put)

    ~wishlist~ (linage doesnt matter)
    (most wanted>>) a neglected
    word codes :D
    (got a cheese dragon but would always love more)
    one of every prize (already have gold shimmerscale, silver tinsel. and bronze tinsel)
    a breeding pair of every seasonal dragon (already have winters)
    one of every holiday (already have one of every christmas, and valentine dragon)
    a breeding pair of black truffle dragons (have male)
    a male nexus dragon
    a female gold dragon
    a chicken
    all six zyus to make a sinomorph (i have a black, red, yellow, and pink zyus)
    male sunset dragon
    purple siyat (purple is my favorite color)
    a blue baikala