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  1. I quit the game after they have deleted my account for inactivity... Without advice nor anything -_- i have lost all my elemental horses and rare ones :(

     recently I have try to back in game but I didn't liked the changes that they did.

  2. Back recently in FR and fighting to get some food/space for my dragons xD 


    Looking for someone interested to buy some Pizza Dragons. 


    33274900_350.png33448905_350.png@hazeh ur dragon remind me of my Pizza Dragons subspecie xD 




  3. I play so many games that I lost the count ...: wolfteam, warframe, revelation online, riders of icarus, metin2, flightrising, dragon prophet (really good game with dragons) and blackdesert online. 

    Right nw I only play blackdesert online, dragon cave and flightrising. 

    (I don't have quit the others games as I keep play them sometimes)