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    I quit the game after they have deleted my account for inactivity... Without advice nor anything i have lost all my elemental horses and rare ones recently I have try to back in game but I didn't liked the changes that they did.
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    Flight Rising

    Back recently in FR and fighting to get some food/space for my dragons xD Looking for someone interested to buy some Pizza Dragons. @hazeh ur dragon remind me of my Pizza Dragons subspecie xD
  3. I play so many games that I lost the count ...: wolfteam, warframe, revelation online, riders of icarus, metin2, flightrising, dragon prophet (really good game with dragons) and blackdesert online. Right nw I only play blackdesert online, dragon cave and flightrising. (I don't have quit the others games as I keep play them sometimes)
  4. Hello, I'm looking for a mentor. I need help mostly for the cave as i not know anything apart of get an egg and hatch it lol,,,, but would not be bad to have some little help for the forum too if possible. Ty in advance! :3