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  1. 4 hours ago, Suzumiya said:



    Wow! You are so lucky! I have been playing for years and literally JUST won a Gold tinsel in August. I don't know how long you've been playing, but if not for long, then heck yeah you lucked out!


    Here's where I could be a jerk and PM you begging for a baby from your tinsel, but I won't. I can offer you a future offspring from my prize, though. In case you want to make a prize checker. Those are pretty. 


    I got the perfect pair! The 2G babies didn't refuse, and now the Sunsong has a mate: https://dragcave.net/lineage/5MCug and https://dragcave.net/lineage/brTiS! Oh, these will look so pretty when they breed! I just hope I can find a purple to fertilize them...purples are the one BSA I've never hoarded...


    3 hours ago, osean said:

    Congratulations!!  You must be so excited!! I remember I was in a state of shock when I won my silver tin!  If you ever want to trade offspring or need advice shoot me a pm. 

    Thank you both! I'll be sure to keep you in mind once the bab grows up~


    I've only started playing mid November last year, so it only took me 6 tries.

    Welp, there goes the next ten years of luck I've used up on this Tinsel 😂

  2. I just won my first raffle prize, a Bronze Tinsel! Am completely over the moon, as one might expect~


    I do feel a little bad, I've heard of players trying for years and not getting anything... I really lucked out with this one! ^^'

  3. 9 minutes ago, Bugzilla said:


    Unfortunately for you, the banner works as a separator: it only appears if you also have eggs from previous years.

    Ah, makes sense! Thank you for the info ^^

    Looking forward to next year's even more now~

  4. 15 minutes ago, Starbit-Plushie said:



    Someone recognised my egg! I could cry! 

    Mother fans unite! But yes, lovely work on that!

    Also just found one that's just a leg of chicken. These are brilliant.

  5. I've recently found these two:
    syPeA - pretty appropriate to have 'pea' in a Gaia code~

    VLaxO -  a very lax Purple Floret from the AP!


    I looked through all my older dragons and some have pretty neat codes, too:
    BAO24 - loved that Pixar short ❤️

    RaTFu - Rat Kung-Fu, anyone?

    Pz0op - just sounds so silly and I love it!

    q4Psy - looks like this silver has psychic abilities

    YAnKD - yanked this one from the cave

    ozutH - just sounds like a cool name for a dragon


    Still, nothing beats this guy I posted previously. My favourite doctor, I love him to death~

  6. So, just tried out the Pokemon Go transfer feature and... It doesn't work. Tried to transfer a Vaporeon, the connection broke for no discernable reason and the Vaporeon disappeared 😕


    Now, a Vaporeon isn't the biggest loss in the world, but I've seen a reddit post by a person who lost multiple 100 IV shinies this way, and that's just sad. 


    And just to rub it in, the pokedex is now incompletable for me without spending money on a subscription I really don't care for. 😑


    My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

  7. Ah, Undertale brings back memories...

    Lovely characters, and I'm a big bullet hell fan (though I wouldn't consider a vast majority of fights bullet hell, ah well, still fun and innovative) so I had a great tome with it.


    Sans fits my bad joke character niche well lol


    Music is fantastic, and plenty of great fan covers, too~

  8. Mu absolute favourite is Lugia, but I love most dragon types (especially the Goomy line), so my favourite type is dragon.


    Shinies are hard, but I love all the cyan or blue ones (particularly Psyduck, Mew and Porygon), as well as the black/red combo (Charizard, Haxorus and Greninja come to mind). Grovyle iš great, too~

  9. 3 hours ago, Dalek Raptor said:

    Pidgeotto was just a random shiny when I was looking for a shiny Ponyta (had a chain of 31+ already)

    I found a shiny Porygon while looking for a Growlithe at chain 96.


    So does the combo boost shiny chances in general rather for the combo Pokemon?

  10. My boyfriend bought LG Pikachu, and we've been playing it together for a couple of days now.


    I gotta say, I'm really disappointed in the co-op; battles with a trainer who has more than one Pokemon don't turn into double battles, you can't even have co-op in actual double battles, no split party, not much to it at all, really 😕


    I actually am quite fond of the new catching system, I like the idea of physical skill being integrated (as in the throwing of the ball), but I hope the next gen game will have this fused with the old catching system. Probably won't happen, but I can dream! 😁


    I do wonder if the Let's Go games will have their own competitive meta or if they'll get ignored in that regard due to lack of old moves, held items, abilities and the way AVs work...


    The variety of rideable Pokemon and their functionality is pretty good, and even the fact that they brought back the whole following thing in the first place is simply rad 😎