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  1. Nabbed him, thank you! ^^
  2. In the last two or so hours I've caught two Blusangs, a Purple and Golden Floret and a Copper! I don't think I've had such a lucky streak before~
  3. Thank you both! I'll be sure to keep you in mind once the bab grows up~ I've only started playing mid November last year, so it only took me 6 tries. Welp, there goes the next ten years of luck I've used up on this Tinsel ๐Ÿ˜‚
  4. I just won my first raffle prize, a Bronze Tinsel! Am completely over the moon, as one might expect~ I do feel a little bad, I've heard of players trying for years and not getting anything... I really lucked out with this one! ^^'
  5. These look lovely! Can't wait to see what these dragons look like~
  6. Ah, makes sense! Thank you for the info ^^ Looking forward to next year's even more now~
  7. Just grabbed the last egg!~ Also, the fancy banner I've seen in some of these posts isn't showing up for me. Am I missing something?
  8. Mother fans unite! But yes, lovely work on that! Also just found one that's just a leg of chicken. These are brilliant.
  9. Did I just find a Giegue egg??? I've no idea there were Mother fans here, it's beautiful!
  10. Finally found that coveted Totoro family egg, it's even cuter than I thought it'd be~ All of these eggs are wonderful, very well done, dear spriters!
  11. There's a Shrek egg... Bless the spriter.
  12. I just found a Lugia egg, I couldn't be happier! It's my favourite Pokemon~ Thanks to whoever designed that one, I love it!
  13. Happy Easter to all! I found the Smash Ball egg, that one gave me a good chuckle!
  14. All the time~ TPBM has an uncommon pet.
  15. Congrats!... But is the summon chance really low?? I wasn't aware. I guess it's worth posting that I got this gal that just grew up on my first try. Yay?
  16. I've recently found these two: syPeA - pretty appropriate to have 'pea' in a Gaia code~ VLaxO - a very lax Purple Floret from the AP! I looked through all my older dragons and some have pretty neat codes, too: BAO24 - loved that Pixar short โค๏ธ RaTFu - Rat Kung-Fu, anyone? Pz0op - just sounds so silly and I love it! q4Psy - looks like this silver has psychic abilities YAnKD - yanked this one from the cave ozutH - just sounds like a cool name for a dragon Still, nothing beats this guy I posted previously. My favourite doctor, I love him to death~
  17. I just grabbed this little dude today and the code is the funniest I've seen so far! I don't think I should even breed a dragon with a name code like that lol.
  18. So, just tried out the Pokemon Go transfer feature and... It doesn't work. Tried to transfer a Vaporeon, the connection broke for no discernable reason and the Vaporeon disappeared ๐Ÿ˜• Now, a Vaporeon isn't the biggest loss in the world, but I've seen a reddit post by a person who lost multiple 100 IV shinies this way, and that's just sad. And just to rub it in, the pokedex is now incompletable for me without spending money on a subscription I really don't care for. ๐Ÿ˜‘ My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
  19. Congrats on all of your awesome achievemnts! ๐ŸŽ‰ Not the most impressive thing to brag about, but I hatched my first four eggs today and am pretty pleased! Hope they don't die ๐Ÿ˜…
  20. You know you've been playing too much Smash Bros. 4 when you start using the X button to jump in games that use the A button. ...and I'm still not good at it lol
  21. Ah, Undertale brings back memories... Lovely characters, and I'm a big bullet hell fan (though I wouldn't consider a vast majority of fights bullet hell, ah well, still fun and innovative) so I had a great tome with it. Sans fits my bad joke character niche well lol Music is fantastic, and plenty of great fan covers, too~
  22. Mu absolute favourite is Lugia, but I love most dragon types (especially the Goomy line), so my favourite type is dragon. Shinies are hard, but I love all the cyan or blue ones (particularly Psyduck, Mew and Porygon), as well as the black/red combo (Charizard, Haxorus and Greninja come to mind). Grovyle iลก great, too~
  23. Super stoked about World of Light, hope it's handled well~ I wonder what kind of dlc characters we'll get.
  24. I found a shiny Porygon while looking for a Growlithe at chain 96. So does the combo boost shiny chances in general rather for the combo Pokemon?