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  1. Angels were never ment to fall and Demons don't fly...but many have tried. Death just doesn't let anyone be happy, because there has to be a balance if not then the universe would plunge into chaos. But what if there was someone who wanted to cause that imbalance, some one who wanted darkness to cover all lands? We shall create a team to stop that from happening, now tell me...do you wish to join? This is set in 2019 July 23rd and the difference between Angels and Demons are what their wing type is and what their animal looks like. Form Name: Age identity: Gender(I accept non-binary): When did they die?How?: Angel or Demon: Appearance(pic or description is fine): Animal: Other: My Forms Name: Mark Turner Age identity: 17(accually 21) Gender: Male When did they die?How?: He died in 2014 November 5th . A strong wind was blowing and knocked a large tree onto the car. His mom, dad and sister(Chloe) were in the car with him but only Chloe came out alive from the incident. Angel or Demon:Angel Appearance: A smooth, ginger haired, pale boy with a strong frame. His eyes are a rare silver colour but commonly mistaken as blue. He wears a white shirt with grey jeans. Long scars on his and and chest are a constant reminder of his death. He has a pair of white wings to symbolise his status as an Angel Animal: A strong white wolf. Other: Brother to Chloe Turner Name: Chloe Turner Age identity: 14(is 14) Gender: Female When did they die?How?: She died 2019 July 23rd. After the car incident, Chloe was to stay with her Grandad. Another strong wind was blowing and the tree began to crack and fall on her bedroom with her in it, crushing her to death. Angel or Demon: Demon Appearance: A young, black haired emo girl with deathly white skin. Her straight, bob haircut covers the right side of her face, including her neck. She wears a black jumper and trousers. Two skinless, black, boney wings protrude from her back Animal: A dark furred nimble fox with a scar under its left eye. Other: Sister to Mark