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  1. Arc looked at Tempus and Tras for a moment, awkwardly. "Well, uh... Yeah, Balendin sucks. Not that I can say so from experience, but... Well, what you said kind of confirms it." He hardened his expression and spoke as confidently as he could. "Looking at you two is sad. Real sad. But Tempus, you're really gonna give up before trying? Seriously." He stood up, glanced at Claudia, then raised his voice. "I, for one, have never been harmed by Balendin and his forces before this adventure. I mean, he couldn't have killed my family, and if he did, I honestly could not care less. I was abandoned as an egg, for crying out loud. And did I give up? No! I took the world I had and I rolled with the punches. Saying you have no chance is as pathetic as losing a fight to a mouse. You either don't try, and watch as the world burns around you as you perish, or you try. Sure, we've got little to no chance, but that doesn't mean zero! Even if we're just some little dragons, we can do something!" He ran out of the cave and faced his friends, pointing towards Balendin's fortress. "I'm going to sneak in there, save a literal god, and afterwards, defeat, guess what, another god! Now, are you guys coming or not?" He paused for dramatic effect.
  2. (Sorry, was unsure if I should say anything.) Arc looked to the ground, his mind racing. Reina? Captured? His plans were ruined, but he forced himself to calm down. ”Well.. She’s captured. In Balendin’s fortress.. There really isn’t two ways about it. We have one option. We’ve got to get her out.” He looked at everyone around him. ”A full sized raid would be.. Well, stupid. Balendin’s Army overpowers us easily. We’ll have to sneak in and out with Reina.” Straightening his back, he breathed in deeply. ”It might sound crazy, but it’s the only option, really.”
  3. (Oh, yeah. I actually am on holiday, but lately i’ve been going to a lot of parties. Should be all freed up now!) Arc grinned a little at their surprise. ”Ah, well-“ he shrugged, “it’s just how I said. Mike here decided to search her home, and since then we’ve been traveling to bring it to..” A little lightbulb lit up in his mind. (Figuratively, of course.) ”Speaking of which, do you know where Reina is? We need to bring the egg to her.” During that sentence, he stood a little straighter and his tail began to lightly wag. Sort of like a dog. ”We might be close to the end of our little adventure. I’ll take this moment to rest.” Arc sat down next to Claudia, trying to reassure her a little more. He fully believed they were safe. With a smile on his face, he turned his head to Claudia.
  4. Arc nodded at the black dragon, then beckoned them and the albino to follow. He swooped down onto the ground where his friends were, looking around, and then walking to Claudia. ”Hey, Claudia.” He gave her the most reassuring look he could muster. “These dragons are here to help, mind loosening up on the egg?” He peered at her wings, which seemed to be doing slightly better. ”Well, then.” He said as he turned to the visitors: “Here is the egg we are delivering. Feel free to ask any questions.”
  5. Arc was a little surprised at the sudden aggression of the dragons, but then coughed and began to explain. ”Please, don’t be alarmed. We’re a small group of dragons simply trying to deliver an egg.” Arc wondered whether to tell them exactly what was happening, then settled for part of the truth. ”You see, a while ago, a dragon we knew died at the hands of Balendin’s army. We searched through the rubble of her home and found her egg. We’re trying to deliver said egg to her sister.” After letting that settle for a moment, he gestured to Tempus. ”This is Temperamus, and I am Arc. The Misfit Pygmy down on the cliff is Mikesha, the Soulpeace is named Claudia, the Navy Blue dragon is Trasyrt, and the Black Marrow dragon is Coffin*.” He waved his arms towards his friends. ”Claudia’s wings are injured, so we’ve been traveling slowly lately. Would you like to come down and talk?” (*Not sure whether or not to include Coffin. Hey Griffin, are they technically still here?)
  6. Arc was a little busy watching Claudia and Tras, then when he was sure they were ok, he squinted his eyes at the incoming patrol. “Balendin’s army wears, like, black armor, right? I don’t even see any black at all... But still, they could be disguised. Lemme help, Tempus.” He got up and flew to where Tempus was, keeping an eye on the dragons ahead. ”Hey, Tempus? If it goes sour, promise me you’ll hide. I don’t want any of you getting hurt.”
  7. Arc opened his eyes, his friends eating around him. Yawning, he got up and grabbed a large chunk of meat, and a few berries. He chewed on those, then sat outside, analyzing his surroundings, and periodically scribbling down into the dirt. ”If we go there.. Then we.. No, wait...” Staring at the map he had made in the dirt, he marked certain spots with an X, and others with arrows, mumbling under his breath. ”This entire place could kill us if we’re not careful. Plus, we don’t know where the enemy could be camping out... I don’t even know the exact spot we need to go to, darn it.” Arc still looked tired. He had bags under his eyes, (Or whatever the dragon equivalent of that is.) and kept yawning. ”Oookay. Soo... We need to... Uh..” He paused. ”Hi, quick question. Where is Reina, actually? I have no idea where we’re going.” He coughed. “This is... Not great.”
  8. Arc turned to look at Tempus. ”Ah, um.. I already got a... And he’s gone.” Arc was pretty tired, from taking watch all night. ”Well... He’ll go get some berries, I suppose. Maybe some rations for later.” He focused his attention to Claudia, at his side. She had gotten up and sat next to him during the night, instinctively, he had put his wing over her in case of danger. He retracted it and sighed. ”I’m just gonna rest my eyes. Wake me up when Tempus comes...” He laid himself down and closed his eyes.
  9. (Hi everyone, just a thought. If you’re waiting for someone else to respond, but it’s taken more than a day, would you mind replying yourself? It’s going pretty slowly, now. Also, if you notice someone that hasn’t responded for a long time, @ them.)
  10. Arc came back, swooping down to the entrance of the cave. ”Hey guuy-oh.” He stopped, and then began lightly treading into the cave. ”Everybody’s asleep... I got dinner, though...” He dropped a deer onto the floor, gently. ”Guess I’m keeping watch.” He sat himself down at the enterance of the cave and watched for danger.
  11. @Griffin_Lokison@Efernium@BlueLatios @Coheart please don't be dead, I quite like this rp.
  12. Arc frowned at the cave. ”It’s... Really close to a volcano. Isn’t that one still active? That’s a major safety problem.” He flew over to the entrance of the cave, and gently set down Claudia. ”I’m gonna see if there’s anywhere else, but if we have to, we can stay here.” He grinned, and flew off into the distance.
  13. (So, uh.. He’s still fighting the dude? Like, now? I guess we rewind time a little. Sure, I can roll with that.) Seeing the new dragon fighting the enemy, Arc knew that they were dangerous. On their side, but willing to kill. He wasn’t sure he wanted to have someone so aggressive with them. ”Alright, he’s busy! Scram!” He shouted to his friends as he dashed over to Claudia and grinned a little. ”I’m gonna pick you up, so we can fly away. If it hurts just say so. No declining though ‘cause we have to go!” He grabbed Claudia by her torso, careful to avoid her damaged wing, and flew up into the sky, waiting for his friends to follow him. (I hope I didn’t take too much initiative there, if it was too much, Griffin, tell me. ^~^)
  14. (Tbh I was waiting for Risensong to reply. Going kinda slowly, atm.)
  15. Arc landed with a sigh. ”Well... That was much easier than expected. I mean, I was hoping we could go for not killing them, but... Ok, I guess.” He relaxed his muscles, shaking off the stress. ”A detour sounds smart. If we were found this easily, means we should be more careful. Not only that... I’m tired.” He yawned. ”Let’s find some thick part of the forest to hide and sleep in.”
  16. The egg was in the light, which was good. The dragon wouldn’t be able to get it too quickly. The bad news, most of the dragons were under foliage, covered by the shadows it cast. Arc scanned the situation, trying to find a way to stop the dragon easily. ”If only I could... Wait.” Arc looked around the trees surrounding them, and the leaves covering the sun, then sprung out and began slicing the thinner branches off trees with his talons, to give less space for the enemy to have advantage. ”Shadow walker dragons are weaker in the light, from what I remember! Keep an eye on the dark, and force him into the light! He can’t shadow walk that way.”
  17. Arc was content with what the new dragon said. Despite being.. Unsettling, at least. He was about to reply when a voice came from the air, and he sprung into action, blasting lightning that he’d kept inside him right toward the voice. ”Everyone, spread out!” He shouted to the others, rolling into the foliage to conceal himself a little. ”Ironic. I just said to Tras...” He muttered under his breath.
  18. “The only reason I’m doing this is because of what he’s done to others. I have no personal reasons to fight him, since I never had a home, or parents for that matter. Plus, making a massive, loud speech when one of us was recently attacked.. Are you asking to be found and killed?” Arc huffed. “The point is, Balendin is the one thing we’re supposed to avoid, Tras. To bring the fight to him would just kill us all, and anger him more.” He listened to Tempus and nodded, then turned to the Risensong Dragon. ”If you are truly to be trusted, do you know anything about Balendin’s army camps, or perhaps their military advances? If you reveal something like that, then I’ll have to admit you’re someone not to fear. As for fearing Balendin’s name, I heard it from an unfamiliar voice, so of course I’d be startled. The name itself, however, is merely a name. Nothing more.”
  19. Arc grunted. Visibly annoyed with Mike and Tras. ”You guuuuuuyyss. What if it’s a trap? This dragon could very well work for Balendin, they might just be trying to trick us! You people trust other dragons too quickly.”
  20. Arc only picked up the sound of someone landing, and “Balendin.” He reared back and immediately created a lighting bolt, claws outstretched. ”Uh.. Don’t... I have lightning! I can electrocute you! So.. Um.. Sorry, I missed most of what you said. What was that?” He calmed down a little, but he remained stiff, keeping the lightning brewing inside him. ”Uh.. Right. I heard Balendin in that sentence, What else did you say?” He stepped in front of the rest of the group, ready to protect them.
  21. Arc pondered over what Mike had said. ”Well... Hm. I have heard that before, but.. Well, I had a friendly bird, once. It was a.. Pidgeon, methinks? Anywho, met some nasty dragons. Plucked his feathers. It did the trick then, should do the trick now. If it doesn’t work, there is a more difficult to obtain, but more effective medicine that..” Arc thought about how to word it. ”It uses magic, for one. So it uses that sparkly magic stuff to kinda.. Well, from what I know, you lose all your feathers, but then grow back new ones immediately. Plus, the new ones are stronger and stuff. It’s just that you have to.. Um, well, it needs some flowers, said magic, the magic is actually pretty easy to find, I think... It’s in crystals or whatever. And the last thing... Well, it needs willingly given blood from at least three dragons. The more, the better. Something about devotion, willingness to hurt yourself to heal another.” He looked to the wound. ”It is pretty bad... I doubt you’ll be able to fly again, if we don’t heal this. Um, but it will heal, don’t worry.”
  22. Arc examined the leaves. ”Yeah, this’ll do just fine.” He took the leaves and crushed them together into a paste. ”Alright, now I just..” He turned and walked to the injured dragon. ”Hi, yeah. I’m Arc, I’m not scary, I hope. Um, yeah, this might hurt a little, but it’ll help the healing process, with those feathers, you know. Lots of vitamins or something, I don’t remember exactly how. Anyway please don’t scream, thanks!” He gently pressed the mush into the parts of her wing that were injured, being careful to not hurt them too much. After he was done, he sighed. “Hoof. Ok, it’ll take a while to sink in, but your feathers should grow back in.. Three, four days. Not fast, but otherwise it would of taken a month, so it’s a major improvement.” He smiled at her nonthreateningly.
  23. Arc thought for a moment, then descended through the canopy, towards Tempus. ”Well, an injured wing plus, them being afraid and tired.. Seems only fair to allow them to rest. We have made some progress today, but we can’t just take off flying when another dragon can’t help themselves.” Arc looked at the new, injured dragon, and sighed. ”Looks like her feathers were plucked out. I think there are some leaves that help with growing new ones... Hey, Tempus, did you see any trees with leaves that were kind of...” He scratched a drawing of a thin, long leaf onto the ground. ”Like this? It could help the healing process.”
  24. Arc, seeing Tempus’ signal, immediately snapped to an alerted state, looking around quickly. ”That one dragon caused a lot of trouble. We’d better hope we don’t come across more.” Meanwhile, his mind was running in circles. Danger. Wounded. Escape. Danger. He tried to focus himself, and began flying over the trees, attempting to spot movement, and warn everyone if there should be a problem. ”I swear, we keep coming across new dragons..”