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  1. Arc finished his share and turned to the west. "Well, I suppose we have to head to the volcanoes, huh." He looked to his friends. "To be honest, this is where the real journey begins. Are you all ready?"
  2. The sun had come up more now, yet Arc was still flying in the air, not moving. ”I wonder..” He looked down at his friends and snapped back into focus. Flying down, he noticed all the food. ”Ah! Sorry, sorry. I was mesmerized by the sun. Uh, um...” He looked around, flew to some trees, and snapped branches off them. ”A fire! Yeah. We can cook the meat and stuff.” He piled it all up and fired a little bolt of lightning at the bottom, lighting it.
  3. Near Bow, a slightly loud thump came from Arc’s sleeping body rolling off onto the ground. “I’m awake! I’m...” He looked around at all the sleeping dragons. ”Oh.” After a shake of his head, Arc outstretched his wings and flew up. ”The sunrise is really pretty...” He stayed there, watching. Just for a bit.
  4. “Can’t sleep?” He sniffed around him, then swooped down to a bush. ”I think there may be... Aha!” Arc pulled out some mushrooms. ”These make you fall asleep really fast.” He flew back up to them, and handed them over. ”If you want to rest, go ahead. I’ll keep watch, you don’t have to worry.”
  5. “Someone should keep watch, right?” He flew up to the highest point he could stand. ”I’ll watch for people, just in case.”
  6. “Knock yourself out.” He then looked to Tras, and smiled. ”I remember that. That was really cool, it was like you had fireproof scales or something.” He thought for a moment, then turned to the egg. ”Can I have some cool superpowers too, little egg? I kept you warm when I sat on you. That counts, right?”
  7. Arc nodded. ”My name’s Arc. I can... Uh, fly fast and shoot lightning.” He looked to Bow behind him. ”And the shy one’s Bow.”
  8. “It was just the one dragon, and anyway, he thought it was a regular egg.” He looked over to the basket. ”And if you don’t believe us, go ahead and touch it.” He stared off into the distance. ”I think he might of gone back to a camp. It’s fine, though. He didn’t seem like the type to talk about his failures.”
  9. Arc calmed down and turned to the new dragon. ”To put it simply, we have Lavada’s egg. We need to bring it west to her sister. We were fleeing the forest fire, started by a servant of balendin, and are resting here.” He looked them over. ”I wouldn’t suppose you’d like to come along? We could always use some extra help.”
  10. Arc finally made it to the camp, carrying the bear in his jaws. ”I got food! I also remembered to get some fruits, too. Time to eat...?” He noticed the Xenowyrm in the camp. ”Well, I’m lucky I grabbed a bear. We seem to have even more mouths to feed.” Behind the friendly smile, Arc was scanning his environment in case the dragon was an enemy. He also got a bolt of lightning ready.
  11. From behind Tras came a roar, a zap of lightning, and a thump. A few seconds later, Arc appeared, dragging along a slightly singed bear. he was scratched up, but overall ok. ”I got a bit more then expected. We can dry this out and save it for later, though. I’ll bring it to our camp.” And with that, Arc (very slowly) dragged the bear towards the camp.
  12. (Astro isn’t here anymore, remember? Maybe look at the character list.) ”No meat... Hm.” He managed to sniff out the trail of another boar. ”I’ll grab some fruits or berries along the way. See you soon!” He put the basket on the ground and ran into the forest.
  13. “It’s Bow, Tras. Did you miss it?” He looked at her with a puzzled expression. ”That doesn’t matter much, though. What does matter is that we’re safe, and we can now sle-“ Before he finished his sentence, his stomach growled. ”...Eat. Let’s get some food.” He sniffed the air, trying to get the scent of something big enough for all of them.
  14. (Pretty sure Arc was carrying the basket...) ”Just fly quickly. We’ll be there in a moment.” He flew a little faster than everyone else, but still took care not to jostle the basket. ”Jeez... Why’s it so hard to take care of an egg?”
  15. “Yup. Let’s go.” He took off, blowing the smoke in all directions, and rose above the black cloud. ”Better go to that waterfall.”
  16. Yeah. Seems good. But when I first read it I was like ”Oh welp screw these these other kids I hope they survive the smoke”