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✦ male ✦ twenty ✦ arcana ✦


✦ my scroll ✦


I will breed anything off my scroll for new users. Don't be scared to PM me!

If you fail to get a response on the forums quickly, either wait or try contacting me at one of my above links!

I also take unwanted babies that you can't bare to just abandon! Check my profile for more info or PM me!

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    Hi There. I'm Haze. i'm just a dude

    I like to imagine I run an adoption program on my scroll, since I mostly take eggs from the abandoned cave. If you have an egg you don't want to just abandon, or hatchling, feel free to PM me and I can probably take the baby for you! I take CB's and bred dragons, lineage doesn't matter! (i wouldn't take in eggs that are unwanted if i was picky haha)

    Here's a link to my scroll if you're interested in looking at it! https://dragcave.net/user/Hazerino