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  1. I love coming across cool Lineages from the AP! I didn't realize there was a thread for sharing them either.. 😅 This one recently is a favorite: https://dragcave.net/lineage/KSWCu Looks like @Mimmu started it, thank you!!
  2. Woah!! You all are very creative and inventive with this... I'm blown away by the bird cookies!! I was initially trying to stick to "making cookies", in that I tried to make them all look like Christmas Cookies! But these two are my favorites I've made so far, and I got a bit weird with the tree haha! Both of these were sent already.
  3. Happy Halloween everyone!!! 🎃 Hope everyone has a fun day and evening in store! Got one egg so far, gonna try to snag another once I have room as I'm at my max eggs right now!
  4. Now that I've upgraded my laptop's memory, I'm hoping playing video games won't make it yell at me so much LOL. I've been playing Warframe off and on but I wanna start No Man's Sky again now that they've added a lot of new stuff, the last time I played it was probably around when it came out!!
  5. Oh nice! Thanks so much for the help Lindy & Shadowdrake!
  6. Honestly I haven't really settled on a way to sort, being that I'm forgetful it's just been set as 'Most recent', it's not pretty to look at it, but my worry being that I'll hatch a new dragon and forget about it before I have a chance to see it... 😅 Which is not a big deal with duplicates, but if it's a new breed eventually I'll come across it like, 'wow where did that come from?' Memory problems are *chef's kiss* 👌 But I very much enjoy the visual of 'color' sorting, but also the organized quality of by breed... While I've been using this site for 2 years I really haven't gotten started
  7. I'm having the same struggle. My brain is a small bean, trying her best. I didn't get the hint about symmetry yet and have been clicking randomly. I'm trying to see if there's a pattern of the 'colored' tiles movement by which tiles are clicked, don't really see one but I also might need to take a break too!
  8. I always find myself replaying Deus Ex 1, it was my first rpg, I used to be too scared to get past the first area when I was little, I probably first played it when I was 10? Oops...
  9. I'm pretty much always playing Warframe, I've got over 1000 hours in that game, it's my absolute favorite, Ember is my favorite frame. Sadly I haven't played anything but mobile games and browser games since I recently moved and haven't set up my computer. I might have to sell it and replace it with a laptop, too. Since my place is small and my desktop takes up so much space. But regarding mobile games I've been playing KleptoCats 2, Axolochi, Merge Dragons and Dragonvale. Next on my list is to play Stardew Valley again, and finish Dishonored 2.
  10. I've played PFQ for over a year now, I'm Ghostplops over there too; if you want to click on my eggs I'm pretty active over there and I try and always click back! I love their "Fakemon" they come up with from the Tournaments, my favorite is Impyre.
  11. I've been on that site before! I made a profile about a year ago. Just checked and the cat I got is full grown. It seems fun but I haven't gotten the hang of it quite yet, if you wanna look me up and see my small collection of pets, I'm just "Ghostplops" there too! I really like the designs people come up with on that site, they're pretty cute and creative.