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image.png.251c50720e1ae5b38f0c81266e64806b.png  1896787363_AAAAAAARoccoDragu.gif.c7656ff72878011d752d665e86cbd07f.gif     My signature is a mess!  image.png.2619f7617002f2b8cef9249f7cbad68d.png1896787363_AAAAAAARoccoDragu.gif.c7656ff72878011d752d665e86cbd07f.gif
My Scroll: Dragus galore. !! Sun Army: 2/250 !!  1896787363_AAAAAAARoccoDragu.gif.c7656ff72878011d752d665e86cbd07f.gif

!!!!!!Please Donate any unwanted hatchies to me instead of killing them!!!!!! PLEASE DO NOT MURDER THEM!!!!!!!!!!

Dragon lives matter! Freezing them is one thing, but killing them is heartless!! Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Regards, Mittens12                                                                                                                                                                                                                      image.png.34907a2a120fd1f84793e7c9eb5a8a8e.png                    image.png.caca621224b308100a69454437de57c5.png                     image.png.6debe77e9be8180dd5ec1a2caec1c1ce.png                          

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