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  1. I wish you a happy birthday as well, Dragon Cave!
  2. Oh okay, thanks Ruby Eyes and Fuzzbucket. But still, it would be nice to have the themes built into the site rather than having to try and do it myself (My coding skills are very poor).
  3. I'm unfamiliar with Stylish Fuzzbucket, what is it? Dino Cave theme? that would be interesting to see Dalek Raptor. As for the maintaining themes, I realized it would be a bit tedious, which is why I suggested easy solutions such a simple background swap using images already on the site and a recolor so I thought it might be considered a feasible option.
  4. So on the upper right corner of the main site, there's basic information for stuff like your scroll name, the number of shards you have, clock, and etc. I think it would be nice if we could have a small forum notification icon integrated up there as well so we know when we have new PM's to check on instead of having to go to the forum to check. It could also have a small number right beside it that tell you how many new messages you have. I thought it would be a nice feature so I decided to suggest it.
  5. I've been around on DC for a long while now but I would like to switch up the feel of the website every now and then but quite frankly I just don't find the other themes as appealing as the main one except for the 1960's one. I also understand that it's difficult to make good themes and that it's probably very tedious but I feel that would give the site a breath of fresh air that would be refreshing for all. So, I'll offer a few suggestions and you all will have to let me know if they're any good or not. Suggestions: DC has different background images for each biome, these images could be used as alternative backgrounds to the default theme. A site-wide hosted event could be done where users could submit mockups or code (I'm assuming like a CSS file or something of the sort) into a competition where users can vote for the ones they like the most to be implemented into the site. (I think this option could be a lot of fun for the artists and web developers here). Whether or not there'll be a prize or not isn't up to me but I would assume there would be for those whose themes are selected to be added. Customization menu in which users can select different scroll styles (the paper just to clarify) and different backgrounds where they can mix and match. Additionally, a blur effect could be added via a slider or input box where users can select how much blur they want for their background. Or if nothing else, a simple recolor of the website to have a dark theme would be very welcome. Misc Suggestions: Being able to choose from more than one main font for the site could be neat. A darker version of the 1960's theme would be great in my opinion and could look really cool. So those are my suggestions. Hopefully, you all can provide some feedback on this and maybe TJ will take it into serious consideration. Both ways it's just a suggestion, let me know what you think!
  6. Hello, I'm looking for a mentor. I was directed here from a reply in a topic I posted.
  7. Thanks for all the advice! I greatly appreciate it!
  8. Hello, I've been on this site for a long while but I haven't been active and am actually still fairly ignorant of the in's and out's of DC. I was wondering if someone could give a newb like me a top 10 tips and tricks list for beginners? Doesn't have to be just that anything and everything helps (Additionally, a list of what all the acronyms on the site are would be nice because I find myself utterly confused on to what the subjects are talking about half the time XD) Thanks in advance for the help folks!