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  1. This Discord has a board for discussing experiments. You can only access it once you're verified, but that's not hard. Just PM a mod on the Discord. Along with advice, the other discord users will also help with experiments. There are several guides available on the Discord as well. Good luck!
  2. Except for some breeds, like HeatherMarie said, I typically see mine grow to their gendered stage 5 days and x hours. The numbers vary wildly though. Clicks aren't that important. I have several that only have 1 click. Views are necessary, but clicks aren't.
  3. I may be wrong, but I thought abandoned eggs were automatically given a day once they hit the page. If you track an egg, it may seem like it should be on the page, but it really is higher time than the other eggs. So if an egg shows, say, 4 days and 21 hours, but most of the eggs in the AP have 5 days and 18 hours, it wouldn't appear on the page for about 3 more hours, at which point it will display 5 days and x hours. At least, I think that's what happens. Maybe that's why borntobefree thinks there are eggs that should be in the AP but aren't? My personal opinion: I don't see why these changes would result in less refreshing. As for the hatchling page, I think it would be empty most of the time. When I hunt in the AP for hatchlings, I do so because I'm egglocked and want another growing thing despite not having an egg slot. If I see a hatchling, I click it and keep it regardless of any factors that I would consider for a normal egg (lineage, dragon type, etc.) If there was a constantly-full hatchling page, there would have to be enough hatchlings to scroll lock all active users, and I just don't think that's going to work.
  4. Raise 3(or more) neglected dragons would be the worst possible raffle challenge just on difficulty, much less morality!
  5. Anything more than 3 dragons of any kind would be a pain. Under the 3 dragon rule, even new players can raise dragons for the raffle immediately and have room for their own projects. Speaking of already having Halloween release Coast dragons, anyone ever try guessing what type of challenge it will be so they already have hatchlings once the raffle starts? I suppose it would have been easy if it was always raise any 3 dragons, but since it changes and you have an entire month to raise dragons, I don't really think it's worth the hassle of trying to guess. Save your luck for the raffle, not guessing on what it may be. I also think it would be a shame to do something like "freeze 3 hatchlings", where it's an action some users object to. I like frozen hatchlings (the graves are too cute not to pass up) but others might not want to participate in the raffle if that happened.
  6. I have this dragon with a coolish code: https://dragcave.net/lineage/slNS9 It was CB from the coast, but I got it in the AP. I'll update once this buddy grows up to see if it counts.
  7. Anything y'all would not like to see as a raffle requirement? Personally, I'd hate to see "Raise 3 dragons from the market" because I know some people have been saving up shards for dragons.
  8. Does anyone know what shows up if you try to influence something like a Dino or a Cheese or Paper? Or a Christmas/Valentine's Day Holiday? I know it wouldn't be successful, but does it show a message such as "cannot be influenced" or something?
  9. http://heart-of.blue/dragcave/lineage This was created by @StarSea and while you can't select individual dragons, it's a great way to figure out what dragons you like together!
  10. I have put 2 eggs into Allure of NDs. One is an influenced Aria egg, CB but I got it from the AP. The other is a noninfluenced Magi egg, which is also CB but from the AP. They are both ER dragons with very similar times (both 3 days), but the Aria is getting 3 times the views. Are there any reasons for this?
  11. If you don't want to catch the eggs again, I would go to a hatchery like Allure of NDs and click on the Dino eggs there. Once you click on 5, that color dino should be unlocked.
  12. Bred two of my dragons without realizing I was scroll-locked. Luckily, I was hoping for a hybrid and didn't get it. If I had, I would have been much more upset.
  13. sbld


    I'm participating this year. I use Word Count Dragons (basically, you come up with a dragon that "eats words" to give you an incentive to write) and I gave some of my dragons descriptions based off that idea. I have 3 frozen hatchlings, all of which have a goal they want me to complete. My Grave boy wants nightly writing, my Witchlight young lady wants 1000 words a day, and my Cavern Lurker girlie wants 30 minutes of writing a day. My prep is outlining what I want to happen in each chapter and making characters in the Sims.
  14. With the new temporary biome, will eggs from each year be equally as likely to come up? Or will older dragons (say, a Pumpkin) be rarer than a newer dragon? I assume that people will snatch up older dragons faster, but will they all appear at roughly the same rate?
  15. If you use incubate, you can hatch an egg early to get a specific time. (Doesn't work with Siyats, however.) You can also use fog to prevent an egg from hatching until a specific time. This doesn't require a BSA. Maybe other people have other suggestions as well; this is just what I know off the top of my head.
  16. I'm siding with the no labels on specific lineages (stairstep,evengen, etc.), but I do like the idea of a marker. Would something like the CB marker that EATW used to have in its marketplace work?
  17. I know that title was confusing, but I'll try to make it a bit clearer. Basically, when you review a description, you get to see the species description above the individual dragon's description. They do this to make sure that dragon descriptions don't contradict the species description and ideally, incorporate it. I'd like to see that applied to the page where you type out your own dragon's description. You wouldn't have to flip back and forth between two tabs. I think it would be possible to code, probably in a similar style as the current review page. (If any people with coding experience can corroborate that point, it would be appreciated). General thoughts? Possible downsides?
  18. I'm not sure why it would annoy people more when they don't win. Sure, if I saved up and bought 50 tickets all at once, I would find it extremely frustrating if I didn't win, but this is only increasing the amount of tickets by maybe 3 or 5 at most. I understand that this doesn't increase the number of CB prizes, but if prizes go to more active users, those users are more likely to breed their prizes, producing more bred Prizes. Although it certainly doesn't solve the main issue, it does minimize the effects.
  19. Can I ask how this would work for hybrids? If I was breeding daydream with a white, how would influencing one or the other work?
  20. I was reading through the Prizes in Market thread and I had an idea based off of it - to buy raffle tickets in the market. We would have to set a limit for how many tickets you could buy for each monthly raffle in order to ensure that all of the prizes didn't go to Platinum members who could generate 400 shards every raffle. The tickets could be 10-50 shards each. The biggest advantage here is that it rewards the most active players. Under the status quo, barely active members could just grab 3 eggs off the AP, dump them in a hatchery, and come back in 4 days time to get a raffle ticket, while much more active players work throughout the month to raise dragons, generating shards as they go. Depending on the price and limits, players can do exactly as they always do, except going to the market to buy tickets with their shards instead of going through the actions to register for a ticket. Thoughts? Other benefits? Concerns?