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  1. Happy Halloween Dragon Cave! Be safe for those who are Trick or Treating!
  2. E ̜L̰ ͏̩E͏͕̲̝̱ ̻V͙̟̞̼̙ ̘̀ͅE ̘N̴̺̩͕̤͙̩
  3. Kazmirl

    Z Project

    (zPoXG) https://dragcave.net/lineage/zPoXG NAME: Z'Cloud-Nine GENDER:Female ORIGIN: Abandoned Page LINEAGE: Dam: Ludgia x Sire: Thear Remaor - (Pillow Dragon x Terrae Dragon)
  4. Thank you for letting us replay the Halloween event. I did not even find the potatoes last time.
  5. i'm trying to get a Zombie but the Dragon keeps dodging the knife, it;s been 8 days now.
  6. Two... Guess I loaded up the wrong page last time 👽👽
  7. 𝕋𝕨𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕪-ℕ𝕚𝕟𝕖 That looks so Fine
  8. Wait, There's been hidden surprise's? Man I need to keep looking then.
  9. Myself being a Self-Practice Wicca, my studies have made me realize that the only true fact I can believe, is that I could be wrong, but I could also be right in only one way. I have no way to prove that someone else's faith is a cry into the dark, because mine could be just the same. I follow some Hindu, Budhism and Baptist practices alongside my own Wicca.
  10. Abandoned an Egg. I feel bad about this kinda stuff
  11. I solemnly swear that the only scrolls I will ever add to a fansite is my own and any I am personally asked to add. No more, no less.
  12. I want to be the only one to have Undine dragons! I love them so much ❤️
  13. First things First: I have tried following what guidelines and rules I could find, if something isn't allowed, tell me pronto and I will fix the issue. What is this Project aiming for? I'm aiming to create an all (Extremely Most) Undine Dragon Lineage, Undine dragon's have quickly become my favourite dragon on the site, and.. Well I want more of them, and not all belonging to me! What kind of Dragon's are eligible? ANY? NO!!!!!! Only Undine dragon's are avaliable to this project. No Inbred Dragons. Each dragon that will be added to this project will be tested for inbred lineage. Wildcard: Any Undine Dragon that has a Z at the beginning of it's code will allowed, but, I highly recommend bringing them to the Z Project as well! I have an Undine dragon but one of it's parent's aren't an undine! You're absolutely fine, I'm not aiming for early 1700's Pure bred Dynasty. Abandoned Eggs that you've picked up and turned out to be Undine? I want those to be a part of this too! No Freezing Eggs or Abandoning/Killing any Undines added to this project or I'll trim the Official Family Tree (WIP) Can I name my dragon anything? Well, Yes, and No. All Dragons Names must have socially acceptable name's. Take time naming each Dragon please. How can('t) I help? I need all the help I can get from people! Submit your Undine dragon's below using the guide! 2. I currently do not have a dragon with Teleport, If anyone is able to either Assisting me in Transfering, or if you have an extra, Donating one will Extremely help this project! 3. I'm still relatively bad at doing anything on Dragon Cave, So I'm looking for active Member's to help me moderate this project. 4. If this kicks off, Eventually I'd like to have a banner made, but I may need help with that So How do I join? It's extremely easy, Post a reply to this guide using one of the forms below, To add your Undine to the List: Name: Dragon Link: Inbred (Y/N): Date Hatched: To apply for Moderation of this Project (Please PM this to me so I can respond) Note: Being a Moderator is a priviledge and does not make you better than anyone else associated with this project. When you apply please note that any complaint's about your actions from anyone will be taken seriously. No one is above anyone and this is a Team Effort!!!! Username: Scroll Link: Dragon's Raised: Why you wanna help: A special thanks to "Mayheam" for Breeding my first Undine Dragon This is their Scroll name, please do not harass in any sort of form, or Site Admins, will have to take control of the situation. Mayheam, If you end up seeing this, I want to offer you CO-Ownership of this Project, Please PM me so that we may discuss it. Owner: Kazmirl Moderators: Contributers: Current Lineage As (If ) this project get's larger Everything will be cleaned up and organized even more. Thank you to everyone who helps
  14. Happy Halloween to Everyone
  15. Noxintine opened his eyes under the water of the pond. He looked around at the various moss and other flora growing at the bottom. His breathe in deeply letting out a sigh of relief, continuing his swim back up towards the surface. The Undine Dragon moved to land and gave a quick sentry of the area. "That was needed..." He spoke aloud to himself, his scales absorbing the rest of the water dripping from him. In the distant horizon was a large glowing mountain, unlike anything that Noxintine had seen on his journey from his own mountain home. "I suppose if there was a better waypoint, it would have made itself apparent by now, time to hit the road." His statement making him smile, he began his path to the Glowing mountain top. (These will get longer as time goes on, I'm just now getting back into roleplaying.)
  16. I'm going to College to be a Sub-Atomic Particle Physicist! I'm gonna be taking out some student loans, but I'm working on getting grants and scholarships like crazy so I can just erase the debts.
  17. If you'll have me Scroll Link: https://dragcave.net/user/Kazmirl RP Example: Noxintine smiled at the small doe walking through the grassy field ahead of him. He stood up from where he was laying to get a better view of the animal, but as he stood his movement caused it to turn, and run off behind a nearby hill. Dragon name: Noxintine Dragon gender: Male Dragon origin: Noxintine's story began we he hatched in a cold, frosty mountain spring. For the first part of his life, He had met not one soul, as his parent had fled the area for an unknown reason, leaving their unhatched egg. The first other living creature he met, was a deer. Dragon powers: Noxintine is an Undine Dragon, His power's come as the art of water bending, though any water that he manipulates feels as if it were almost going to turn to ice. Noxintine finds Ice magic to be easier than it's water counterpart, claiming the cold weather of the high mountains allowed him to practice it more easily. Simplified meaning: > He can manipulate water as a Waterbender could. > He can store water in his body and use this to help him "Materialize" Ice. > A blessing from his parent's connection with the spirit of the spring allows Noxintine to occasionally do "Random" Element magic, but most is small unpracticed spells. Rough Explanation of dragon: Noxintine (as stated before) Lived the first part of his life, without contact from Any other beings. As he was growing, He lived off of the nutrient's coming from the mountain spring, absorbing the water into his body, replacing what food he would need. His first ever contact with life was a Deer, which he saw after teaching himself to fly, a process in which an accident cause his right wing to be torn slightly. Soon after reaching near maturity, Noxintine felt something he had never felt before. He was lonely. This feeling caused him to leave his mountain home, and go off in pursuit of finding peace. Breed: (0/2 Points) DC Undine Dragon (Though more ice inclined from climate), His right wing is slightly damaged from a past incident. Direct Dragon link: https://dragcave.net/view/tHFW2