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  1. Relevant to this site: Spyro Reignited Triolgy! πŸ‰ It’s so cheerful and fun to pick up and play. The game play suits my lifestyle right now: nothing story heavy, just simple platforming fun. Also: Spyro is so cute! He has so many little animations. I really enjoy games where you play as a quadruped critter, they make a change from bipeds in every other game ever.
  2. I'm using Duolingo for Polish too! *owl hi-five* πŸ¦‰I have the golden owl for Polish but then I stopped using the app for a few months, so I'm doing the whole course again. ---- Outside of apps, I recommend reading a book you're already familiar with in the language you're leaning. The Harry Potter books are available in loads of languages. πŸ“• πŸ“š πŸ“—
  3. Oh I think I've seen the first few pages of that! It's super creepy. I think the point is to counter the arguments that "if animals have a nice (short) life, it's okay to kill them", because the children in the manga have a nice home, but the horror is still self evident. Though most restaurant/ cheap meat in developed nations comes from factory farming, so the nice pasture image people have isn't really relevant anyway...
  4. I made myself a tofu stir fry yesterday and it was really tasty. :3 I hope it's the same where you all live: supermarkets in the UK have really been supporting vegetarians and vegans in the last few years. The "meat substitute" foods like veggie sausages are still kinda expensive, but there are lots of options and so many plant milks to choose from now! Almost all of the plant milks are fortified with B12 too, so that's really good.
  5. Happy hatchday, Darcy! Leopard geckos are so cute, with their smiley faces and pudgy limbs. How long can they live for?
  6. I had no idea there were Five Nights at Freddy's books!
  7. What a fun event and great writing! Thanks to everyone for making it, and for the chance to play through again; I found far more items with cute sprites than the first time.
  8. I think that's a mature thought process regarding religion, and the world would be a much better place if everyone thought the same. I think that Ego and fear of uncertainty make people lash out to "prove" their religion is the right one, because having doubts and considering that it might just be stories terrifies some people. I don't necessarily have a problem with religion and magical thinking if it's on a personal level, but when people decide reality and how other people live their lives should take a back seat in favour of their religion, I get annoyed. I think the people living and feeling and suffering around us right now are more important than what may happen after death.
  9. Or looking into the sky, hoping to see a present tied to a balloon floating by.
  10. That sounds like a great day, what did you cook? 🍝 ---- I just got back from archery practice and am happy because I feel like I did a lot better today. 🏹
  11. Thank you, @Ether-Equinox for reaching out to me as a new member and not only answering some questions I had, but giving me two golden dragons as a gift. Cheers! ^^
  12. Yay, these are pretty much exactly what I would hoard!
  13. We are animals and evolved alongside them, so I don't think it makes any sense to assume other mammals are mindless or don't feel. Obviously, I would value a human life over an animal's life if I had to choose, but I don't think animals are for us to use or mistreat, including as food in developed nations where other options are available. I think the "might makes right" attitude of using and harming animals because we can is very problematic. If someone believes that, then following their own logic: why would it be wrong to use a weaker or less intelligent person as a slave or for a more intelligent species to shoot humans for sport?
  14. I've been reading through a few replies in this thread, and it's really refreshing to see people taking the time to be respectful and think about things from other's points of view and personal situations. Too many people think "I would never have an abortion! I" and just assume everyone else in the world is able to deal with an unwanted pregnancy with full support from friends and family.
  15. Lots of plushies, though I had far more when I was younger! When we redecorate, we're going to have a big bookshelf in the living room, so we can increase our book collection. πŸ“š
  16. Harebelle

    Team Ico

    Ico really meant a lot to me when it first came out. Despite that, I never actually finished it, because I just could not find a way to proceed fairly late in the game and left it for so long that I couldn't remember where I'd been or what I'd been doing, whoops. One day I'll complete it! I love The Last Guardian, but it's a shame that it was released with some annoying bugs after years and years of waiting for it. I've seen so many reviews complaining that Trico didn't listen, but I honestly didn't have that specific problem. Pet him if he does the correct thing! Then he learns and does it properly! I think a lot of players were mashing the command buttons and not giving his AI time to act.
  17. Glad to find another who enjoys the series. I agree.
  18. Yay, writing! Hello fellow writers. I'm trying to write a children's book and I'm really trying to take it seriously. I've found the best time for me is before I go to work in the mornings, so I'm fighting myself to stay in a routine and write something every weekday. @Cireth Congrats on finishing two books! I couldn't imagine ever deleting one though. .___. Thanks for suggesting Scribophile, I'll check that out.
  19. I've tried reading it twice and while I enjoy the world building and that it's told as a story within the book, I just didn't like the protagonist's childhood tales enough to keep reading. It's such a popular series that I feel odd for not enjoying it, but oh well. I'm glad that you're enjoying it. I'm reading The Bear and The Serpent by Adrian Tchaikovski. It's part of a series about a world where people live in tribes and can transform into their totem animals. The main character is a girl born into the wolf tribe, but she is has to hide that she can also turn into a tiger.
  20. Thanks very much for explaining.
  21. Sorry to hear about your step mother; you're doing a great thing to be caring for her. Stay positive!
  22. Hi sorry if this is a daft question, but is it okay for me to have the tiny url for my eggs in my forum signature here? I'm not active on any other forums, so I was hoping to have them on display here. The rules state not to make threads asking for egg/dragon views, but does the signature fall under that rule too?
  23. It's really neat of people to make these services. I'm trying it out now for my first two eggs, thanks to all involved.