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  1. Thank you Natayah and anon, another great round! Glad you liked it, Rihannalexis! Woo! Enjoy, Sunrunner!
  2. My Christmas lineages all failed me (Xeno miscolors, and Aegises not being as they ought to) but I threw a few goodies in. I tried to get in the spirit, man! It just wasn't coming!
  3. Bah! We had a massive ice storm and flash freeze yesterday here that cancelled my appointments. I got some great photos but it came just a little too late! Gonna share them anyway since I'm happy with them and maybe you guys will enjoy them too. Making the most of the bad weather
  4. Cast my vote! This theme really appealed to me, was hard to choose!
  5. Fingers crossed it colors right for you! That project has been a labor of love for me haha. If it miscolors please feel free to poke me for a replacement in the future if you so desire!
  6. @Natayah Thank you for the wonderful hatchie! He's come to the right place on my scroll ❤️ and @Seahorse ! Thank you so much for the magnificent checker! I've actually been collecting those so this is a fantastic surprise just in time for the holidays! I'll be sure to find her a friend when the season comes ;w;
  7. Managed to sneak in! Hopefully whoever gets mine enjoys it. Been a long labor of love haha. As for the raffle idea... Best I can do for anything is 3gs unfortunately.
  8. Oh god this would help me so much. I manually put all my CB Xenos in a group but the breeding page is a lawless wasteland xD
  9. One of the suggestions was to limit how much a single user is able to breed in a certain timespan. I have over 600 Xenos I breed, which is at least 300 pairs. This would in fact affect me even though--as you said: My activity is not part of the supposed problem.
  10. I dislike any form of breeder limiting. I "massbreed" my Xenos in order to try and get miscolored Xenowyrms on purpose. It's not an act of malice, and I'm not doing it to spite anyone. They're all either 2g PBs or 2g checker starters. I often see people trying to trade them on the hub--so yay, folks like them! Fact is, to get a bunch of miscolors, I have to try a lot of dragons. Putting limits on what I can breed is just one mechanic smacking right into another one. Doesn't seem fair to me. Looking at other proposed solutions they all seem to quickly become too complicated or fall apart rather quickly imo. I also certainly wouldn't want any system that allows people to "cherrypick" valuable dragons such as Altkins, Thuweds, Prizekins, etc. The impartiality of the AP is what makes it good.
  11. Ah, there's the initials from the response, that's a great idea! Thank you, I'll have to do just that ^^ I almost snorted out my tea, Lagie xD
  12. Ah... Unfortunately, the question is part of some dialogue. Drat.
  13. TIL that question marks don't work in descriptions. Is there a workaround to this or am I screwed?
  14. Mobile controls are dreadful for just about everything, totally understandable!
  15. I am a very clever woman, to be sure xD Fixed, thank you! Teach me to start writing just after a nap haha.
  16. I Want to Sign Up! Forum Name: BrazenChase Scroll Name: BrazenChase Group Name: BrazenChase Secret Santa 2019 Wishlist: Slot 1: Neglected, 2G Prize, 2G Prizekin (I love Xenowyrms the most!), 2G from Spriter's Alt. Slot 2: CB Copper, CB Spessartine, 3g from Spriter's Alt, 3g Thuwed, Alt Black Slot 3: CB Xenowyrm (Love them to bits!), CB Aeon, 2G Prizekin Slot 4: 2G Avatar Slot 5: CB Lunar Herald, CB Fire Gem, CB BSA dragon (not Aeon, Bolts loved!), CB Gemshard Slot 6: Xenowyrm checker lineages, Red Fire Gem/Pyralspite, Spessartine/Mageia, Chrono/Mageia, 2g PB Xeno miscolor, Mageia/Lihnseyre, Aeria/Chrono. Slot 7: CB Lihnseyre, CB Aeria, CB Ember, any BSAs! PM'd lower half to mods!
  17. My little spruce out front frozen right good after a storm last winter!
  18. I think two days is a good idea. Halloween day itself can be really busy for some people, or perhaps keep them out of town for the night etc. 2 days still only allows one batch, and might give the site a bit of a reprieve from the lag from so many people going "omgonlytodaygogogogo"
  19. Oh I love those, Water! Pub looks like a good time Voted!
  20. I don't know if I'd have been able to choose between those photos myself, Fuzz!
  21. As we near holiday season again I feel that this is especially crucial. I'm amazed it isn't an option yet already honestly. Full support. Let players have more control of their own scrolls, and keep safe on their own terms.
  22. The Terry Fox Memorial in Thunder Bay, Ontario! Taken on my Banff road trip a few years back with my friends. One of many memorable stops on our 3 day one way trip!
  23. Voted, but y'all made it hard to choose!
  24. Thank you, rihannalexis and mystery gifter! I can't resist a good Xeno lineage, and I've acquired quite the taste for Pyrals lately!
  25. Bred a pair I'm really excited for this coming Halloween season. I hope whoever gets it is inspired like I was! ^^