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  1. I tend to ignore Xmas and Vday because of the CB limits. I can't build my own lineages past gen 3, so why should I care? Halloween is the best holiday for this reason.
  2. *chef's kiss* Well said. It's been a couple years or so but I still got that "sharing is good and kind" message in my head from kindergarten.
  3. Name exclusivity kinda sucks tbh. Bottom line is some folks wanna feel better than others and i think that's a pretty lame reason to keep it. More inclusive and more fun for more people. Sorry to those who wanna feel better than everyone else.
  4. I Want to Sign Up! Forum Name: BrazenChase Scroll Name: BrazenChase Group Name: BrazenChase Secret Santa 2020 Wishlist: Slot 1: CB Staterae, Neglected, 2G Prize (Please no Mints), 2G Prizekin (Astrapi from F. Bronze Shim | Red from F. Gold Shim | Staterae from F. Silver Shim | Silver from F. Gold Shim), 2G from Spriter's Alt. Slot 2: 3g from Spriter's Alt, 3g Thuwed, Alt Black Slot 3: CB Xenowyrm* (These are my absolute favorite! :D) Slot 4: 2G Avatar (Xenos loved!) Slot 5: CB Lunar Herald, CB Fire Gem Slot 6: I love interesting Xeno lineages! A few I am excitedly working on are: Male Chrono/Female Red Fire Gem Male Green Fire Gem/Female Umbra Any 2G PB Xeno miscolor! Male Pharos/Female Chrono Chrono/Mageia Surprise me, show me what you like to do with Xenos! Slot 7: CB Equinox, other CB Easterns! Breeding abilities: I have all CB Metals, several CB Staterae, a group of 2g SAltkins here, I can make several 3G Thuwed checkers, And can make many nice 3G prize checkers. Catching abilities: Good at catching Xenos, Zyus, Dinos, Coppers, and Aeons. Occasionally catch metals. Trading abilities: Decent trading abilities. 3G SAlt/Prize/Thuwed checkers, etc. Teleport abilities: Nah I'm good.
  5. Hueheueheheheueueheh I'm L I V I N G
  6. Oh man that's genius, wish I'd thought of that! xD
  7. What a turnout! Super fun to look at everyone's pets.... Super hard to decide how to vote!
  8. Entering with my little Pippa on her favorite chair outside! She loves to sit in the sun so much that we actually have to move her so she doesn't get too hot... xD
  9. I'm all for this, actually. With success scaling depending on the breed in question's rarity, I see this as a fair and helpful tool. It's especially good for long lineages, or timed breeds such as LHs, as mentioned by ShadowDrake. I'm all for quality of life, there's nothing necessarily challenging about RNG since it's all luck, and can eventually get frustrating if it just ain't with ya. This would also be a fantastic tool to have when dealing with the wonky ratios around a lot of new release dragons. I understand rarity would still be a scaling factor, but it would help people enjoy new release breeds in lineage planning much sooner and more realistically without waiting months or years,
  10. Just popping in again to say a big thank you to the organizers and gifters in this thread! What you're doing is so wonderful, and has brought a lot of joy in these otherwise subdued times. It's been a quiet birthday for me this year, and all of your kindness has really brightened my days at home. Thank you to all of the wonderful gifters, and organizers of this great community initiative ❤️
  11. I've been watching my Prime Minister's address on the state of Canada re: COVID-19 every morning for the last few weeks, as well as my Premier (Doug Ford) as well. I'm no fan of his, but I agree with him pushing for more testing being done in my province. ~2500 a day for Canada's most populous province was not enough. With the redoubled efforts on that front, I wonder what our numbers are really going to look like when that information starts to take shape. I just graduated in September and was taking a few extra courses to work towards a nice full time job, but all my courses got halted thanks to the virus. So since I'm not a student, and I wasn't employed full time... I don't qualify for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit. I had a job lined up on the gardening crew for a high end golf course but they got shut down too. It's a weird limbo, but I make do with freelance jobs for now. I work alone and it's all outside, at least. Got folks paying me via E-Transfer to do all their yard work and spring garden prep. Just gotta wait it all out and listen to what experts are saying, what we do today is what we get tomorrow after all. Anyway, here's a quick laugh from one of Justin Trudeau's addresses if anyone needs something to chuckle at amidst such a heavy topic. Stay safe, everyone!
  12. Glad I made it in time! I've been so forgetful with checking the forums as of late, whew! Thank you so much @bonvoyage and @Lagie for the wonderful surprises! And thank you Aqub for running such a fun event for all of us! ^^
  13. On Saturday I plan on breeding all of my Xenowyrms to the AP to celebrate my birthday in isolation--feel free to join me! EDIT: All were bred last night, all 2gs, or checkers! Look for the Pyrali name!
  14. Happy Birthday to Me! Scroll: BrazenChase Forum name: BrazenChase Birthday: April 4th List: 1. CB Silver, 2g Prize, 2g SAlt 2. Any CB Xenowyrm (They're my favorite!) 3a. Mageia/Lihnseyre Checker/2g! 3b. Astrapi/Bolt Checker/2g! 4a. CB Bolt, perhaps? 4b. CB Lihnseyre? {Remember to include the item mentioned in the Rules.}
  15. @water_angel Your collection is amazing! I have the same Growlithe plush, myself! It's one of my favorites ;w; I wish they'd release Zoids in North America again, I always have to order mine from Japan. The shipping is so expensive so they're a rare treat for me. Watching Chaotic Century and New Century Zero was a blast, I should do a re-watch too! xD
  16. This was taken recently--the plastic aftermath of one of my Zoids model kit builds! The finished model standing proudly surrounded by the parts sheets. Whew! Always a fun cleanup afterwards haha!
  17. https://dragcave.net/teleport/c4fec659bec827f164013b11e34624e0 4 letter word code for anyone who needs.
  18. Took for mine, thank you! (I swear on my army, I'm telling the truth! xD)
  19. I will chime in and say that the current ratio system really kills my hype for new releases. We get new dragons which is super fun! But we can't really start making any lineages with them for who knows how long? So when a breed I really like is released, I catch some and then... Sit for a really long time not doing a whole lot with them because it feels really pointless to try and make lineages that aren't PB. I'll breed for checkers and only have one half for months and months at a time just sitting there with little to no hope of a counterpart. Aside from the initial flood in the cave, I wish breeding would just operate based on an assigned value rather than one that moves with ratios. If the rarity of a breed is something determined from the start, that stays static, then we won't have these problems. For example, Lihnseyres release as a common breed. Have that "common" value be a static thing, so that they can immediately interact with other breeds on-site similarly to how other common breeds do. That way it still behaves as a common as intended, but without months and months (or even years) of being "ubercommon/new release" that drowns out all attempts at breeding with other things (including other commons).
  20. I see no reason why they shouldn't be included. I can buy as many Xenowyrms as I can afford, and they operate in a similar fashion.
  21. Apologies for the delay--I've not been able to access my computer this week and I've not got much aptitude with the mobile forum layout. Let's fix that! Poll is up, I extended the due date as well!
  22. Was expressing the same old frustrations with this again last night as my friend was struggling to get CBs of certain Xmas breeds because the biome was not, and clearly could not move. She couldn't pick anything up, and neither could I, or anyone else watching, presumably. This kept happening over and over again and she had to stay up very late to get one of the ones she wanted, and I find it so frustrating after being able to help her get her CBs during Halloween. All I can do now, and during VDay when it comes is... Wring my hands, I guess? It's not fun for anyone. Agree wholeheartedly with Tjekan. There is such an easy solution that would benefit everybody and no real reason not to do it. It is so, so frustrating to look at, and be a part of this entire situation knowing this. It's supposed to be fun. It's supposed to be a season of sharing. It's neither.
  23. The people who are trying to create that second wave aren't getting anything out of it, themselves. I can't go and re-catch the eggs I throw to the AP for myself. They're there for people who might need a second chance. Knowing it might be helping someone is enough for me. It's a really pessimistic view to say that it doesn't help anyone. Lots of people go to Halloween parties or engage in other activities that keep them out for the night. Some people might double dip, sure, but there are others who genuinely need and appreciate that chance. I've seen plenty of people get their pairs from the AP who otherwise wouldn't. Say whatever you want, but the intention behind it is good, and the volume of those eggs that do go through the AP says a lot about our community as everyone who is abandoning like that gets nothing from it for themselves. I think given the chance to help, a lot of people take it. That's largely been my experience on DC and part of why I love this site so much. More CBs to go around gives people a chance to be more generous, and do all the great things I see them do on Halloween. A lot of these arguments are ignoring that scroll/egg space is very much still a thing. Removing the 2 cap doesn't magically remove my 8 egg slots, 24 hatchling slots. So even if everyone is as voracious and "selfish" as people are claiming, they will still get locked. As others have said in the thread before me, whenever anyone proposes any kind of change around here, people tend to get very reactionary. The sky isn't going to fall. Halloween is proof of this. Plenty of old Halloween CBs sit in the biomes between drops after the first rush day. Tons of them, even. The hub moves really well with people trading back and forth (which is a neutral option for folks who don't like forums and other social platforms). The event flows. The cave doesn't get blocked or stagnant, you don't run out of dragons to breed almost immediately, and people have things to trade back and forth. Xmas and Vday lack that same flow and engagement.