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  1. Imgur and Discord are also good options for image hosting at the moment.
  2. I'd like a reminder too--as a Canadian I will think Thanksgiving is in October xD
  3. Coingrats!! Guess I need to complain louder over here :x But then the universe will hear me. The more I want it, the more it ain't gonna happen D:
  4. The scroll securing is my favorite feature of DragHatch. I would love to see other sites use this as well. It doesn't hurt anyone to add except the trolls. It's clearly doable as exhibited by DragHatch and would be a nice quality of life for anyone who wants to opt into it. So uh, yeah. Yay for having nice things and security. It's OK to want nice things for ourselves and the community without it being a life or death thing.
  5. 1. What's your forum name? BrazenChase 2. What's your preferred fruit or vegetable? Peaches! Wonderful of you to put this on!
  6. I would once again like to point out how awful the void was. I'm very much in opposition to any change because it will impact the chronological nature of the AP. One way or another, it will screw up hunting for lost eggs, or special eggs like Thuweds etc. A community wall breaker initiative would be good. Hate walls? Break them down, then. Don't want to deal with it? Go do something else, then. Check your breeding projects, check the cave, spend some shards--there are plenty of options. After what happened with the Void I feel like if anything gets touched there will be much further reaching consequences.
  7. I'm in favor of not touching it. Ain't broke, don't fix it.
  8. god can't hear me screaming under this pile of red gemshards i've hatched over 10 of these i just need blue BLEASE
  9. Only 3 eggs from one breeder? So how about them Thuweds.... We don't need the void. We need some perspective. Featherywings articulated it well. You don't go to a Flea Market and get angry that the stuff there is all used, and complain when you can't find a priceless item in a bargain bin. Same applies to the AP. The void did significantly more harm than good, and TJ has stated it was not his intention. It isn't what we need, and it isn't what he wants for the site either judging by the help thread.
  10. Playing catch and release with the walls leads to easy hatchies in the AP for newbies or folks who are egg locked. And again, walls keep the AP incuhatchable. A 6 Day AP would suck. What's the point lmao
  11. After seeing the recent issues with the AP swallowing and spitting up eggs, I'm gonna have to say I would prefer we leave the AP alone as it is. Walls aren't a bad thing, people just need some perspective tbh. Seeing eggs and hatchlings go completely missing was not fun for anybody. And then there's Thuwed hunting, or trying perhaps to recover a missing egg for someone that got auto'd.
  12. The benefits of a lower timed AP are undeniable, and shared by everyone when it gets down to it. I see people planning massbreeds as community events here on the forums, or in other channels. It's a fun way to bring people together, and help fix horribly skewed release ratios too. This hostility is really not necessary.
  13. I hope the AP reverts to it's proper state. It wasn't broken and did not need fixing. This isn't an improvement. Hunting Thuweds or tying to retrieve missing eggs for other users would be significantly more difficult. Walls are fine. The low times that come after them are a reward everyone can enjoy. No one wants a 6 day AP. Don't like the wall? Breed something, use your shards, or perhaps cave hunt. There are many other facets to this game. It doesn't need changing and I look forward to seeing it return to its proper state.
  14. Being kind is cool, folks. No need to be mean and edgy,I like to think we're past that. I used to be one of those "I'm not mean I'm honest" folks in high school. Turns out I was just mean and I hurt a lot of people around me for no good reason. Let people enjoy their success, it doesn't cost you anything.
  15. Thanks PurpleHaze and Anon, cheers for a good round~! And thank you Aqub!
  16. Entered! Very excited!
  17. I think it's a nice idea. It's something for everyone who loses over and over and over. It isn't taking away from anyone else, either. Nor will it affect trades. It's a nice thing. Let's have nice things.
  18. Seems they like to move around but... Why are all the other biomes empty?
  19. Ah, wonderful! Thanks again for hosting, Roza! And thanks to everyone else who made this possible!
  20. This looks like a really nice idea--I'll have to hop in next week ^^
  21. I also don't see any real cons besides a few gatekeepers getting their feathers ruffled because some theoretical silly folks will be allowed in the sandbox not really hurting anybody. No one is forcing you to read descriptions you yourself wouldn't write. Unless you want to go deep diving on my scroll of over 1000 dragons to find one of my less than 10 described ones (good luck) you would probably never see them. Since it's a user description it isn't official or canon, and it is clearly labeled as a user description. No one's lore is being touched or ruined in any meaningful way. The links and profanity can be filtered out, and if someone does put something inappropriate up then it can be reported just like inappropriate names are now. We don't have to get every single name we write approved and those sure aren't lore friendly in a lot of cases.
  22. If it's automated, you won't need to moderate it. A filter for inappropriate language/code/links has already been suggested. If something objectionable DOES come up that is actually HARMFUL--not just "this writer is obviously 13 and i think their description is dumb" it can be reported and dealt with from there.
  23. Voted! Tough call, but it always is..
  24. I think this will make Descriptions a much more welcoming feature of the game, and feel less like a hopeless endeavor or English homework. It saves resources on the end of the mods, and lets users have results. I fail to see why the degree of gatekeeping we currently have is necessary, and at all worth all the resources it is consuming. Let people have fun in the sandbox. It isn't hurting you. 13 year old Chase would probably write some "half baked" or "stupid" descriptions in the eyes of older players but... 13 year old Chase would be having fun and not hurting anybody by having dragon descriptions that aren't homework worthy on a dragon pet site game. Cin already mentioned how names are not moderated as well. It's consistent. Rather than manually filter literally everything, bringing the entire feature to a slow, arduous slog for everyone involved, this approach would simply have problems dealt with if and when they arise. It isn't like there's a box on the front page randomly showcasing dragon descriptions. You have to look for them or they have to be shared to be found. If you have nothing better to do than sift through other people's dragons looking for reasons to be displeased then... That is a you problem. This level of policing isn't benefitting or encouraging the community to engage. I've seen enough people say they don't bother trying to describe their dragons due to the long wait times and strict rules. We should be encouraging people, not discouraging them. I even had people tell me not to bother or expect anything when I asked about how it worked. Those people weren't exactly wrong, it took almost half a year for my descriptions to even be looked at, and that was only after I made a thread like this one. One had 14 approval votes and 0 rejects or abstains. So even doing everything right, it was still like that. By the end of it it hardly felt worth it. I have other dragons whose stories I would like to tell but the process is so frustrating I almost don't want to try again.