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  1. Haha was just gonna stock up on eggs because I was lazy this week. Finding the caves empty is always a good sign, perfect timing thank you for the lovely new dragons! 😍
  2. Thank you everyone involved for another amazing release! Can't wait what they look like when they're grown and love the new way of turning the Volcano ones into alts if that ain't calling for a checker lineage^^ I was lucky too, looked at my scroll yesterday and thought there's waaaaay too few dragons growing here but couldn't find the eggs I wanted and my dragons were lazy and didn't want to breed haha^^
  3. omg LOL! love these "better" dragons, this certainly made me smile, some are hilarious πŸ˜‚ Though, good old me who next to never has an eye on the calendar, ofc didn't pay attention to the date when I logged in and went through some intense feelings when I saw the first few on my scroll, that, coincidently, don't look soooo much different from their originals, especially at first glance when you notice something's not like you remember it πŸ˜„ First thought - What the egg??? Is my graphics card broken??? Being a gamer who has had their experiences here and there and all... πŸ˜‚ Second thought -
  4. I have a 4th gen Winter Seasonal egg (precoged female) from the lineage I've been working on all last year (all CB Springs > Summers > Autumns > Winter) and would like to swap lineages if you have the same (egg or male hatchie). No inbred ones please UPDATE: traded. Thank you! ❀️ It's my first time posting here so I hope I've done it right^^ Thank you
  5. I absolutely love this event, thank you so much for making it happen and all your amazing work! 😍 I'm in love with the treats and so happy I was able to collect them all after my last year's fail^^. Very well done and thank you bunches for those too ❀️ I managed to complete my Halloween dragons collection and the lonely ones that were waiting for a mate all year aren't lonely anymore either 😊 The event is fun, at this very moment we're in round 235 and going strong without any losses on our side πŸ˜„ although I loved last year's story event too^^ I got one Undead Dragon out of 5 that had
  6. HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY DRAGONCAVE!!! And a big ❀️THANK YOU❀️ to everyone inolved for all your amazing work and dedication over all those years 😍 Now our hatchie has grown its wings 😊