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  1. Add a lineage! Forum name: Lunaflare New lineage: Pokemon Theme Song Lifelight (Currently fogged because of viewbombing, will post as soon as it grows up) Notes: You are free to do whatever you want with the offspring, but it is preferred that you freeze them.
  2. Welp. I declined a trade because the person who offered was egglocked. Next thing I know, all of my eggs are added to AoND. Thankfully I caught it in time. I also fogged all eggs under 6 days (Including a newly bred 2G prize) Jerk. EDIT: I wasn't just on AoND: I was EVERYWHERE! Everything is hidden thanks to my "helper". To whoever keeps viewbombing me: Aww, did I strike a nerve with my rare dragons?
  3. my heart jumped as soon as i saw the email saying "congrats, you've won, claim your prize!" i'm really proud of my bronze shimmer and even named him after my (deceased) best friend's original character. he's at 4 days and 2 hours at s2, and his first mate is gonna be a female aqualis! i was torn between that or a pyro zenowyrm but i think i've made up my mind for now.
  4. phew! glad to know that it won't die. i just noticed that "it has a protective barrier" around it to keep it from harm. and thank you!
  5. So, I was one of the 60 users that won the raffle. (Yay!) I incubated my egg and put it on a clicksite thinking: it's immune to sickness, so it won't die unless I go out of my way to kill it. However, when it hatched, it got sick! Is this normal? I fogged it and I'm waiting until it has 4 days left to unfog. I thought that the first gen prizes were immune to sickness... am I wrong?
  6. guess who just snagged a storm hatchie from the AP with over 13k views? looks like viewbombers are happening yet again. be safe! edit: one of my other recent dragons, which was either an AP snatch or trade, has over 9k views. viewbombing, perhaps? also, the storm dragon survived.
  7. caught a 3G SAltkin Mutamore from the AP! i originally caught it because it had a word code but i was surprised when i saw a spriter's alt grandparent! https://dragcave.net/lineage/WCgaS
  8. it looks like someone is viewbombing people. someone on the trading page said that they're being viewbombed. when I looked at their scroll, one of their hatchlings had over 9,000 views (ouch) to protect this user, i will not speak their name. if you were affected, feel free to vent to me. i'm always open to private messages ❤️ (btw i wasn't affected by this, thankfully.)
  9. https://dragcave.net/lineage/FpUEB there's my 3rd gen spiral with moonstones! how does it look?
  10. ooh! username-wish, i'm a female CB hellfire wyvern with 2 kids! using my IRL first name, i'm also a 2G female pink with 4 kids! using my IRL middle name, i'm a CB female purple!
  11. i don't remember the first four, but i remember my first two. they were: a winter magi, and a royal blue. (i joined during last year's christmas.)
  12. Lunaflare's Wishlist: No IOU's! No trade backs! If your offer stands, I either haven't seen it or am considering it! I usually accept inbreds! MATES FOR OTHER DRAGONS - 3G female from Grave checker - CB female - 3G female from Nocturne checker - 3G female from Mutamore checker - 3G female from Floral-Crowned checker - CB male ALWAYS ACCEPTING: - Either gender for influencing - For precogging - CB of any color - Lunar Heralds - Prizes - Metallics - Thuweds - Dorkfaces - SAltkin - Word/name/cool codes OTHERS/FOR FREEZING: - S1 / S2 - S1/S2 - S1 - All stages - S1 / S2 - All stages - All stages - S1 - All stages, including ungendered - S1/S2 - S1/S2/Adult - S1/S2/Adult - S1/S2