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  1. they're beautiful! good work!
  2. it looks like someone is viewbombing people. someone on the trading page said that they're being viewbombed. when I looked at their scroll, one of their hatchlings had over 9,000 views (ouch) to protect this user, i will not speak their name. if you were affected, feel free to vent to me. i'm always open to private messages ❤️ (btw i wasn't affected by this, thankfully.)
  3. https://dragcave.net/lineage/FpUEB there's my 3rd gen spiral with moonstones! how does it look?
  4. ooh! username-wish, i'm a female CB hellfire wyvern with 2 kids! using my IRL first name, i'm also a 2G female pink with 4 kids! using my IRL middle name, i'm a CB female purple!
  5. i don't remember the first four, but i remember my first two. they were: a winter magi, and a royal blue. (i joined during last year's christmas.)
  6. Lunaflare's Wishlist: NO IOU'S! NO TRADE BACKS! I USE DECLINE! NO MEANS NO! MATES FOR OTHER DRAGONS: - 3G female from Grave father checker (Unrelated to jOfqp) - 2G female from Holly father (Unrelated to gJHVJ) - CB male - 3G PB male (Unrelated to vOv7v) ALWAYS ACCEPTING: - Either gender for influencing - For precogging - CB of any color - Prizekin with a non-messy lineage - Thuweds - Dorkfaces - SAltkin - Word/name/cool codes OTHERS/FOR FREEZING: - S1 / S2 - S1/S2 - S1 - All stages - S1 / S2 - All stages - All stages - S1 - All stages, including ungendered - S1/S2 - S1 - S1/S2 - S1 - S1 - S1 - S1/S2 - S1 - S1/S2 - S1/S2/Adult - S1/S2/Adult - S1/S2