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I’m happy to breed G2s of what I have and give them away. Just let me know.
Hopefully I don’t get backlogged by this. Haha...

I do have a Gold Shimmer Prize that I will breed.


I desire CBs of everything and pairs where applicable. 
I’ll make a list here one day of everything I’m still missing.
For sure I’m missing that which is disregarded.....



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    If you want me to breed someone for you for trades, let me know.
    If you are worried because someone isn’t named,
    my dudes get named when intentionally breeding for people.
    Otherwise.... I’m slow. You see how many dragons I have?!
    It takes forever cause I get bored from monotony.
    Plus it’d be faster on a computer and guess what I’m lacking...

    I do have a Male Gold Shimmer Prize.
    Yes I will breed him to whatever you want.
    If its not a Holiday, it can take a longer unless you wanted a Prizekin.
    Sometimes he is nice and pops a Prize on the first attempt.

    Prize Stud IOU Trades:
    [x] Sakuhana for ND
    [x] Blusang for New Xenos
    [x] Gold Lunar Herald for Aeon + Aquilo + Pyro
    [ ] Mageia for ?
    [ ] Gaia Prizekin for ?