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  1. Oh, what cool dragons!! I've got a good clutch of the pygmies but am still looking for some rift eggs... I'll get them eventually! and oh man, the implications of what havoc mischievous portal-hopping dragons can wreak... there's great potential for hilarity there.
  2. I missed the event entirely. whoops 😧
  3. Last year I got eaten, but this year I got an upside-down Mint! ❤️
  4. I haven't gotten to all of the characters yet, but Alun is my favorite so far. I picked track (even though he seemed like a tad bit of a stereotypical jock at our first meeting) because I, in fact, run track in real life. But I ended up really liking him after all- he's pretty sweet ❤️ I tried Mordred, Tsoko and Harle also, but haven't gotten to the dance with either of them. Accidentally upset Harle by offering the brutally honest advice and now I feel bad about it, whoops.
  5. I adored this event- probably my all-time favorites, to be honest ❤️ After much reshuffling and deleting I'm finally happy with my fort- there were so many cute items and landscape bits, I tried to use as large a variety as I could haha. I love the pictures of everyone's forts! So cool! The new dragon is gorgeous as well! Thank you, spriters!
  6. I really enjoyed the story this event- but I don't think I got all the items. That, and the fact that it was a pretty fun little storyline (I always love the CYOAs ^^) makes me wish we were able to replay the event. Maybe they'll add that in as an option later? I seem to recall them doing that with the Valentines CYOA a few years back.
  7. Aaah, both adults so far look awesome! Can't wait to see what the female Pipio ends up looking like ❤️