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  1. Refuse to link eggs...mysthunter has spoken. Haha...day off in ranger office. Okay will post when I can.
  2. Hi again...look up Eagle Alaska...post 2009's flood. That is where I am...so yeah. BYE BYE!!!
  3. Hey wait...Just a blusang?! Dang...making fun of my gift.
  4. You know PH you have a good point with E. Hope...so yeah I guess it could do that. I also think it would be AWESOME to have a theif dragon so I could steal other people's Hope Eggs...I mean it would go like... See, that would be awesome...so totally awesome. There is a prize in there...a very nice 2nd Gen PB Blusang...I wonder what mistakes I made...
  5. Well, I will split my scroll in two then PH...you can have all my CBs and the other person can have all my lineaged eggs... Expect for my CB silvers...they can go to Santini...and none for you Zerhai. I leave all my Hopes to Amthystfire...I guess that is it. I am going to be out of communication starting the night of the 14th...I will still have net in Fairbanks Alaska, but once I am out of there! Hahaha...see you here and there then. I will be back to bother you all a few more times...before then of course...but that is my DC "will"...lol.
  6. If I get mauled by a bear I already promised my scroll to somebody...lol...j/k.
  7. Tried breeding E. Hope...Since, I am leaving for Alaska on May 12th, I won't have the chance to breed her again. I MIGHT have some net access where I am going and if I do...I will try and breed, if not this is it until October. Later!
  8. A thief dragon...so I can steal eggs off other people's scrolls...evil laugh.
  9. 7 Days before I leave for Alaska...with no net... So thank you OC!
  10. Oh no!!! I vamped my Hope Egg...it begged not to be vamped...but E. Hope Demanded it. She felt that the egg was not worth her time, and that it must have been vamped. She wishes all her children to be vampires...so that she may slowly take over scrolls...E. Hope shall rule them all.
  11. No E. Hope egg this week...but I do have this. Totally up for grabs...if it is not claimed for in 24 hours it gets vamped.
  12. Can you kill papers to get an unded dragon? I thought that was just for "real" dragons... I have this...I just can not seem to be able to move it. I have been asking for a Red FinnedDorsal CB, but is that too much to ask for this dragon egg. Would be nice to know, thank you.
  13. Hi, thank you for wanting to be part. What lineage would you like to be part of? The original or the Ghost walker one?
  14. E. Hope can breed in 1 more day...I can get at least 2 more breedings in, MAYBE 3 depending on stuff before I leave. Once up there my breeding will be few and far between. I am not sure who needs/wants an E. Hope Egg. PH pick some random people for me to gift them too...or you can have them either way. Bye!
  15. Glad you enjoy, I was hoping it would get to somebody who would like it.
  16. Just got that US Air Force Egg!!! That is pretty awesome, have some family in the AF so very big thank you!
  17. Happy Easter to all and God Bless.
  18. Not leaving till May 12...I should get at least one more E. Hope Breeding in.
  19. I guess it is me, but I just see this opening Pandora's box. If we are going to start going back to clean up this or that we are going to find more "mistakes" that we will want to change...where would it stop? I tend to think DC is in its own little place...where rules are relaxed and everything is fluid. Like TJ was saying there is no set rules...just accept Dove's rule and then do what you wish after that. You want to break her rules go for it, it is DC the only rules are the limits to your own imagination.
  20. Let me inject some real life into this entire saga...I mean I started off angry, but as I thought about it and read the rest of the topic, it started to boil down to this: I am an EMT and I ride for a squad, Sunday I am on call. If the worst that happens tomorrow is I miss out on some Pixels on a screen than I am happy. Because the last two times I was on call I had people die right in front of me, that makes for a crappy day. It puts a real downer on the entire mood of the day. Yet, if I have to deal with a bad drop time...and nobody dies in front of me or in my arms tomorrow life