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Take a look at my scroll: Here If you see anything you want, let me know and I will try and breed it! It will be a gift from me to you!Am I ARK listed? Of course I am! Check it out Right here!PMSsig1.giflongbannerb.pngMalygos1.png 20feseb.gif14tr5np.gif2in1xg.gif

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    I am not sure really what to put here, like I have done a lot, but not really much of interest to people outside of what I have done...

    I am an EMT, but unless you are in the medical field...odds are you don't care...

    Worked as a Federal Park Ranger at two National Parks. That was pretty epic, have some great stories, but unless you like history or hiking not really much of a story...cheer to hiking!

    My degrees are in Political Science and Criminal Justice...so, I have stories from the Campaign trails, but unless you follow politics you don't care...

    I play Starcraft and World of Warcraft too...blew out both my knees playing Ice Hockey...so...yeah.

    Okay, I guess I am done. I am a more interesting person...in person. So sorry for this being so boring.