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  1. Trying to learn French. I'm having a lot of difficulty though
  2. plushies. chocolate.. books... Oh wait I already do that. I'm already a hoarder, so I wouldn't change much. 😝
  3. 3 Wishes. Three Wishes was all ready taken up, but was just surprised that this one wasn't taken either.
  4. I at least remember my very first is an Albino/ I'm not so sure about the others.. EDIT: Okay, so I went through all my dragons to see which ones were picked on my join date and it looks like it is Albino, White, bleeding Moon, and Harvest.
  5. Oh, wow, it's almost hatched all ready!
  6. Thanks so much! This is a lot of help! I got an abandoned egg and close to death. I was worried.
  7. How do you ask people to click your eggs?