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    The Lineage gets longer!

    Proof (link to egg's lineage): https://dragcave.net/lineage/vY7ba

    What Gen are you on now?: 3rd

    Today's Date: 7/17/2019

    Forum Name: loltears

    Scroll Link (optional): https://dragcave.net/user/Loltears

    Challenge Group Link (required): https://dragcave.net/group/95638


    Had a week setback before, im glad it hasn't been set back now :D just gotta keep collecting these

  2. A New Challenger Enters!

    Scroll Link (optional): https://dragcave.net/user/Loltears
    Forum Name: Loltears
    Today's Date: 6/24/2019

    Starter Dragon (link and name if named) https://dragcave.net/lineage/IszGR [Named Twin Lights]

    Challenge Group Link (required): https://dragcave.net/group/95638

    Goal (Plan for your lineage): My goal is to create a completely clean lineage of Moonstone Dragons, their name ending with 'Light' 'Lights' 'Lighting' or 'Lighter'!

  3. Volcanic Ashes sighed. He would sure love to take a nap, but he would have to make sure the trespassers left. He raised his wings once more and soared towards the location that came before, feeling the coldness that hit him, although the rain was lower down so he didn't feel it.


    He looked down and watched the pair of young dragons tumble out of the territory, kind of amused they were arguing. He flinched when one looked up. "Greeat. More talking for me." He grumbled, wishing he had just napped in the first place.

  4. On 1/11/2019 at 6:39 PM, Griffin_Lokison said:

    A freezing, mountain wind bowled as it passed through the skeleton of the Dragon fortress. Azriel was looking high and low for something, something he found very important to his studies. Yes, he'd read just about every single book and scroll there, but there were still much to learn. The Razorcrest Wyvern was starting to grow frustrated, growls and grunts escaping him as he searched. Finally, he stamped his foot, nostrils flaring. He had had that scroll earlier, when a couple mimics came by claiming to be lost and cold. Now it was missing.


    He had known they were up to no good. No Dragon who was practically forest bound would get lost on such a high mountain. He was much too kind. Yet, they weren't misfits, so why steal from him? 


    He marched out of his sanctuary into the swirling snow and his crests flared as he blinked his eyes to keep the flakes out of them. "Forcing me out on a day like this. The nerve," he grumbled as he slowly opened his wings while crouching low to the ground. He launched himself into the air where the torrential wind started throwing him around. He extended his powers to calm the air around him, but even then it was a struggle. His kind were powerful airbenders, but this wind proved stubborn to bending. 


    He tucked his wings close to his body and dove downwards. In the lower elevation, it wasn't quite as windy, so he was able to stop using his magic and fly smoothly. His eyes scanned the smaller mountains below, and even caught the eerie glow of the volcano that Azriel had read in books that an ancient dwelled there. He wished to meet him someday, even though it was warned that the ancient was highly territorial. Finally, Azriel was flying out of the mountains and down into the foothills, but he was quick to see something was amiss. 


    Fog as thick as some of the largest volumes of books back at Azriel's fortress filled the valley beneath the huge mountains. The forested valley was expected to have some poor weather, but the blue and bronze Wyvern had never seen fog so thick. He cautiously went in for a landing, pumping his wings a bit harder to clear enough of the fog to make sure he wouldn't crash into a tree. He landed with a soft thud. He tried to peer through the thick fog.


    ((Imagine Azriel's voice having a British accent. That's what I'm imagining))


    Sighing, the old dragon raised his head and huffed out loud, nearly lighting a trees' leaves on fire, before moving towards a small clearing, just barely big enough for him to raise his wings. He flapped his wings and soared into the air, heading towards his volcano, high in the sky. "It's fairly windy out here." He muttered, before speeding up, eager to get to his warm volcano. For other dragons it must be just fine, but he preferred the comfortable heat from the volcano's lava. It's a fairly inactive one, only erupting every century or so, but the lava's heat was soothing, and near the top of the volcano, when he was a young dragon, his mate's eggs incubated well. He finally reached the bottom of his volcano, grumbling still, and stared up at it.


    Preparing himself for the steep flight uphill, he raised his wings high, then flew himself up the volcano with a large burst of speed. He opened his mouth and formed a hot lava ball in his mouth, keeping it there to generate warmth, since the flight uphill was cold and he felt a little weak. He reached the top and released the lava ball, and it flew into the lava chasm, bubbling with protest. Volcanic Ashes gasped for a little while, regaining his energy. He was warm, but still colder than he likes to be. He stared downwards, the grabbed a rock.


    He grabbed the rock, flew about halfway to the lava, went to the wall flying steadily, and gave it a small fire blast. It cooled down quickly, but with enough time for him to insert the rock. Satisfied, he grabbed another and another. "It is complete." He gazed at it with satisfaction, then he flew over to it, pressing himself against the warm stones. He had made a ledge for himself to sit or lay on, and he loved it's comfort. "Now I can sleep for a while." He murmured. "Without interruptions, perhaps?" "No....no dragon would want to interrupt their dear eldest dragon." He thought in satisfaction. Flipping around with his back to the stones, he shot small bits of fire into the air, which came showering down in some sort of heat wave. He grumbled in delight, stretching.

  5. So I join the game, accidentally spend all of mine because I couldn't find weapons, so I sell my stuff and get 4 snowball thingies, I buy a cannon, I fight someone and they end up having tons of stuff, I loose, I come back every few days to play, and then my Cannon disappears. I don't have any weapons and I can't do anything, I have 1 snowballs too. When I leveled up it gave me nothing. I'm stuck. I'm very frustrated ._.

  6. @skwerl56767


    "I'm Volcanic Ashes." He grunted, his eyes narrowing.

    "Are you gonna move? You got whatcha wanted, didn't ya'?"

    He swerved his wing into a tree, and muttered, then leaped behind him and bit the tree.

    The tree croaked with protest at his actions, and he let go, before huffing flames into the leaves.

    The leaves shriveled and turned into ash.

    "Dumb lil' trees." He hissed. His nostrils were smoking, and he opened his mouth, the smooth licking of flames growing inside.

    Then he launched some kind of fireball that hit the tree, knocking it over, which rattled the ground. 

    Fury still spiked him, and he launched another. That left him gasping for breath, but he recovered quickly.

    "Nature never did nothin'!" He suddenly seemed more... folk-like, by the way he was choosing his words.

  7. Volcanic Ashes suddenly charged towards them, raising his wings. He looked much bigger now.

    "Every dragon that comes by cannot go without my permission." He snarled, fire flickering at the edges of his slightly open mouth.

    He quickly shut his mouth. "I will not kill you, not hurt you. But you must not leave now."

    In slight satisfaction, he added a little something to the mix. "Or i'll scorch you into ashes."

    Seeing the faces on the tiny little dragons satisfied him more.

    "You are not my maid. Also, I don't eat for months. It wasn't feeding time, I was awoken. If you wanna know where it went..." 

    He lowered his head to the ground, looking at tiny bunches of footprints. Finally he raised his head. "...that way." He finished, twitching his wing in that direction.

     He quickly caught the startled looks of the little dragons. Staring at them thoughtfully, he waited for them to follow the way he pointed, and was ready to follow.



    Noxintine is accepted and has been added to the board!

  8. Volcanic Ashes snorted. "I haven't known the direction for all my life."

    "As I told you, I don't know."

    Suddenly he opened his jaws and lifted his head, breathing out flames.

    "If you stay here, you'll be nothing but ash." He said.

    "Really, i'm too nice to you little dragons."


  9. Volcanic Ashes narrowed his eyes. "By killing it, surely?"

    He eyed Storm.

    "What commune? Are you serious right now?" He huffed.

    "I am the oldest dragon you will ever get to see. You should honor me." He said.

    His voice was low and seemed a bit edgy.

    "That purple dragon, ran off someplace. I had too much pity in that stupid thing."

  10. "You're tresspassing by being so close to my volcano." He snorted, ignoring their questions.

    "I found a lil' purple wounded critter. Pitiful thing."

    Then he narrowed his eyes.


    "Why have you come here to the legends lands?" He said carefully, swishing his long tail through a rose bush.

    He didn't even notice the thorns.

    "You gotta have a better reason, or you'll be flying off with much more than a warning." He warned. 

  11. On 10/2/2018 at 4:35 AM, skwerl56767 said:


      “Oh relax, it’s just melted snow,” the Storm said, overhearing him. “At least our… providers, won’t see us coming now.”

      “Hate the rain! Hate it!” the Tri-Horn grumbled regardless. His partner rolled his eyes and came back on all fours.
      “Come on Fang, we shouldn’t be out too late,” he ushered, walking confidently ahead. The Tri-Horn roughly shook his head, flinging off the puddle that had pooled on his head from the initial blast.
      “Stupid mission… stupid rain…” he continued to grumble, quickly following the lithe dragon before he lost him in the similarly-colored fog.

    Volcanic Ashes heard a large rustling noise from far away.

    Rising up, he spat out some fire, stretching his wings. The rain was pouring down, soaking his scales.

    He quickly lifted his wings and soared down the volcano, touching the lava. Elegantly he swooped back up, warm, and saving the warmth in his scales.

    "Who thought it be good to wake up old me?" He snarled.

    He shook himself, and launched himself into the air.

    He quickly spotted a flash of dark blue, and swooped down to the ground.

    Crouching low, he uncomfortably slid across the forest floor.

    He was large for his age- but no bigger than a humans' van.

    He realized quickly that the two were fighting.

    He nearly scraped his wing against a fir, and fought down the urge to whimper.

    Then he burst through the bushes to face two dragons.

    "Who shall fight with a mighty dragon?" He snarled.

    He scraped his claw against the ground, making a dip in the ground.

    The two dragons stared up at him. Lost in thought! Easy dinner for me.


  12. Official Banner:




    Welcome to Dragon's Era! Here dragons live in groups, some with certain breeds, some mixed all together, 'young' and old. 

    Humans don't live in this era, so Dragon's don't have much to worry about.

    Except other dragon packs.

    Some may be allies, some may be the evillest enemies.

    You can choose your own path. And nothing can get in your way.




    The people who are role-playing with us~!


    Loyalty Key:

    0 = Banned

    1 = Temporarily Banned

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    Loltears - 11

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    2. Don't take advantage of loopholes in rules. (a.k.a. use common sense.)

    3. This is an RP, not a conversation topic. (In other words, don't start conversations that should be made in PM.)

    4. Do not sign up to be anything but a dragon.

    5. You can only have the max amount of dragons your rank allows.

    6. Don't whine or complain!

    7. Don't have bad grammar. (Bad example: hi i wanna sig up heres the info Good example: Hi I want to sign up please! Heres my information.)

    8. Be fair. (You can only fatally hurt/kill a dragon with their permission!)

    9. Follow all the rules. :)


    \Dragon Max/


    Below Noob/Verified = Banned/Temporarily Banned Dragons

    Noob/Verified = 2 Dragons

    Trusted/Loyalty = 3 Dragons

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    Co-owner/Lead Co-owner = 5 Dragons (Acceptions for 6)

    Owner = 15 Dragons (Just keep track of them all!)




    In order to be signed up, you must get (17) points. Required points may change, and Loltears may give you an acception.


    If your making a dragon up:


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    Dragon name:  (0/2 Points)

    Dragon gender:  (0/1 Points)

    Dragon origin:  (0/5 Points)

    Dragon powers:  (0/10 Points)

    Rough Explanation of dragon:  (0/50 Points)

    Breed: (0/2 Points)


    IF your dragon is one from Dragon cave:


    Scroll Link:  (0/0 Points)

    RP Example:  (0/10 Points + Commentary)

    Dragon name:  (0/2 Points)

    Dragon gender:  (0/1 Points)

    Dragon origin:  (0/5 Points)

    Dragon powers:  (0/10 Points)

    Rough Explanation of dragon:  (0/50 Points)

    Breed: (0/2 Points)


    Direct Dragon link:





    If I missed anything, let me know!


    Welcome to randomness. :)




    Did you know?


    Did you know in this RP Lead Co-owners and Owners can make hybrid dragons?


    Dragon types:


    All Dragon Cave types


    Smoothtail dragons (Helpers Gift)


    Only Helpers and up can use this!


    /All Dragons\


    RP Example:  Volcanic Ashes glanced around through the fog.

    It was drizzling outside, making him feel uncomfortable.

    He crawled further up the mountain to get closer to the bubbling lava chasm that opened up above.

     (7/10 Points + Commentary: Quite literate but sweet and short at the same time.)

    Dragon name: Volcanic Ashes  (1/2 Points)

    Dragon gender: Male (1/1 Points)

    Dragon origin: Volcanic Ashes was one of the first dragons.

    He was formed by constantly clashing little organisms inside the volcano.

    They fused and became a living dragon. (4/5 Points)

    Dragon powers: He can spit lava-hot fire, like most Smoothtail breeds. (4/10 Points)

    Rough Explanation of dragon: Volcanic Ashes is a gigantic, muscled, leathery, black-footed male dragon.

    Volcanic Ashes is unique since his tips are black, not dark grey like normal Smoothtail dragons. (10/50 Points)

    Breed: Grey Smoothtail (2/2 Points)

    Total Points: 22 PASSED



     Dragon name: Alias is Fang

       Dragon gender: Male

       Dragon origin: Fang is one of many dragons indoctrinated into a criminal mob far up in the northern ranges. This tribe consists of several bands of various outlaws who banded together to form their own mob, which they brand as a tribe to keep contention down between their neighbors. Unlike Tempest, who was taken as an egg and hatched in the mob, Fang was pressed into joining back when he was a very young hatchling, due to a combination of unfortunate circumstance causing his inability to take care of himself, plus his plain ignorance on what was truly good or bad.

       Dragon powers:
          -Can imbue a roar with magic to rally up the morale of those he targets
          -Can use ice magic to temporarily patch wounds and enforce his claws
          -Can use this same ice magic in minimal ways, such as freezing locks or clumping a foe's claws together
          -His most powerful spell is an ice beam that he spits out of his mouth; it packs more of a punch than it freezes, and is as short-lived as lightning

       Rough Explanation of dragon: Fang comes from a line of assertive, principled Tri-Horns, but the twisted raising the mob gave him constantly makes him question what few principles he has. It wears down on his confidence but he tries not to let it show. Preventing dragons from pushing him around is one way he copes with this, although it's notable that he's most lenient with Tempest. Part of this is because of his pride - his way of enforcing his false confidence - and yet it fails in recognition of Tempest's craftiness. After many times of swallowing his pride because of this, he has learned to view Tempest as a member of his "pack"; an artifact of his breed's tendencies, which the mob did not encourage during his raising. This makes Fang rather protective of Tempest even if he hasn't realized it yet.
       The mob that raised Fang ditches the real names of dragons in favor of more ambiguous aliases. Fang's alias came from his tendency as a hatchling to bite without provocation, which is yet another artifact of his breed: pugnacity. This habit has since been subdued to gritting his teeth or chewing on benign things like icicles, but it did earn him the position of a fighter in the mob, and he is sent out on raid missions as a bruiser to protect the thieves and other weaker members. Tempest became his partner in crime due to their personalities meshing well, even if Fang often has trouble wrapping his head around the Storm Dragon's complex ideas. His magic is extremely weak, as he uses it rarely, preferring to rely on strength and skill instead.

       Breed: DC Tri-Horn Wyvern. He has dark green paint splattered all over his scales to break up his natural coloration and make it confusing; effective for sneaking through the coniferous forests the mob hides its camp in.
       Dialogue color is Brown (#995500).


       Dragon name: Alias is Tempest

       Dragon gender: Male

       Dragon origin: Unlike Fang, Tempest was taken as an egg into the mob, where a resident... er, brooder, we'll call her - took care of him, along with many other mismatching eggs found by raid parties. Because of this, Tempest had less issues fitting in than Fang, and his more deliberate, thoughtful ways served him well in learning about others, and therefore how to behave around others. Tempest's lineage is unknown at the moment.

       Dragon powers:
          -Can condense moisture in the air to create dense fog
          -Can, with some difficulty, increase the humidity to enforce his storm-creation
          -Can summon a basic, localized hailstorm with some difficulty
          -Very skilled with wind magic but typically does not use it in excess
          -Has trouble with creating rain as he's used to the cold
          -Can form snow but usually does it to show off; he doesn't find it practical
          -Lightning takes extra magic to form; he doesn't practice it

       Rough Explanation of dragon: Tempest's tactful ways and observations have turned him into a very cunning dragon. Preferring tricks, speed, and knowledge, he has become a great thief, and an even greater silvertongue should he be caught. If his smooth talking ever fails him, he resorts to escape tactics that dazzle and bemuse dragons. He has no shortage of patience, unlike Fang, and having been raised in a mob with no rights for its members, he's used to swindling and being swindled. He has a firm mindset that everything can just be "borrowed", and there's always "the easy way" if you're smart enough to find it. He does have his breed's temper, but it is greatly suppressed under years of self-grooming to be more enduring than the other hot-headed members of the mob. He also pretends to be humble but thrives on praise.
       Tempest's alias comes from the powers he exhibits, although he tries to avoid using his magic reserves; he finds crunching down on mana crystals unpleasant. When he does use magic it's usually in a showy or obscuring way meant to cover his true intentions, such as an escape or to "prove" an outright lie. As such his skill lies in creating fog, and it takes more focus for him than most other Storm Dragons to create rain or lightning. He is relatively good at summoning hail as it makes a great escape coverup. He was partnered up with Fang due to him actually cracking the wyvern's abrasive attitude, and the latter was too dense to mind most of the circumlocution Tempest used. They proved to be quite an effective pair during raid missions, with Fang doing well to protect Tempest's frail body.

       Breed: DC Storm Dragon. He has dark paint on his face, giving him an eerie, jester- or masque-like appearance. The undersides of his wings have confounding, flashy patterns painted on them; enough to stun a target with a brief flare of them in any last-ditch efforts to escape.
       Dialogue color is Blue-grey (#779999).


    Scroll Link:  https://dragcave.net/user/Kazmirl

    RP Example:  Noxintine smiled at the small doe walking through the grassy field ahead of him. He stood up from where he was laying to get a better view of the animal, but as he stood his movement caused it to turn, and run off behind a nearby hill.

    Dragon name:  Noxintine

    Dragon gender:  Male

    Dragon origin:  Noxintine's story began we he hatched in a cold, frosty mountain spring. For the first part of his life, He had met not one soul, as his parent had fled the area for an unknown reason, leaving their unhatched egg. The first other living creature he met, was a deer.

    Dragon powers: Noxintine is an Undine Dragon, His power's come as the art of water bending, though any water that he manipulates feels as if it were almost going to turn to ice. Noxintine finds Ice magic to be easier than it's water counterpart, claiming the cold weather of the high mountains allowed him to practice it more easily.

    Simplified meaning: 

    > He can manipulate water as a Waterbender could.

    > He can store water in his body and use this to help him "Materialize" Ice.

    > A blessing from his parent's connection with the spirit of the spring allows Noxintine to occasionally do "Random" Element magic, but most is small unpracticed spells.

    Rough Explanation of dragon:  Noxintine (as stated before) Lived the first part of his life, without contact from Any other beings. As he was growing, He lived off of the nutrient's coming from the mountain spring, absorbing the water into his body, replacing what food he would need. His first ever contact with life was a Deer, which he saw after teaching himself to fly, a process in which an accident cause his right wing to be torn slightly. Soon after reaching near maturity, Noxintine felt something he had never felt before. He was lonely. This feeling caused him to leave his mountain home, and go off in pursuit of finding peace.

    Breed: (0/2 Points) DC Undine Dragon (Though more ice inclined from climate), His right wing is slightly damaged from a past incident.

    Direct Dragon link: https://dragcave.net/view/tHFW2



    Scroll Link: https://dragcave.net/user/Griffin_Lokison

    RP Example:  The wind in his wings exhilarated Azriel as he flew through the air. He started to descend, much to his disappointment, but this was where he needed to be. He landed with a thud, then turned his head this way and that, trying to see if who he was meeting was there yet. "Hullo?" He called. "I've come with the information you needed." He walked forward, gazing through the trees and under bushes. There was no one, and the wyvern suddenly felt uneasy. He quickly opened his wings and took to the sky, circling overhead to try and see what had set him on edge. Still, he saw nothing. Maybe the Dragon he was to meet had bailed on him. Oh well, that was their problem. The secret information he held would just remain the secret it was. He was about to fly off when he saw a flash of scales. He swooped to get a better look and discovered another Dragon, but not the one he was there to meet. "Hullo?" He asked nervously as he landed a few feet away. "Who are you?"

    Dragon name: Azriel Cresten ((has the alias of Armor of the Mind))

    Dragon gender: Male

    Dragon origin: Azriel hatched on a very windy day up in the mountains. Good thing he was in his mother's nest tucked in a protected niche or he would've blown away. He was raised in the treacherous weather of the highest mountains, becoming a strong flyer in turn. He also learned to use strong air magic and had plenty of wind to power it up. But his most prized ability is his intelligence and observant nature. There were ruins from ancient Dragon scholars on the mountain where he grew up, and he used all the books and scrolls there to learn all that he could. Now he lived there and says he will teach any seeking knowledge and says that what he will teach will protect one's mind from becoming weak willed and taken advantage of by those who seek your destruction. Thus his alias, Armor of the Mind.

    Dragon powers: Azriel has powerful air magic, able to manipulate wind currents and use the wind to his advantage, like a weapon almost.

    Rough Explanation of dragon: Azriel's dark blue scales glimmer like a gem in the sunlight, with his bronze markings and bronze crests standing out against the blue. His Amber eyes sometimes look like they are gazing straight into your mind and soul, drawing out information from you without you having to say anything. Though he is not telepathic or anything, he is extremely observant and can seem like a psychic.

    Breed: Razorcrest Wyvern

  13. 12 hours ago, Kaiserf11 said:

    That is quite normal to use a word. As XDLugia said, its random but sometimes you get more than of one gender than the other. It always a 50-50 chance, so if you focused on solely one event (egg) it would end up being either gender, but as you increase the amount of events (eggs) and take into consideration the previous eggs' genders the probablilities will go changing each time. It a lot of statistical non-sense that you don't need to understand, just keep in mind, as it was already suggested, to keep lots and lots of Pink eggs, since they can influence the gender of your dragons.


    The more Pinks you have avaible to influence dragons the best for you. I'd suggest going scavenge the AP for some or maybe you'll get some gifted too, most people in DC are quite friendly and won't mind breeding an egg for you now that you need it the most. If you need help with anything else feel free to ask away or even shoot me a PM if you want.

    Excuse me but your bumping an old topic. ^^'

  14. I couldn't find a post like this, recently. If you found a duplicate you are allowed to lock this thread.


    EDIT: I literally just lost so much writing. MAN that hurts.



    1. You can only post the description if it has no Abstain or Denied traits. If they do I may find them.

    2. Be kind.

    3. Please stay on topic. If you wanna talk, PM them and don't start conversations.

    4. ONLY post descriptions. If you post words talking to somebody, then add descriptions to cover it, that would not be allowed.

    5. Please remember all the DC rules and the Forum rules.



    Here you post your dragons descriptions! 





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  15. So, I want to create a topic where people can sign up for dragons to be mated with eachother (through transfers), and I know theres a breeding topic but it looks like it's only for lineages and other stuff. I'm not sure if I will get in trouble for being off topic when I obviously don't know if it was allowed or not. 😓 I need a little help here.