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  1. Okay, I binge-read this thread a while ago, but I just did so again, and it's just as good the second time through. I really love how even the female Moonstone has a beard in this picture.
  2. Looks useful. I find notes and stuff much easier to keep track of if they're more closely linked to their topic. So, ideal format (for me) for dragon notes would be a "notes" field on each dragon's page. (Only visible to the dragon's owner, of course.) Ideally, notes could be edited right from the dragon's page. Maybe something like this: Sure, some people like to scroll through a spreadsheet, but I think I would find that too hard to keep track of.
  3. Okay, here's a suggestion for how a "you are egglocked" notification could be handled. - The first time you try to breed a dragon while egglocked, you get a popup saying "Are you sure you want to breed these dragons? You don't have room to keep any more eggs." - If you click yes, it breeds them, auto-abandons the egg, and makes a note that you auto-abandoned an egg at X time. - The next time you try to breed a dragon while egglocked, it checks when you last auto-abandoned an egg. If you did so recently (like past 1-5 minutes), then it will not show the popup again, and instead it will just breed the dragons. And, of course, auto-abandon the egg and revise the "when user last auto-abandoned an egg" setting. So, it would basically give a one-time warning popup per breeding session. --- I was previously in favor of adding a warning to the existing popup confirmation... except that there isn't an existing popup confirmation! (For me, at least.) Obviously, I was getting it confused with the BSAs. I think a warning at the top of the "choose a mate for your dragon" page wouldn't cause any harm, but the fact that it doesn't update in real time would make it a bit less useful.
  4. A pop-up confirmation dialogue would be a huge pain. An additional message (in red text!) on the current popup would be great. Edit: I just went and bred a dragon, and there is no popup. So one couldn't add additional text to it. An additional message on the breeding page would be helpful, but less so because you might scroll down to find the dragon you plan to breed this one to, tab away, egglock yourself, and come back later. An additional message on the Actions page before you even hit "Breed" would be almost useless if you are breeding several dragons at once. So, I'd like to see the current breeding confirmation popup get an extra warning printed on it if you are egglocked. I'd like to see a message at the top of the "choose a mate for this dragon" type page. Showing a warning message to egglocked players when viewing the AP and/or cave biomes would be nice, if it could be added without cluttering the page, but I don't perceive "missed an egg" to be nearly so distressing as "bred an egg and lost it again".
  5. When I saw the male Astaarus in lineage view, I thought of Antareans. Sadly, my only CB Antarean is male, so I can't try crossing a female Antarean to an Astaarus right now. I think it looks pretty good. I really like the male blue Siyat with female Astaarus pairing that @SultrySandwich showed. Several of the others pairings with a female Astaarus in them also look really nice.
  6. Why "Skyskratcher"? And do you think Astroponies are a Horse/Nebula hybrid?
  7. Probably not very likely, though. - I thought the starry ones were the ones that looked like donuts? It's the light blue ones that sort as Sky-something. - Skydonut would sort before, not after, Skysilk.)
  8. Sky hatchies look like the same sort of teeny tiny that Risensongs and Setsongs are, I think. I wonder whether they'll go well together in lineages. And more starry/air/sky dragons is more potential mates for Stratos, Elux Lucis, Aeria Gloris, and so on. Edit: They're still flooding in large numbers 9 hours after release, I see. Has TJ changed the initial flood length, or are they going to be super-common? Hoping it's the former!
  9. GOK is the kewl new way to spell gawk.
  10. Support! In my case, I would probably use this feature to find lineages I intended to continue but forgot about. So if I find a Halloween checker with no offspring, then I can go figure out whether I have a suitable mate or not. And of course, any dragon which has offspring can probably be bred to its most recent mate and produce a nice dragon without too much thinking or searching. Generally, more filter/search options means more ways to find the dragon(s) you're thinking of. Although for clutter-reduction reasons it might become necessary to add an advanced search feature with tickboxes for all the sorting and filtering options.
  11. Yeah, "bitten by" feels a lot like "lineage". Glancing over the other thread, "Bring Back CB Vampires", here's my favorite suggestion: A suggestion of my own: mythologically, I believe vampires sometimes happened when someone's corpse wasn't properly buried, or if the person had done/been certain things in life - I don't remember precisely, but probably something along the lines of murderer/suicide/cannibal/werewolf. Yep, werewolf, apparently vampires and werewolves were closely associated with each other in some places. So wouldn't it be cool if there were some pretty common breed of dragon that turned into a vampire if killed? Like add "It twitches as you walk away." to the end of the successful kill message, and then at sunset the next day it turns into a vampire? With an accompanying notification like "(Name) has risen again as a vampire" announced the same way "you may enter the raffle" is. Logically, trying to revive it would stop it from turning into a vampire - either it disintegrates, or it comes back to (partial) life; either one is incompatible with "dead body starts moving again at sunset." And, being a pretty common breed, it wouldn't be too hard to get CBs of the turns-into-a-vampire breed to turn into CB unbitten vampires.
  12. To some people, it does matter whether their vampire was bitten by another one. Some vampires have 3+ levels of "bitten by so-and-so who was bitten by other-vampire who was bitten by a-vampire-with-a-messy-lineage who was bitten by an-original-Halloween-vampire". That feels a little bit like having a stairstep holly instead of having a CB holly - if you care about that sort of thing, then it's not the same. So even though it's fairly easy to get a CB vampire, it's impossible to get a new vampire which doesn't come from any other dragons.
  13. These ones hadn't occurred to me, but they look really nice! Someone suggested Stratos as a pairing... They look nice with basically all the xenowyrms, too. (Spoilered for size.) And a couple of others I thought might look nice: Xol and Sapo.
  14. Yep, it looks like Elux Lucis do go great with Stratos. I've made a sort of variety-pack lineage mockup. Stratos goes great. (2nd in the 2G row.) I don't think any of the Xenowyrms (CB row) are quite right, but there are a lot of possibilities there. Also included: Aeria Gloris and Rift Wyrm, for more noodley dragons in blue/purple. (2G and 3G along the bottom.)
  15. The drakes are the first released dragon that I saw in DR before they were released, so that has to be some sort of milestone or something. Yep, I think they'll go great with Stratos dragons. I also think they might go well with Aeria Gloris dragons, and maybe with some of the Xenowyrms. I'm thinking light blue ones like Aquilo and Chrono, and some contrasting ones like Pharos and maybe Mageia. The rosy shade reminds me of Solstices, but the colors might not quite match up.
  16. Pigyptli (Or Pigyptlee - it's pronounced the same either way, I expect.)
  17. Okay, I did decide to make a spreadsheet. I filled it up with my dragons' offspring and a bunch of hatchies I found in AoND. (I'm relying on "there are enough Parguluses out there that I probably won't record too many of them twice.") My theory appears to be pretty much false, because the new percent miscoloration (for non-PBs) is about 16% for those with a Pargulus father and 44% for those with a Pargulus mother - exactly backwards of what I thought it might be. And 56% for PBs. I didn't include dragons people mentioned in this thread, though (except my own), so if you want to add your own, go ahead. (You see, I already looked through this thread earlier while trying to support my theory, so I didn't want to go back through this thread to build my spreadsheet.) And everyone feel free to re-sort it and stuff like that to look for patterns. (I don't know what happens if two people try to sort it their way at the same time. I guess someone has to make a copy, come back later, or use some option that lets you view it sorted differently without changing the base data.) --- Edit with news: Aaagh. I just bred 2 green (desert) Pargulus females to 2 Mimic males (one from forest, one from jungle) - both sort as red.
  18. Also, the forest gets red leaves in the autumn. I don't know if repeat pairings produce the same variant all the time. I've been assuming that they would not - if an egg has (hypothetically) a 50% chance of matching the Pargulus parent and is a random color the other 50% of the time, then I would expect each egg to be a random color, such that you might try a couple of times and eventually get the color you wanted. Could eggs be more likely to match the Pargulus parent if that parent is the mother rather than the father? Looking back over my Parguluses, I've bred 4 Parguluses from male Pargulus x female Something Else, of which 2 of them (half) match their father and 2 are some other color, while out of 5 with a female Pargulus x male Something Else, only 1 doesn't match its mother. So from my small sample size, that seems like a reasonable explanation. Of course, the next thing to check was other people's ratios, so I combed through this thread and the scrolls of people who mentioned dragons but didn't post links. This unscientific approach gives me approximately the following %s miscoloration (miscolor / total): PB: 4/9 = 44.4% P. dad: 14/36 = 38.9% P. mom: 8/27 = 29.6% (Note I didn't count my own, just everyone else's here, because I already know which tendency my own have.) So far, it looks like this theory might be true. It also looks like maybe I should have made a spreadsheet instead of tally marks, and then we could have combed through it for data to back up or refute any theory. Next time I think of another theory, maybe I'll do that.
  19. With a green father? Just re-bred a matching pair. Maybe we can eventually get some idea of the probabilities involved here. https://dragcave.net/progeny/ulHhS New egg sorts green, AKA matching Pargulus father. Also, I just realized a really clever thing they did with the biome divisions. Some of the biomes have more breeds than others. The wiki lists about 30 breeds in "All Habitats", about 50 each in Alpine, Forest, and Jungle, and 30-something in Coast, Desert, and Volcano. (Found with Ctrl+F and the Which egg is which? page.) Although when I add them together, a difference of 80 to 60-something isn't so significant. Each color of Pargulus appears in one more-populated biome and one less-populated biome, which means they all ought to be approximately the same amount available.
  20. The one on my scroll that sorted as green, hatched green. Its Pargulus parent was red and its non-Pargulus parent was from the Coast, so there's no way it should have inherited green from either parent. So, breed sort is (probably) a reliable predictor of color. And offspring can occasionally not match their parents - although that seems moderately uncommon.
  21. Pretty! What's funny is that Blueberry and Lime are not the color of their Pargulus fathers, nor do they match their mothers' biomes, almost like they were trying to bring in as much diversity as possible. The pattern breaks down with Citron, though. And yes, I'm terribly afraid XHiY4 will be green. Dirtytabs' JOYYb is a beautiful code, though, which seems to have a good chance of being the right color; congrats on that!
  22. Okay, further test results: this and this I had 2 blue Pargulus females, one from Coast and one from Alpine. Bred one of them to Pipio from Volcano (biome color red) and one to Pipio from Alpine (biome color blue). Both babies were blue. I should repeat the Volcano Pipio pairing several more times, because if it is random, that would be the best way to uncover it. At this point, though, I wonder whether the babies that didn't match the Pargulus parent are just an early bug of some sort. On the other hand, I told my scroll to sort by breed (to make it easier to track down suitable breeding partners), and noticed that the Pargulus section looked like this: Specifically, it's sorted by color, with clumps of eggs in two different places. The first of the two "red" eggs is a CB from Volcano (definitely red) and the second one is bred from a red Pargulus and a Seawyrm (hopefully red). The one in the green section is bred from a red Pargulus and a Seawyrm, also, although with the genders reversed. I was hoping it would be red, the breed sort implies that it might be green, and I'll update when it hatches. If breed sort is indeed a reliable way to tell the egg's color in advance, that will make checking offspring easier. (Although people abandoning miscolored eggs might become a problem, in that case.)
  23. Update: both of these hatched green, matching the Pargulus parent.
  24. Okay, dragons came off cooldown, so here are a couple more test cases (which I do think look prettier - partly because these lineage tiles seem better matched in scale.) M jungle Mimic x F desert (green) Pargulus M desert Pargulus x F cave Pumpkin