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  1. I think the crux of it is that "Name exclusivity encourages creativity / makes people be more creative" can be interpreted as "Name exclusivity makes everyone more creative." That part is false, which we can prove because we have anecdotes from people who named their dragons in ways they feel were cop-outs, or gave up on naming dragons because of the exclusivity. So it makes some people more creative, but doesn't make everyone more creative. So whether "the creativity thing" is disproven depends on exactly what "the creativity thing" is.
  2. Some people want to have names for dead dragons. For example, I'm considering (although not much progress yet) a lyrical lineage which would have tombstones in the base. There was another project I was considering where it would have been nice if all the dead dragons were just anonymous (Deceased) tombstones, though. If we don't get the option to give multiple dragons the same name, then it would be nice to give users the option of un-naming any of their tombstones to anonymize them and free up the names. I don't want it to automatically happen, though.
  3. One thing that apparently trips some people up is that you can't ask for any specific egg, even if it went to the AP and anyone could have picked it up. You are allowed to say things like "I want a mate for a dragon in group/12345678" (and then someone can type dragcave.net/group/12345678 to view the group), but you should avoid referring to other sites (even the forums), and definitely don't post links to them. (Most people who say that turn out to have a bunch of checkers, often holiday or prize checkers, and are trying to get mates for them. Other uses ought to also be okay.) One thing that apparently tripped someone up is that they offered a reward for anyone who returned a particular auto-abandoned egg, figuring that anyone could go look for it. But the moderators considered that it only applied to the person who actually ended up picking up the egg, so they got slapped with some consequences (I forget whether it was a warning, a temp ban, or what) for making a trade that would only be useful to one person. I think it should be perfectly fine to request things like 2G prizes (there are a bunch of people with raffle prizes, although there are a whole bunch more people who don't have any), a higher-gen (3G, 4G, etc) descendant of a particular dragon (assuming that the original dragon's owner has bred them a bunch of times so there are several different people who would be able to breed what you actually want), a CB gold / silver / mint / new release (from X date, with a code that looks kind of like "brick", etc), or even things that nobody has (but you have no way of knowing that nobody has them, and anyone could make one) like "a lyrical lineage I don't already have (my collection is group/12345678)" if you are an avid lyrical lineage collector. I would generally recommend making sure your request makes sense, though. So you can't get a new release dragon from a day before it was released, you can't get a holiday dragon before their breeding season (it might be okay to post in advance, something like "posting the night before, will check in about 8 hours" but I'm not sure) or more than 2 weeks after their breeding season (most of them will grow up before 2 weeks pass, though), a CB hybrid, a dragon from the market, or anything like that. I hope this makes sense, although I fear it resembles a wall of rambling text.
  4. If you are using a keyboard, it likely has a button on it that says "PrtSc" or "Print Screen" or something like that. Pushing that ought to take a screenshot. Sometimes it pops up a window asking whether to save the screenshot. On my current computer, it actually copies the screenshot to the clipboard instead, so you would want to use control + V to paste it into the forums. If you do not have a keyboard, I suggest searching online for your device name and "screenshot" or "how to take screenshot". (E.g. "iphone how to take screenshot".) --- When you hit submit, does it just sit there without doing anything at all (like maybe it doesn't realize you clicked the button), or does it start trying to load a new page, or what? (Based on your description, I assume it doesn't even notice the clicked button, but I want to make sure.) --- Maybe there is some sort of error that keeps it from working, but which DC doesn't remember to warn you about? Check whether your username and password contain any special characters. Check whether there's already a scroll with the username you want. If either of those is true, consider trying a different username and/or password.
  5. Could it be an expansion on existing groups? For example, maybe on the page where you can select group visibility (private, public, featured), you can also tick a box that says "protect this group" and means "don't let me kill/abandon/release any dragons in this group". This is not a bad idea, but I'd prefer to see all these features added to groups, rather than a stack of features to flesh out a whole new organizational feature. It would make it easier to mass-protect dragons (if you want to prevent yourself from accidentally doing anything permanent to any of your dragons, go make a group, use shift-click to add every dragon on your scroll to it, and mark it protected), and it would let each user make multiple groups of dragons which use some of these features. Apart from protecting all the dragons in a group, the other thing one would need (I think) to implement your idea would be a visual indicator for whether a dragon is in a particular group. I'm pretty sure there are threads for that; I think they focus on colored dots or little icons, so a star would probably fit right in with the icons. When I saw the title, I thought it was talking about a way to stick certain dragons at the top of your scroll while having the rest automatically sort by some criteria (breed, age, color, etc.), which would also be cool. Obviously not what this is asking for, but I thought I'd note the momentary confusion.
  6. I'm not quite sure I understand. If you're suggesting that each person should be able to choose their preferred viewing format for everyone's lineages, like how each person can choose how many dragons per page to see on everyone's scrolls, then I can't see how it would be useful. If you found a lineage that you thought might look more interesting the other side up, you would have to go change your profile settings. If you're suggesting that the owner of a dragon ought to be able to go to its lineage page and tick a box that says "display this dragon's lineage with males and females inverted", that might be kind of neat. I don't think it's a thing Dragon Cave needs, but it might be kind of neat.
  7. Here is a CB Coastal Waverunner with a nifty code (resembles "risky" or just "sky"). Free to anyone who promises to appreciate it. I don't want it to go to waste, but I don't have any plans for it, and I don't currently have the energy to formulate plans, find an appropriate trade, or whatever. So someone take it off my hands before it becomes uninfluenceable, please. https://dragcave.net/teleport/04d7e47b4ed70f4db8876c266cab02ea Claimed by Serotina
  8. One argument that paying shards for the BSA should cost as much as or more than the dragon would be that this way, you can use the dragon without needing to spend scroll-space and time on raising it. However, I don't believe my own argument. I might use this feature if it were cheap enough, but if not, won't care one way or the other.
  9. Fair enough. I acknowledge that most people probably won't read that text very many times, but I just had a case where if the text had been different, it would have helped me, so I'm assuming that other people will/have also encounter(ed) such cases at various times.
  10. When you create a trade, the page (minus all identifying information) always says something like this, no matter whether it's a private or a public trade. This took me aback when I created a trade without paying careful attention; since it didn't mention the trading hub, I assumed that I had clicked the non-public option. I propose that the public trade page be changed to explicitly mention the trading hub. Something like this ought to work (with changes in italics): So yeah, the current text is a bit confusing (especially to people who haven't already encountered this), and it seems like it ought to be pretty easy to change, so I suggest that it be changed.
  11. Tragic! You might still be able to pull it off. Name it something like "Warrior-Poet vIUec" or "vIUec of the ALMSIVI" and it ought to be pretty clear. I've mostly got ones which are probably technically "almost cool codes" because they need context to make sense, but I like them. https://dragcave.net/lineage/Wn8zD ("Don't Flip the lEvR4" and "Avoid the Swinging AxCss") https://dragcave.net/lineage/pgWoa ("Pirate KTpiN" and "ZAn7x Scheme") I do think this one qualifies as just plain cool, though. https://dragcave.net/view/AZDun I don't actually have any plans for it (but it grew up, so I can't give it to anyone else). I need to figure out an efficient, non-stressful way of passing on the neat codes I don't actually want in future, because abandoning them feels horribly wrong.
  12. #5g and #khusadragon are valid tags. Similarly, any other generation, and any other breed sort name that you can guess. I don't know/remember if there are others.
  13. I missed that part. Probably stayed up too late and impaired my observational skills. According to the wiki, probably not.
  14. https://dragcave.fandom.com/wiki/Breed_Specific_Actions#Stun Apparently, they keep the extra time, but transferring them lets them get views (and thus grow up) as soon as the transfer takes place, rather than having to wait for the full 2 day timer to expire. Is it possible to bounce a hatchie back and forth and stun it repeatedly? Has anyone tested it? (I'm afraid I never collected any Bolt dragons, so I can't volunteer for such a test myself, though.)
  15. Well, the suggestion to sort all of the dragons in the order that they received that name would mean tracking that anyway, so if that's implemented, marking the dragon which had the name first shouldn't be too tricky.
  16. The number of dragon breeds in the encyclopedia is some number of whole rows (of 5) on my screen, so I know that the number of breeds must be a multiple of 5. And since HeatherMarie is almost certain she has all of them, it's far more likely that she's missing 0 than that she's missing 5. Translation: yep, pretty sure it's 270.
  17. Point 1: double-posting is generally not appreciated; instead, if your post is the last one on the page, edit it if you need to add new information. (The "edit" button is in the top-right-hand corner of each post.) Point 2: Views can be gotten by getting people to look at your eggs. The most efficient way to do this is to use one of the fansites which basically let you add your eggs to the list and then (in return) view other people's eggs. I usually use AoND: https://www.allureofnds.net/ (in the text section, it says "start by adding your dragons"; click that link, enter your scroll name, click the submit button, tick the boxes next to your eggs, click submit again.) Please note that if eggs get too many views too early, they can get sick or potentially even die. A good rule of thumb is to wait until an egg has existed for 24 hours (so it has 6 days, not 7 days, left until it runs out of time to hatch) before adding it to any fansites. For a more comprehensive description, you can consult these pages on the unofficial wiki: https://dragcave.fandom.com/wiki/Dragon_Cave ("What is Dragon Cave?") https://dragcave.fandom.com/wiki/Making_Dragons_Grow https://dragcave.fandom.com/wiki/Dragon_Sickness The wiki also hosts other useful information, especially about the various breeds of dragons and the various action you can perform (such as "name", "abandon", "breed", and an assortment of breed-specific actions.) Point 3: To change your profile image, you first need to access your profile. You should be able to do this by clicking on the icon next to any of your posts. While viewing your profile, look at your profile picture. There should be a little camera icon overlaid on the bottom corner of it. Click that. I hope these help! And from the nature of your questions, I deduce that you are new, so let me also say, welcome to DC!
  18. Hatchies die and do not revive, or so I hear. Actually, you replied just as I went back in horror to add to my post that it's the adults, not the hatchies, that alt, and you shouldn't try it with the hatchies.
  19. No, it seems to be perfectly safe: a regular Pitfire will either dodge or else turn into an alt, but it won't turn into a plain old tombstone. EDIT: just remembered that someone found that hatchies don't alt. So the adults are perfectly safe to kill, but hatchies are a bad idea. I don't know what happens if you kill one of the alts, though.
  20. I am told that they can still breed. There is apparently no way to turn them back, though.
  21. You need to wait. When you try to kill a dragon, it has a chance of being killed and a chance of avoiding your attack. If it avoids your attack, you need to wait until after midnight, cave time. If you try again to kill it before then, it will dodge. At midnight, it resets and you have another chance to succeed at killing it. If you fail again, then you wait another day and try again. And so on. Here is the wiki page: https://dragcave.fandom.com/wiki/Kill
  22. I hear that it is a permanent change. My sympathies on the missed opportunity. There are still a few Pitfires on the trading hub, so if you manage to find something that someone with extra Pitfires wants, you might still have a chance at an extra pair. (Mine already grew up, which I guess spares me the agony of deciding whether I should give them to you or not. I'd like to think I would have been generous if I had the chance, but I'm not sure.)
  23. I think it resets at midnight, actually, although I'm not positive. You could certainly wait 24 hours and be sure it has reset, though. If you try to kill it too soon after a failure, then it will keep dodging. After you've waited long enough, then you can try again, and you will have a chance to succeed and a chance to fail. If you fail, you wait for a while longer and try again. And so on. If you need to kill a dragon at a particular time (for example, if you are doing the precisely-timed killings so that you can try to revive two sets of killed dragons on Halloween), then it's advisable to have a lot of interchangeable zombie fodder, so that if some of your targets dodge, you can just kill more, so you don't waste your actual kill slots on waiting. And then just try again with the dodgers next year.
  24. Well, I'm pretty sure they happen every time we have a week-long breeding period for limited-availability dragons. (So it's quite reasonable if you have never been on at the right time to see them before, and they're pretty rare, but they also happen at moderately-predictable times, so you can try to check more often at the appropriate times.) Of course, the reason they happen when we can breed limited-availability/holiday dragons is that all the holiday-type dragons sort to the front of the AP, in front of regular dragons, no matter if they have more time left or not. So when the AP times get low at the end of the breeding period, people hatch and throw back a bunch of holiday-type dragons, and then after all of the holiday eggs have been taken, the holiday hatchlings still sort in front of the normal dragons. Halloween is the only holiday which lacks restrictions on how many CBs you can have, so I would assume Halloween dragons tend to be more numerous and prolific than the Christmas and Valentine's Day ones. Also, I think some people think that the holiday walls get longer and longer every year. (I haven't paid enough attention consistently enough, myself, to say whether I think they do or not.) And of course the current pandemic might make a larger portion of people more inclined to breed their holiday dragons than they would otherwise, so if this wall is significantly larger than last year's, then that is one thing that might be part of the reason.
  25. As Kith said, the hatchies are here now. I tried to take some screenshots. My computer was acting a bit funny, so my screenshot from right after the hatchies took over the AP disappeared. I left the AP sitting open, though, and was able to capture this picture of what the AP looked like at 9:29 PM cave time: Here's one I just took (9:49 or 9:50). It still looks basically the same. Maybe a few more gendered hatchies.