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  1. Good luck, everyone! And thanks, Feesh, for providing us all this opportunity.
  2. Nope! Tea is generally served hot, I understand. Two.
  3. two Anyone notice the first two numbers have three letters each, but three has more? Kind of odd.
  4. Thirty-eighty? If only we'd ever gotten to 3,080... 39 is another multiple of 3, 3x13. Hey, did you notice that this past Friday was the 13th? (Probably, but I'm too lazy to check and see if anyone commented on it back then. Two days is a long time.)
  5. 36 is 6x6! I'm sure everyone knows it already, but maybe commenting on it will break up the deja vu effect a little. Wait, didn't I already go through periods of commenting on the mathematical properties of numbers? This sure seems like something I've commented on before...
  6. 30 is the product of the first three prime numbers, 2, 3, and 5. (This also means that 30+1 and 30-1 are prime, because they really can't be a multiple of anything, because they're right next to a number that gobbles up all the factors, as it were.)
  7. 27. I've explained how cool this one is before, right? It's 3x3x3, or 3^3 if you prefer. 4 is technically about the same, only even more so, but the next one that takes the form x^x is 256, 4x4x4x4. Well, it looks like I spent too long typing this, so now it's 28. Which is the smallest possible number of days in a month.
  8. Nine is a four-letter word. These digits just keep turning up again and again in relation to square numbers, don't they? And seven squared is 49.
  9. 36. I'm quite fond of this number- it's 6x6, or 2x2x3x3. Or 4x9.
  10. It's fun to see people having fun (Even though I don't watch much any Doctor Who, nor much TV at all, even.) 22 Schnapszahl!