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  1. I tried to change it to "action" just now but it wont let me without using my password first! And I haven't been able to find it yet.. shakes head..
  2. Password. But when I put in (what I thought) was my password in the verification deal trying to use the "influence" dragon for example it didn't work. I have tangled things up worse than a cat with skein of yarn I think!
  3. Hi, I lost my computer a couple of weeks back (again) and I finally got back onto 'Dragon cave" my scroll name and my forum name back right but for some reason whenever I try to do anything that requires the "verification" word spot it doesn't work. I redid my password but now? Going into account settings it needs password to set new password and nothing I am doing is working. Can someone tell me what I broke and how to fix it? (me and computer have very a crossed relationship!) ;(
  4. Thanks for the babies Aleoleo, adopted them into my Christmas herd!
  5. Thanks Aleoleo for the snow and garland eggs...such pretty babies!
  6. Thank you for the Coral and Aqualis babies. I haven't seen these Corals before~ Will def. give them good names and home.... thank you so much!
  7. I will soon I had grabbed some from the cave section and grabbed a couple too many~ so kinda hatchie/egg bound for another hour. oops? hahaa thanks will go grab new ones just as soon as.... have a awesome Valentines Day!
  8. Hi, I just tried the hard refresh and 15 min later it still only shows reloading! That's all I have been able to get it to do for last 2 days. Is this my computer doing this? Either way is there another way to get the new eggs if this winds up not resolving? (it did it during the snow wars as well)
  9. Have tried the other browsers but haven't tried the hard refresh yet will try it next! Thanks for the idea~ ( I am not savy on computer stuff at all it seems) LOL Hope you have a Merry Christmas!
  10. I am only getting a blank space as well with the instructions/rules? below but nothing else when I try to enter the game. I have tried with yahoo, msn, and google... pouts how long will it be up and possible to play if it ever works out on my computer? It sounds like a lot of fun.
  11. Thanks for the info~ Finally got 4 things now to sit and watch..... with finger ready to click, hahahahahaa
  12. But think of all the lineages you could do and play around with, with the limits raised like that? It would be so awesome wouldn't it? (daydreaming of millions of dragon wings)
  13. Also was wondering where do I go look for the trick or treats? I haven't found those yet at all.. and have been wandering all over like a lost puppy.... LOL
  14. Definitely support anything to get to redo it and find the rest I missed! Now need to go find the trick or treats!
  15. Thanks! I grabbed 2 of them. Very appreciated~
  16. Thanks for the Undine! Such a sweet baby~
  17. Wow, thank you for these sweet babies! very appreciated~
  18. Naming Form - Hope Dragon Owner: pallion Name of Dragon: Pink Enduring Hope of MBC Lineage URL of Dragon: https://dragcave.net/lineage/afWJg (re-did the code? I think) I caught a mate for her in the caves a few days ago, waiting for him to pop adult. Soon! Off to figure out naming for him....please let me know if her name is okay?
  19. I would like an egg from the Remembrance/Honor Lineage – Please add me to the waiting list. Link to scroll - http://dragcave.net/user/pallion *Generation of egg requested - No preference *Breeder - Purplehaze *Breeding pair - no preference (I have 3 Arias. The 2 females were CB, but the male was not. Can the girls work for this?) Just curious.... Thanks you, Kim
  20. hahahaha I was in 6th grade, 44 yrs ago. And it was my best friend (a girl) even though I am heterosexual I had no idea of how to kiss, and the school was going to have a dance. (And we were a little drunk) so she figured I should be prepared just in case I caught a boys eye. Man, learned my lesson about drinking wines.