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  1. because youre a human person and these are fictional cartoon dragons????????? were discussing a sprite not building a pipeline damn
  2. @skwerl56767 reading the last paragraph made me laugh drawing our own sounds fun But yeah saying even the new sprites would need to be updated is ridiculous there is a definite point where updates are no longer needed. and just overall for everything said, I really just want the dorsals redesigned the others dont bother me all that much and I actually really do love the wave runners!! I wouldnt want them changed other than minor tweaks. (and I sort of dont want the balloon dragon updated to current standards because it would probably look like fetish art I'm sorry) Also assuming from Shiros words I think; they dont want absolutely anything to do with DC now. I have other thoughts on the matter but I would like to stay out of drama as much as I possibly can;; Also it might be because I don't care about lineages but, why would a sprite change ruin a lineage? the pattern remains unchanged all that differs is the sprite :? and why should your lineage, affect everyone elses experience of the site?
  3. I think they stack, like all day boost + during the dusk hours boost
  4. @Shokomon I think she left in 2015 if I'm correct. Hopefully she comes around I'm assuming not tho
  5. @Fuzzbucket I know but TJ said if i go through the process he might consider it. 30 days without and answer grants automatic permission if I'm reading the rules correctly. edit: @SkyWolf25 sorry I didn't see your reply omg, thank you
  6. So I have 7 red dragons and only one of them is male is this severely bad luck or are females more common?
  7. @Shokomon I sent a message to her anyhow hopefully that'll do something.
  8. @DragonLady86 I've PMed TJ and the answer was a maybe So at this point I'm super confused lmao
  9. @Shokomon not even really an assumption She said it herself she'll just delete the requests but if I have to message anyway I will.
  10. @olympe I knew they made the seasonals but it never registered that they got updated omg.
  11. @pinkgothic with the albino i think the pose is really cute it just needs tweaking because the dithering on the sprite is rather lack luster but yeah @PieMaster's right about the thread it's becoming a mess ALSO @skwerl56767 I have a hard time reading some things because of neurodevelopmental issues so it could be a big misinterpretation: Shiro is most definitely not going to answer, ever. Thus applying the 30 day rule. Maybe that could be a loophole, because I just don't find it fair that an old sprite is entirely untouchable because someone decided they're not touching the site ever again. And I can't speak for Shiro, nore read their mind, but it seems they really wouldn't care if a sprite was scraped. Just because it seems like they left the site out of possibly anger judging by how the note they left on their forum page was worded.
  12. @Sazandora You're right tbh, the guardians sounded so promising and I look at the wiki to see how they look and boom, liquid disappointment.
  13. @olympe add albino dragons to the list tbh
  14. @pinkgothic @olympe I agree with both of you the dorsal sprite is actually a mess lol. For me I think it really needs a new look because the red dorsals are rare, but they look awful so I personally never wanted to try to grab one /: and yes the dragon's going to stay matte, however I did add some scale texturing in the most recent touch up, I wish I could have them on the thread so ya'll can see but I've been told resprites need to stay private ;u;
  15. @Natayah Yeah thats what I was thinking too, the sprites I made have the red and purple colors, and I fixed the horns by making them more grayscale because they're purple on the original sprite and its kinda ">:?" on the red dorsal. @RealWilliamShakespeare The original dorsal sprite seems really, sad to me? the frills are too rounded and flat and I avoided grabbing a dorsal egg for a really long time. Also I agree I really love the Red sprites I have 7 Reds on my scroll right now and they're all named after different spices omg.
  16. @Fiona ! I'll do that should i take the sprites down for the time being?
  17. @Dalek Raptor no avail rip Their un was just Shiro Shitoro, I checked and they're not on the list
  18. @Dalek Raptor the designer was shiro shitoro and they quit dc :[
  19. So I know someone sprited the dorsal dragon and I don't want to make people upset about my comment/suggestion. (Also it's more of an opinion rather than anything solid!) I find the dorsal dragon doesnt fit the site aesthetic (and it seems a bit jpg-y somehow? like theres artifacts in the coloring) and I was thinking a resprite would be nice! Like how the pink dragons were redesigned. Nothing way different just a stylistic change. example(s): (sprites taken off due to respriting rules but here are some hatchie sketches, the red circled is what I'll be going for hopefully!) Addition: Shiro quit dc in 2015 so I cannot get permission, and I'm not sure what this means regarding this thread sorry;; Addition to the addition: https://www.deviantart.com/shiroshitoro/art/The-Seasonal-Dragons-and-the-truth-behind-them-559275355 might be worth a good read she left because she was mega pissed about the seasonal recolors
  20. this might not exactly fit here but i was checking out the carina dragon notes and this part struck me as a little off?: because an ear lobe is that part that contains no cartilage. an external ear is called the auricle or pinna, ear lobes dont really do much I assume the writer meant they would be able to pick more sounds up due to the funnel effect having an external ear has.
  21. I personally find the market page a bit overwhelming? maybe an option to change it to a list view? instead of three columns and a big suggestion would be a filter on prices so you can easily find eggs you can afford
  22. @Fuzzbucket im not sayin hes bad at it im just sayin its prolly a huge workload
  23. @HeatherMarie @Ruby Eyes ngl i like the breeding version a lot better than my own idea but yeah what I was originally going for was a way to make caveblockers be less frustrating to deal with the weather was more of a way to increase the chance of less likely to be seen dragons and I forgot the biomes would make the weather programming rather hard unless the staff completely rewrote the entire biome system
  24. So I was thinking, we have moon phases, seasons, and time of day. Why not add weather? - Weather could influence what eggs may appear in the different regions. (snow for more ice themed dragons, rain for water dragons, sunny for fire, etc.) - Could give newbies a chance at finding harder to find dragons, but it would still be hard (think of it like how zombie chances increase on halloween) - Weather likelihood would be influenced by the seasons of course (more likely to snow in the winter, more likely to be sunny in the summer) - Weather dragons that change appearance with the weather (either similar to how nocturnes change at night, or more like seasonal dragons that stay as the season they were born in) Types of Weather: - Clear: regular percentages, most common type of weather - Ashfall (blots the sun out): maybe nocturnes, slight increase on magma and spritwards, maybe hellfire wyverns) - Rain/monsoon OR Hurricane/Tropical Storm: slight increase in chance of finding blusang lindwyrms, thalassa xenowyrms, and tsunami wyverns, baikala - Snow/blizzard: increases on the chances of finding: ice, silver, pillows, moonstone, frostbite - Sweltering/Sunny: increase on many fire dragons, sunstones, freckled, hellfire wyverns, ochredrakes, pyro - Humid: bright breasted wyvern, neotropical, gaia - Windy: balloon, skywing, daydream, howler drake, khusa, nilia pygmys, ridgewing - Thunder Storm: Thunder, Electric, Storm, nhiostrife, astrapi - Foggy: two-headed lindwyrm, tatterdrake, stone, olive, magelight, howlerdrake, darkmist