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  1. 2 hours ago, Alectrona said:


    You're welcome ;). But really, I'm glad she's found a good home! I remember thinking her code was pretty cute when I bred her, so it's nice someone else appreciates that too.


    @BlueLatios the highest I can go is 92291, looks like you got me beat! :lol:

    Oh, she's definitely one of my faves.  Thank you for sharing her.  And that fact that crimsons are one of the biggest breeds, but she's got a mint father, busts me up. :)


    54 minutes ago, Nicola said:

    @Mayapooh I don't collect x codes, but I've been getting so many codes with them in it, that I think I'm going to start. Looks like you'll have some competition now. 😉



    Okay, I'm kidding.  :P  I've got a good head start, tho... mwahahahhaaa...!   


  2. On 8/10/2018 at 10:51 AM, Nicola said:

    My favorite code from July's release: xxxXX


    And then there's a: TROWL – in the dungeons – thought you ought to know. 

    :P I couldn't resist.

    Oh, oh.... all those x's!  (<------ collects codes that start with x, or have multiple x's in them.    waaahhhh...)


    I have a few good ones to share.  Most of this babies I picked up out of the AP.

    Veggo  This one has awesome parents, too.

    woOdF  I like that this is a doulble code... could be wood OR woof!


    eNuDZ  I need to find a mate that says 'boyz' or something.  lol

    pONY5  Giddyap!

    z0R5s  I love all equines, and couldn't believe when I bred this... it's a horse/zebra hybrid!


    FO0Lp  A potential future mate for Nurd!

  3. I really like codes that start with x, and in the last couple of days I scored three low-time, CB X's from the AP, a beautifully lineaged X Aria, also from the AP, and traded for my first chicken.... woot!


    Then, to top all that off, I was hunting around the AP waiting for my little peeper to hatch, saw a vampire egg and thinking I was still egglocked, clicked it just to check its lineage, but I got it - my chickie had just hatched...!  I was gonna toss it back, as vampires aren't a huge priority for me, but at the last moment I noticed.... wait for it.... it's an X!  Woot woot!!