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  1. Mayapooh

    Z Project

    Claim my eggs/hatchlings! CB z'Azure Glacewing Enjoy!
  2. Thanks all.... everybody here is so nice.
  3. I plucked this sweet one out of the AP yesterday.... https://dragcave.net/lineage/QBirD And it's a Khusa, so..... feathers!! Got this one just now, also from the AP. https://dragcave.net/lineage/XRAyh Both a code and an x = woo hoo!
  4. Thanks everybody..... I never thought I'd ever get a neglected, so I'm still sort of in disbelief.
  5. Mayapooh

    Z Project

    @Ruby Eyes Yup... mostly ones that start with X, but also any neat codes with two or more will do.... here's my herd, mostly CBs, along with a few nice lineages and a couple I managed to breed. Woo! https://dragcave.net/group/63033
  6. Mayapooh

    Z Project

    Not a Z collector (x's are my thing. lol) so I thought I'd pass this along. Hope it finds a home! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! CB Skywing
  7. Thank you for the congrats.... I'm still squeeing... lol
  8. Wait, what????!!? I... WON??!??!!!! Oh thank you thank you THANK YOU!!! I don't have a neglected, so this is doubly awesome. Thanks so much for doing this.
  9. Entered.... thank you so much for having this, and yay broccoli!
  10. I wanna play, and beef with broccoli works for me. Or chicken alfredo with broccoli... shoot, now I'm hungry.
  11. My first Thuwed! Thank you so much, breeder - it's lovely! Swallowtail x Tinsel 3g Love the code, thank you 42!
  12. If an egg is warded, then abandoned or teleported, does the ward wear off?
  13. Here's my group for this round ... https://dragcave.net/group/64292 Good luck, everybody!
  14. Oh, she's definitely one of my faves. Thank you for sharing her. And that fact that crimsons are one of the biggest breeds, but she's got a mint father, busts me up. Nnnooooooo!!!! Okay, I'm kidding. I've got a good head start, tho... mwahahahhaaa...!
  15. Oh, oh.... all those x's! (<------ collects codes that start with x, or have multiple x's in them. waaahhhh...) I have a few good ones to share. Most of this babies I picked up out of the AP. Veggo This one has awesome parents, too. woOdF I like that this is a doulble code... could be wood OR woof! oNuRD eNuDZ I need to find a mate that says 'boyz' or something. lol pONY5 Giddyap! z0R5s I love all equines, and couldn't believe when I bred this... it's a horse/zebra hybrid! ZDYsH FO0Lp A potential future mate for Nurd!
  16. I really like codes that start with x, and in the last couple of days I scored three low-time, CB X's from the AP, a beautifully lineaged X Aria, also from the AP, and traded for my first chicken.... woot! Then, to top all that off, I was hunting around the AP waiting for my little peeper to hatch, saw a vampire egg and thinking I was still egglocked, clicked it just to check its lineage, but I got it - my chickie had just hatched...! I was gonna toss it back, as vampires aren't a huge priority for me, but at the last moment I noticed.... wait for it.... it's an X! Woot woot!!
  17. @Starscream - Cool collection! And how nice that your mom is a good artist. There can never be too many artists.
  18. Hiya... I'm new to the forum, sorta new to DC, can I play, too? https://dragcave.net/group/62637 Thank you for holding this contest!
  19. Model horses, eggs (blown eggs, stone, glass, etc...), books, miniatures, chickens.... and art supplies. TOTAL art supply hoarder.